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What does everyone here think about hacking? Game hacking, Website hacking, Account Hacking, and so on. What do you think about all that stuff. Do you think it should legal at all? And if so, what is your favorite type of hacking?
I can't possibly imagine ANY reason why hacking should be made legal. Seriously.
Ghost Rider103
What kind of question is this?

There is no reason at all why hacking should be legal.

I hate all types of hacking.
All hacking is not illlegal. Being a Network Administrator it comes with the terriotory. Besides my normal day to day job, I also do contract work with a local Pawn Shop chain. My main job with them is to hack administrator and local account passwords on laptops and desktops that have come out of pawn for sale. This not only saves them time on unit turnaround. But it also saves them money by not having to buy new OS or system licenses. I also do rebuilds and restores for them.

Can I hack games, websites and and other things? The general answer to that question is yes. Do I? No. Hacking is like owning a gun. Just because you own one doesn't give you the right to shoot everyone just because they pissed you off.
Hacking isn't all that bad. You can "hack" an application to make it work better for you, without affecting anyone else. Well, you can also "hack" out passwords and private details, and that's the bad hacking.

It all boils down on how you use the term.
I think there are legal hacking programs out there that helps you recover the password of accounts of your computer, but I'm not sure...
If you do it for education, it's mostly legal...
Illegal or legal; this depends on how the rules are interpreted.

There are companies which hires hackers and asks them to break in to their own computer networks so that they can find out and fix security flaws in advance. This is called ethical hacking. Even though you are breaking in to someone else computer network, you are doing it with their informed consent. So it is perfectly legal.

But at the same time, if I am attempting to hack in to the same network (or any other) from my home or other places without their informed consent, it turns illegal.

Making computer programs better by hacking is also acceptable so long as you are not distributing it against the copyright laws. But in this case, you are losing any warranty claims.
Hacking can actually be used in a good way. While nobody may believe this, and if you don't PM me I'll show you records of it, I hacked my schools network. I messed around with the computers mainly to install programs and whatnot. I went a little too far and changed some things around on their servers, disabled a print manager program to allow unlimited printing as well as change some settings on their First Class Server.

Now, you may think this is illegal (which it is) but it helped them secure their systems. So, while hacking is a bad thing it can be used for some good. It can help secure IT administrators systems, and bring flaws to their attention.

Yes, I was punished accordingly for this incident.
Actually thinking that hackers are evul people that do it only for profit and selfish reasons is completely wrong. I had a lecture about dangers in the internet some time ago and I learnt that a hacker from definition isn't a bad person. A hacker isn't only a person who just breaks into computer systems and steals stuff. That person is a very skilled programmer and knows his way around the internet. Sure he "hacks" into stuff, but NEVER for profit or to do harmful actions. No, he just wants to prove to himself or others that he can do it and show the company (etc.) that their safeties aren't hacking-proof.
And as said before, many companies actually rely on hackers input when creating security systems. So hacking isn't always bad.

But a person that hacks to steal and break stuff is called a Cracker. Hacker isn't a Cracker, on top of that, the hackers community don't like Crackers. Those two groups are usually mistaken by the mass media, thus in TV you can hear how f.e a hacker broke into some company and stole money.

Whoa I got a little off the main topic... I guess that hacking itself shouldn't be legal, but it also shouldn't be fully prohibited. In some cases it's obvious that it's wrong, but sometimes it can help a lot of people. I guess to some extend it's comparable to killing, normally it's not legal, but would You tell a soldier that killed an enemy threatening Your country, that it's wrong, illegal and that this soldier should be punished?
Yeah this subject sometimes throws people off, everyone thinks as hackers as an evil group of kids trying to destroy their pcs..which yes some are but they are in a different category IE script kiddies or people who use backdoors and trojans to gain access to places they arent suppose to along with portscanner and force programs like brute force

Black hackers attack other’s systems; whereas White hackers do exactly opposite i.e., defend against attacks.

White hackers are also called WhiteHats,they are the hackers that try to make the movement go forward by working as system administrators, security experts and by maintaining web sites with new technologies, news events, bug reports, and much more.

Crackers penetrate networks and try to take advantage of something they discover in the process; they are really malicious..they also create the key generators for most of the pirated software that circulates the net.

Although this is a touchy subject without hackers then the software thats out wouldnt be safe everyone would be exploiting things and the net wouldnt really exist as well as it does!
It's legal to learn hacking, illegal to use it in real life Wink
Let me First clear your doubts out, While many people know this but infact hacking means "solving" out a computer related problem in a good way and cracking means disrupting the normal working, So infact both are used oppositely in real world.

Giving the meaning from a dictionary:

hacking:Fix a computer program piecemeal until it works

cracking:Gain unauthorized access computers with malicious intentions

So now you people know what hacking really means!!, Very Happy
Hacking is a sad excuse as "programmer/coder". I hate hackers; all types of them.
hackers are mostly antisocial wreckages whose only fun is to damage people ....nothing more !
Now, now...

There are a lot of opinions in this thread that are largely unjustified. Let's get one thing straight: there is a HUGE difference between ethical and unethical hacking. Ethical hacking focuses largely on making the Internet amongst other things a safer and more secure place. It's all about security... Also there's a difference between hacking individuals and big companies surely. It compeltely depends on the circumstances and specific situation in hand. You can't generalize "hackers" because there's so many different kinds and situations. Also it's good to remember that often (we aren't talking about script kiddies here) hackers are very intelligent individuals that perhaps are not putting their talent into the right resources. They should be applauded for having such skills at times when they are not abusing them.

My 2 cents.
Of course hacking should not be made legal! But it is kinda fun Very Happy
Well, we must go beyond the terminologies and try to understand things as it is.

The job of a police officer is not just to catch a thief and send him to the court but also to take preventive measures like deploying security personnel, educating general public via public media and maintain a large chain of intelligence. He is also free to check whether security is adequate and alert, when the system demands it. He is legally authorized to do all these functions. But consider a layman, claiming to be a policeman and does all these things? He becomes a culprit !

Same with hackers. As and until you are authorized to log in to, view, check, access, share or change anything within a computing environment with authorization from competent authorities (if you're in school, your teacher), it is legal and you can and sometimes you have to do that. This is ethical hacking or may be called a security check. But if you are not so authorized, its an offense as the owner of that property doesn't allows you to do so.

Its not good to try hacking in schools as you have better chances to be a good cheat later, if you are not properly guided. But if its just kidding, fine.. I'm also keeping a kid in my heart Very Happy
I really like what Futile said...

Futile wrote:
Hacking is like owning a gun. Just because you own one doesn't give you the right to shoot everyone just because they pissed you off.

Hacking made legal? I don't think so. And of course it's necessary in certain places, like network administration... You should probably keep it to yourself though..
Hacking is ilegal its should not be discussing here . maybe we could be arguing how to stop hacking im rigth?
airh3ad wrote:
Hacking is ilegal its should not be discussing here . maybe we could be arguing how to stop hacking im rigth?

Discussing about hacking is fine unless we are start talks about "How to hack" etc. Take it in the spirit of criminology or pathology.. unless discussing about crimes, how can you prevent crime?
Hacking is 1337 until you get hacked.
yeah i know i just want to be secure once we start talking hacking we can start hacking also im sure we can share some ideas etc.lets prevent this things.
I have never had anything against hackers... But virus creators on the other hand, now that's a bunch of bastards I wish would be thrown down into the deepest pits of hell, drowning for all eternity in the sea of spam.
In my opnion hacking is good in the sense that you get track of every one.

But it is not fair to steal information of other
Hacking is much like breaking into a car: if someone has asked you to do it (to test their new rocket-laucher security system) then fine. If you're breaking into the car because it's your car and you locked you keys inside, then that's also fine. Otherwise, stay the hell out of my car!

I mean computer. Stay out of my computer. Yes.

FYI: I don't hack. I don't know how to hack either. With the possible exception of a few things I looked up on google to let me break into my own computer when I locked my keys inside...
I personally think hacking should never be considered legal. It's going over the line on where you really shouldn't be. That's what I think.
Knowledge is power.
the ability to reverse engineer anything is a sign you are living in a free country. In an easy example is imagine being unable to open your computer because it's considered hacking and doing so will land you in jail. Absurb right? We live in a civilized society. Hacking is too generic a term. Some see it as maliciousness vs curiosity.
I think that Hacking should be for educational and befificial to yourself WITHOUT harming anyone else. If you are wreking someones computer then you should get in trouble, if you are tanking someones K/D then you should get in trouble. But if you are shooting bots and having fun making crazy colors and erroros on your own computer, I say go for it..
It's like most crimes: if I ask you to paint my wall with some fancy artwork, you're doing a service.
If you paint said wall without my permission, it's graffiti.
Hacking is so old. You wouldn´t wear an afro wig at school, so seriously, don´t hack.
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