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ArmA is simply put an AMAZINGLY REALISTIC GAME. Alright you play as a US Soldier (for the single player campaign) on the fictional Island of Saharani. Storyline is that your unit is the last to leave because you were training the democratic south. The nationalist's to the north frowned upon the US helping train their enemies.

Next thing you know your in an all out war between the US, RACS, SLA (SLA are the enemy forces RACS is the forces you were training). But the battlefield is the entire island you can use Aircraft (ranging from MH6 Little birds to SU34 Fighters), Vehicles (Light Skinned Humvees to heavy armoured M1A2 Abrams tanks), and of course boats (an inflatable raft and a RHIB).

The game comes with a built in and easy to use mission editor so you are able to do any kind of mission you want. The even better then the game itself. Anyway just a little spiel on the game I play.
I like Smile
I never played it but I know it's very realistic. Many people who play Operation Flashpoint, a very realistic squad game, play ArmA too. Here's a player's story of what happened one day to him while playing an ArmA scenario. The game seems really interesting.
Never heard of it. Is it an old game?
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