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My Computer Folder Not working plus other issues NEED HELP!!

Hey guys,
I am having some major issues. I am pretty adept at most computer problems but this one has me transfixed. So these are the symptoms.

Stats-Win XP, completely updated, Thinkpad Z61T, 2gb ram, Centrino Duo.

1. My computer folder takes several minutes to load, other folders such as C: load fine without delay
2. When I introduce new devices such as an external hard drive or flashdrive the driver loading little icon comes up and it says loading but it never loads.
3. Some programs won't load at all, (Nero, and a few others), while other programs work flawlessly (Firefox, others)

The weird thing is the programs I open that don't run, actually are running as processes when viewed through the windows task manager processes, but they never actually open.

4. Computer won't shut down most of the time, I have to manually shut it off. Also sometimes when I turn it back on it explorer loads with the background, but icons never show or the toolbar on the bottom. I manually shut it off and start it back up and everything loads fine except the previously mentioned issues.

I thought at first it was a hard drive failure, but I ran scan disk and everything looked fine. I tried running System File Checker but it never scanned anything. The little SFC screen showed up but it never scanned anything I even let it run all night without any progress at all.

If anyone could help I would be willing to pay as many Frih$ as I could afford if you wanted. This is really causing me some problems and I really can't seem to solve it.

Thanks so much!
Sounds like a pretty common case of too much spyware/adware. I deal with problems like this a lot, most people don't have any kind of anti-virus/anti-spyware installed 9even though theres plenty of great FREE ones) You might want to try installing one, AVG antivirus does a pretty decent job by my understanding, zonealarm also offers a 15day free trial of their security suite. Try installing one of these and running a scan, see if you cant pick out a grip of bad things and get rid of em =]. Should help considerably.

As a side note, I have found that windows operates best if re-installed every 6-10months Wink might wanna make sure you back up all drivers and have a legit disk first though =].
KHO wrote:
As a side note, I have found that windows operates best if re-installed every 6-10months Wink might wanna make sure you back up all drivers and have a legit disk first though =].

You noticed that too? Razz Coolclay, try what KHO said and see if that fixes the problem, if not you may want to get professional help either online or in a store. Online sites can be found just by a few words in Google. Here are two sites that I would recommend:

Post a Hi-Jack This! log at one of those sites and wait for a professional to get back to you, if the problem is serious they will respond within a few hours to about a day. Good luck with the removal.
before you consider professional help, theres really no harm in trying to do it yourself imo. (as long as you have a backup of sensitive files, or can make one) Try punching in a brief description of a few of the symptoms into google, and see what that yields. Almost any computer problem can be solved with enough time in google at this point.
Yea I know most people don't check for spyware/adware. I have both Ad-ware and Spybot, and usually have done scans once a week, but I haven't scanned since the beginning of July, I've been busy w/ work and life etc. Hopefully thats the problem. I never would have imagined that crap would cause this kind of a problem. I am doing scans now. We'll see what happens I really hope it's as easy as that!
usually what i have seen is that major problems that prevent your computer from operating at all are viruses, but little problems like random errors and the pc slowing down in general is from too many processes running thanks to spyware and adware.
Well, I did a scan with Ad-aware, and got rid of some spyware but nothing really malicious, also did virus scan, with no results. Still have the same symptoms. I am getting rather fed up. I am to the point I am going to get all my data backuped on a external HD and reinstall windows but it doesn't work when I plug it in!!!!!!!!!

What a pain in the arse. I'll keep trying and keep you all updated. Thanks for the help.
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