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the most brilliant soundtracks of all times??

This post is for I cuestion: What is a most brilliant soundtrack of all times?
Post your answer here
Not too big fan of soundtracks in fact i only have 3 that are

-Silent Hill 3 (love it)

-Resident Evil Apocalypses (its alright)

-Resident Evil Extinction (its okay)
In my opinion the best soundtrack for film is:

27 weeks later and Resident Evil

And for game it is:

Devil May Cry 3
Several excellent soundtracks spring to mind:
- Chariots of Fire
- Lord of the Rings

My favourite would have to be the soundtrack from Star Trek: Generations, though. An absolutely brilliant soundtrack.
If games count, Metroid Prime (1) had a pretty good one.
i guess
Road House and The Blues Brothers
I'll second the Blues Brothers for best original movie soundtrack.
I guess Lord of the Rings does have a decent soundtrack?

Is that what we're talking about here?

If so I think there's a lot of soundtracks out there that's really very nice.

I can't pinpoint which is the best but I'll name a few that I like.

Windstruck (Love the piano - At the Cafe)
Star Wars

Those are a few. And there's more. I'm inclined to orchestral/symphonic music. But there are other genres I won't mind too.
I think that it will be ... hmmm Requiem for a dream - Lux Aetherna is Great. Final Fantasy AC soundtrack is great too (but it's squere, then it's nothing new that it's great).

From games - all Squeresoft/Squere-enix games Smile
oh yeah, not forgetting squaresoft/enix music. definitely nice soundtrack.

Nobuo Uematsu is a good composer. xD
I personally love Mark Morgan's soundtracks... (if game soundtracks count, that is - I can't keep track of good movie soundtracks, there's just too many of them)

The one from Planescape: Torment is absolutely golden, and so are the Fallout's (I & II)
super mario bros 3!!! lol
Hmm, I'm pretty sure that there are so many of them, but the ones that come to my mind right now are: Requiem for a Dream, Solaris, Godfather.

From games, I'd say: Myth series, Halo, HOMM Wink
Princess Mononoke

Most of Morricone's Western scores... Once Upon A Time In The West, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, etc.

Maurice Jarre's Lawrence of Arabia is a masterpiece as well.

As far as music films go... without doubt The Last Waltz.
Well many games have good soundtracks but I really like the World of Warcraft soundtrack. Their musicians are unbeliavable. Also I like The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind Soundtrack. And at movies, well, Lord of The Rings had some good music. Smile
You should listen to this radio: . It has the best music from video games, movies and anime. Have fun!

I'm gonna go oldskool on y'all and say 8-Mile!!!

Eminem pwnz j00!
The best soundtrack of all time belongs to the Lord of the Rings saga, hands down!

The soundtrack for the Star Wars saga comes in at a very close second.
In my personal opinion the game Diablo I had the greatest soundtracks that I've ever heard. Matt Uelmen is a brilliant musician and he creates these amazing tracks that keep you hooked while listening to them. You should look up the song Tristam on youtube if you want to hear one of many.
I really like Medieval music style soundtracks. Out of those, a few that top the list are:
- Lord of the Rings
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Beowulf and Grendel
- Star Wars / Harry Potter (is it just me or are the tunes of these two really similar?)

Some that wouldn't exactly fit the "fantasy" category but are awesome soundtracks are:
- The Dark Knight + Batman Begins
- Iron Man
- James Bond
- Indiana Jones

According to me, the best composer out there at the moment is Hans Zimmer.
Edward Artemiev - Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker (Solyaris, Zerkalo, Stalker)

Films by: Andrei Tarkovsky
Genre: Electronic, Ambient

Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2

Game by: Team Silent
Genre: Ambient, Dark ambient

Michiru Oshima - ICO: Melody in the Mist

Game by: Team ICO
Genre: Ambient

菅野 由弘 - Angel's Egg

Film by: Mamoru Oshii
Genre: Modern classical
I would say, Across the Universe Soundtrack. Very Happy
My favorite soundtrack of all time is the soundtrack to Sweeney Todd though I only really like the original and the new with Johnny Depp. all the ones in between I dont think they casted the right people for the part, but thats just me
Fallout 1 + 2 OST
Helling OST
Diablo 2 OST.

All game soundtracks, lol, but yeah, I find that those are the best for me. I even listen to them when I need to chill out.
I have actually found a few others that I love.

The first being the sound track to World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
I got this sound track from getting the collector edition of the game, and after listening to the whole thing through I LOVE IT! Blizzard really has brilliant composers for their music my favorite one off of that is the song call XaXas which I guess is suppose to be deathwings name in the ancient language or something. Well anyway here it is
Which is the song that plays for the cinematic intro which you can see here:

The other is the soundtrack to Repo Man: The Genetic Opera
If you have not seen this movie yet I highly recommend it well unless you do not like a lot of blood, or musicals (like Sweeney Todd). My favorite from this one is

This one is really good too
Is this just about games? I guess for all soundtracks, it really depends on your taste in music, but some of the best soundtracks tend to be pretty diverse. They usually compliment the movie seamlessly (which is what a great soundtrack should do) and often some of the most memorable ones offer an eclectic spectrum of genres that maybe you wouldn't have discovered off your own bat, had you hadn't had some prior interest in the movie. Quentin Tarantino, like his idol before him, Martin Scorsese are very adept at this kind of thing.
Morricone is brilliant. Always perfectly fitting the action in film. Love John Williams as well.
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