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my experience of taking a language course abroad

Hi at all travellers out there! Since I have been studying English in school for a couple of months now and heard so much about the great experience of taking a language course abroad, Im now planning on taking one myself soon! I already started to read up on different possibilities but there are so many options! Until know I really dont know where I would like to do this. Can anyone recommend me a place?

After my research I am now especially interested in three options. The first one is an English course Malta. Has anyone ever done that? What I have heard till now sounds great! I like the fascinating eclectic culture there. Due to the long relationship between the Islanders and the various nationalities that occupied Malta over the centuries there seems to exist an interesting variation of styles and traditions.

Next I heard a lot about courses in Ireland cursos de ingles en Irlanda as they call it here. For me Ireland seems particularly exciting! It is so different in its culture, climate, vegetation and fauna than every place I have ever been to that I am pretty sure I would have a lot explore there! Has anyone ever been to Ireland or even took an English class there? I would love to see cities like Dublin or Belfast and visit monuments like the Blarney Castle.

Im further considering a curso ingles Madrid. Though I know that the mother-tongue isnt English and it is a city in my home country, I feel like this could be a good option to get started and see whether or not I like language classes. If this goes well I could do another class in an English-speaking country next year! I know a couple of students from my school who did it and they were all more than pleased with this experience. Madrid seems to be an astonishing city with a lot to explore! Since Im especially interested in art, I know that Madrid is a living art market. I can already picture myself visiting the Golden Triangle of Arts composed of three of the most important worldwide art galleries: Museo del Prado;, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, and Centro de Arte Reina Sofia.

I really cannot seem to decide! But I am more than sure that Im going to do this language class to further improve my English since I feel language learning is crucial in this globalised world we live in.
From what I can tell of your language skills from your typing there, you hardly need classes at all.

Just living in an English speaking country for a while would bring you up to full fluency and get your accent as good as it could be.
A good friend of mine went to Malta ac ouple of years ago, and she totally loved it! Apparently both the cultural side and the school-part was more than satisfactory. But then again, I am just writing this on her behalf.
As for Madrid, since you are Spanish you are able to go to your capital about whenever you like. Doing anything you like. Taking your classes there would be sort of cheating, as well as you would not get the same daily-everyday practice. - Something which is, after all, more important than anything any class could give you.
Ireland would probably be a great choice as well. There you could get the british/irish culture underneath your skin, and at the same time enjoy new impulses. And a different way of life.

Good luck in your choice, whatever it might be. And enjoy your time learning, or there's no point alt all doing it Very Happy
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