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Whos your best basketball center player in Beijing Olympics?

For me, it is Yao Ming because he has an edge due to his height and solid international experience. Yao Ming has a decent perimeter game. Dwight Howard comes in a second. He is probably the most athletic, most versatile, and exciting center to watch in Beijing Olympics.

What is the best for you guys?
Its obviously Andrew Bogut Cool with David Andersen and Chris Anstey just behind him Wink

but seriously, techincally speaking, Dwight isnt a C but a PF so i dont think Yao has much competition in terms of being the best C

best team for me will be Argentina or Spain, either will take out the gold, wont be the USA
Of course it's Yao. His technical superiority, height and eye for the game makes him the best center in the Olympics as the basketball is very different from the NBA.
This is very easy. The best centres in the NBA are Yao Ming and Dwight Howard, Bogut is nowhere. Yao has the edge because of his outside game and better ball handling skills.
HumpySmith wrote:
This is very easy. The best centres in the NBA are Yao Ming and Dwight Howard, Bogut is nowhere. Yao has the edge because of his outside game and better ball handling skills.

Rolling Eyes

Watch much basketball mate? Bogut was one of the most improved centres in the league last year

He is the best passing centre in the league (along with Brad Miller)

He is also a very good rebounder and became a great shot blocker last year....

Might want to watch some games before you go spouting ya mouth off Idea
Manu Ginobili!
All of the ones mentioned (Yao, Howard, Bogut) are good. One that not many people have mentioned yet, and who is VERY good is Pau Gasol from Spain. He's a very good all around player, and played very well for the Lakers last year. He's one of the reason's that the Lakers made the NBA finals....and one of the reasons Spain is undefeated going into the match with the USA. All this being said, I wouldn't be so sure that the US won't win. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Spain or Argentina or another good international team won, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if the US won either. This isn't one of their teams from the last couple years, it is actually made to compete in the international style of play, that's why they put shooters like Redd and Kobe on the team. They don't have the patterned offense that the other teams do from playing together so much, but I'm still telling you, don't forget about the US, they could win it all easily.
Yao really hasn't done anything. He had a good game vs Germany but other than that his recent injury during the NBA season is still giving him a rough time. Howard is easily the most dominant and the most capable of taking over games. I would say Pau Gasol is right behind Howard though and I would have to argue Gasol is ahead of Yao as he can handle the ball pretty well, can finish strong, can rebound, can pass, has a nice mid-range jump shot, etc.
Well, the USA showed who the best TEAM was. Spain put up a good fight and it was one of the better basketball games I've seen for awhile. Good stuff, the US just had too much depth off the bench.....Dwayne Wade a bench player?...Wow nice sub to have.
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