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I need some tips to have a healthy relationship

Hello to all of you...I need some tip to have a healthy relationship. I am married for a year now, I know time will come that we will encounter family problems like fighting for third party, fighting for we don't have nothing in the dining table, fighting for not taking good care as a husband/wife, fighting for you don't have time for you child, to your husband/wife. I know this can be avoided, can you share me some steps for us as we start our own family?
first of all try having a positive approach rather than thinking all the bad things are gonna happen.. And the solutions to the problems are hidden in ur question itself.... Just dont do anything that would rise such a situation. dont neglect ur wife/husband because of ur chile .... etc etc
try to live in a joint family...
so that your parents would be there to take care of children.. Smile
Sometimes fights cannot be avoided but they can be toned down into lesser arguements rather then full fledged fights. The key is communication. Talking about things, and making sure you understand one another is a very important part in a healthy relationship and for marriage its doubly important. Don't lie and always be truthful and you should be well on your way for most problems.
True true... communication is key to a successful relationship to understand each other's point of view. Even if we don't agree at matters, we should just be calm and not fret. Don't jump into conclusions and always get the facts right. Also, the sense of touch can do good and also the occassional "I love you" and showing your partner that you still care and all.

Telling the truth is good but there are times when you will notice that one party is way too sensitive to handle even the smallest of issues which in turn results in a fight. In this matter, just be creative but don't lie. Never say something you will regret later cause the hurt is done... so be careful with your choice of words.

Then, there is also commiting your relationship into God's hands and also work at it together.
I agree, relationship building is all about talking and sharing what we feel. I would remove the word fight - even conflict from that process. Some people say its healthy but today there is such a high rate of separation that I think most people need to concentrate on the more agreeable things.

I don't mean we can not disagree, or have different opinions but what I mean is the way we interact will lead to a healthy relationship. In the end, it doesn't really matter who was right, who gave in, or what we did but the way we actually lived. There will be difficult times with mistakes in them but that just leads to growth.

I think we all have bad hair days and loose it sometimes but being able to say I am sorry means so much more than not.

I've heard that people that pray together, stay together. Maybe the reason for that is a sincere prayer will be honest and open from the heart and that kind of communication is always a rebuilder.

The fact that you are thinking about these things says something about you. I am sure you will be a fine significant other, just remember to now talk about these thoughts with your person . . .

. . . then just go live together living together.


That's what I think about anyway!
Thank to all of you guys, I will remember all those pretty good advices that you have been shared.
You guys must only trust each other and have patience. PATIENCE is the most important. And you could have a happy family.
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