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need a good name for my webpage

I like to design a webpage with natural animals, butterfly, fishes, birds etc... so i like to get a good name can any one pls give a name with all combined in one good name. with simple name
I think the name should be the last thing you come up with. At least some content would be helpful. Right now all we know is that it has something to do with animals. It might also help to have an idea about your target audience.
ok thanks very good idea, because i have not yet started for making the content, now only i understood it, mostly i like to make pictures of animals, birds, fishes and there names its mostly useful for kids and the tour visitors of nature.
animal page , animal zone , animal box
Wildworld ,
what do u think ? Razz
I've found that once I figure out what my website's content is, it leads to ideas about how to present the content. I have no doubt that once you start figuring out what you want your website to do, and who you want to present it to (kids, tourists, whoever) and what makes your website unique, then you'll be able to figure out a good name quickly. Until then, however, we can just make guesses at names related to animals. If that's all you want, though, here are a few animal type names:

Animal Art
Animals for Kids
Animals of India
Animal Zoo

These are just random thoughts though, trying to use what you have told me. To really get a good feel for what you need though, you need to think through these three things:
    Who your audience is specifically. For example kids between 10 and 14 who visit zoos every 2 weeks or tourists from Western Europe who want to tour the rainforest. Even these may be too broad, though.

    What do you want your website to do? Is it just an online portfolio for your artwork or is it a reference site? Are your pictures more artistic or more technical? Will you provide more information besides the images?

    What makes your website unique? Why will people want to visit your website? What information do you have that others don't?

The answers you have for these questions will help you a lot in deciding not only a name, but a design and direction for your website.

Good luck with your project!
hellow GB

Animal Art
Animals for Kids
Animals of India
Animal Zoo

i liked this heading, but in my webpage i like to get the all kind of animal / bird lovers not for a particular age, also i am like to place the animal and birds details with pictures, like birds nests, birds young ones and details etc... like animal and birds so but couplin birds and animals i want a good name
I am new here, i wish to design a website, any tips for me?
alvinhaur wrote:
I am new here, i wish to design a website, any tips for me?

search the forums. there are plenty already. try to post a different topic on someone else' forum.

btw, how about worldofthewild?
Okay, so we're getting somewhere. You are wanting to market to all types of bird lovers. The next step is to start thinking how they think, going where they go, doing what they do. The purpose of this is to try to get into their heads and figure out what other things they like that may be a good base to build on. What things do they like? More pertinent to your website, what other websites do they visit? What characteristics do these websites have in common? You can use this information to help you choose not only a name, but a look for your website.

Sounds like you are really coming along, just remember that the website is all about the content.
ok thanks is it possible to get the free templates that matches to our birds webpage.
you must include the correct address. because otherwise your pagerank will become low.maximum direct traffic means maximum pagerank .maximum pagerank means good ads by the service provider.that means good always use web addressesrelated to the content that is it must be content specific.

otherwise all your work will become utter waste .waste of time and money
thanks thommichhan for your very good valuable tips
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