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Imagin - free flash gallery

If your looking for a free flash gallery, perhaps this is the right choice.

Here are the features:


* Can display jpg, png, gif, swf, flv and mp4 videos
* Loading a few images in advance for faster navigation, but not to many for not increasing browser memory too much and become too slowly
* Customizable interface
* Each image can contain a small description
* Full screen mode
* Basic html view of images
* Full browser resizable interface
* Right click menu. You can send link directly to an image from your gallery or to a gallery
* Keyboard navigation (Space, arrows, Enter, Escape)
* Images scales down automaticaly to fit the browser size, or not if you don't want
* Easily updatable by uploading folders, subfolders, and supported nedia files to ftp. Everything else is automatic. Icons are created automaticaly also if you have GD2 library activated
* Lightweight - 100k all files

And the requirements:


* Web Server with PHP
* GD2 library installed. Necessary if you want automatic thumbnail generation
* Flash Player 8 installed on users computer. Performance is direct proportional with user computer performance.

I am using it. It is very easy to use since it doesn't involves mysql databases. Just upload the pictures to the right directory and it's all done Smile

You can download it here:

You can see a live demo here:
Looks very interesting! But can you also embed it and change speeds?
wow, it looks very classy Exclamation
thanks for bringing my attention to it
I am not the developer of this flash gallery. I just wanted to share it because it's the best Very Happy

8166UY wrote:
Looks very interesting! But can you also embed it and change speeds?

Yeah, the speed can be changed by modifying the "transition_speed" value from settings.xml. Also the type of the transition can be modified, check this link to see them:

About the embedding. You can check the source page to see how he embedded the slideshow. He used SWFObject for that. You can find more info about how to configure Imagin to work as a slideshow:
Or you can simply email him if you have problems. I'm sure you'll get answer Smile
Thanks for sharing, I like it.
I not yet need a flash gallery because I haven't got enough work to show. But if I do, this will be the number one on my list; thanks for sharing!
Looks pretty good. Great that its free and all the flash is done for you. How easy is it to change things like the controls and other things like that to increase the usability?
GB wrote:
How easy is it to change things like the controls and other things like that to increase the usability?

Well, it has a file for that called settings.xml. You can modify colors (background, text), the height and width of the thumbnails, the transition type, the duration of both slideshow and transition and other stuff show/hide navigation, background picture, skins for the slideshow buttons or sounds.

I think about everything that you see can be modified. That's why I like it Cool
this is website software
rvec wrote:
this is website software

Ah ok. Sorry for posting it in the wrong section. I did searched flash gallery and the only results were in the Design Tips section Smile
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