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How to create template with DreamWeaver?

I'll create a template with DreamWeaver. But I don't know how to do?
File -> New -> [Category] Template page -> [Template page] HTML template (or you can choose any other type) -> Create button.
If you want a plain simple template then thats the way to go. If you want to make a dynamic template system then you might want to consider using already made templating systems and then maybe developing your own theme. Wink
A lot of times the template is actually created using a graphics editor (such as Adobe Photoshop). People then save the graphic files as various pieces, and work from there (b/c Photoshop lets you export as images and HTML, thus creating a pre-generated page).
That is actually the best resource I would recommend to get started with templates.
Basically divide the image in sectors and Photoshop will do everything. You can practice and get some actual good templates, since Photoshop will let you customize most of the things, although for a professional template this won't be the best approach. Wink
Here is a site that walks you through the process for setting up a dreamweaver template.

I posted this in another post but has great video tutorials for dreamweaver.

You can sign up for a free account at The promo account gives you full access to all of the videos but only last for one week... so learn fast! Smile

How to create a Dreamweaver Template?

* Design your web site with a common structure in mind that features in all the pages.
Tip: Follow a simple header, footer, side menu(s) & common navigation design approach for visitors to easily identify with your web site - at least for your inside pages.
* The next step is to save this common structure as a Dreamweaver Template. For this, open File and and click on Save As Template. Give it a name (usually just 'template') and click on Save.
* This template file will be saved under the folder called Templates (which is automatically created by the Dreamweaver) with a .dwt extension.
* In case you get a message saying that your dreamweaver template doesn't have any editable regions, just ignore it as it is a new template without any pages under it. You can add the editable regions after saving the template (.DWT) file.

How to create an Editable Region for a Dreamweaver Template?

An Editable region is a named region in a Dreamweaver Template where content can vary from page to page. These Editable regions can contain text or media specific to that particular page. To create an editable region in a Dreamweaver Template, place your cursor in the template where you need an editable region and then go to Insert >> Template objects >> New Editable region. Give it a name. Click OK. You will find the name of the editable region surrounded in a light blue box in the place where you inserted it.

Tip: Make sure your editable region tag is not within a paragraph or other block tag as it will not let the text you insert in your actual pages format properly.
How to create a new web page using your dreamweaver template?

Now you are all set to use the template in your pages.

For Dreamweaver MX and Above: Click File New.. In the pop-up window that appears go to the Templates tab and select the desired template.

For Dreamweaver 4: Click New from Template and select the desired template from the pop-up window.

To fill the content for that page, go to the editable region(s) and enter your page specific content. Remember you can edit only the editable region(s) in the page and not the elements included within the template.
How to apply the Template to your existing template based or non-template web pages?

For Dreamweaver MX and Above: To apply the template to an existing page, select Modify >> Templates >> Apply template to Page..

For Dreamweaver 4: To apply the template to an existing page, select Modify >> Templates >> Apply template to Page..

In case your pages already used a dreamweaver template you can safely apply another template by specifying the editable regions into which the existing editable regions should be copied. Your task is made simple - you are not asked to do this - if you have the same editable region names in both templates.

Tip: Thus, to easily toggle between your dreamweaver templates use a common naming convention for all your editable regions. For example use 'content' for the content area, 'right_menu', 'left_menu' or just 'menu' for the possible menu areas, etc.

For non-template pages just instruct dreamweaver to place all non-editable region content that could get kicked out into the content area editable region - this way you don't loose any data stored in the original page.
How to Modify & Update a Dreamweaver Template?

So you have made the template and the pages using it. How do you modify the common elements of your template pages? All you need to do is make your changes to the dreamweaver template and save it. All pages are automatically updated on request. Simple!
Tip: Use Server Side Includes in your Dreamweaver Template

We highly recommend the use of Server Side Includes (SSI) with dreamweaver templates for large websites. Include files save you the trouble of updating and uploading numerous pages having the same content. For example in your dreamweaver web site if you navigation links are in an include file you can change your navigation at any time and will have to upload only that single include file. Read our free tutorial on SSI.
How to make a Dreamweaver Template XHTML Compliant?

1. Open the dreamweaver template file (example: template.dwt) under your Templates folder in Dreamweaver (MX & above).
2. Now choose File > Convert > XHTML
3. Next just save it and update the template for all files using it.
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