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Your favourite animal and why?

This thread is not a shoutout!

What is your favorite animal and why?

Penguins are teh crazy, they slide on ice and are a swimming bird. Woot

*shoutout to animal*
My favorite domesticated animal is the dog.

My favorite ocean mammals are humpback whales and bottle nose dolphins.

My favorite land mammal is the African elephant.
love birds and gold fish for me Very Happy
Domesticated animals, it has to be dogs, horses and donkeys.

Wild animals - sharks, snakes and crocodiles.
I like rabbits and guinea pigs.

Wild turtles.
Utopia GFR
I guess I don't have a favorite animal.

I have quite a fascination for sharks since my childhood.

When I was really young, I think I saw one when I was bathing in the Gulf sea... or was it "something" else that really impressed me... can't tell now Rolling Eyes

I really took interests in sharks when I watched "Jaws" and read books about the Great White Shark then a couple of years ago, I decided to get my scuba diver's license Very Happy

Still looking forward to get into a cage and meet those amazing sea creatures at close range Smile

I like cats as well as I own one (siamese type).

Sweet, globally clean and very affective Smile

Amongst other animals, I like rabbits, hamsters, koalas, birds, dogs and the mighty sloth Laughing

KHO wrote:
This thread is not a shoutout!

What is your favorite animal and why?

Penguins are teh crazy, they slide on ice and are a swimming bird. Woot

*shoutout to animal*
I love almost all the animal...

Cos there so tasty ...

nah.. I'm a vegi.

I love Dogs most. Cos they are the one you can hold. THen Big cats . I like Lions and leopords very much. Those cubs are sooo cute.

Then comes the Panda. Wish i can have one.

Bsically al the animals with fur is OK
There is only one Animal!

its got to be dolphins no doubt. the most intelligent and beatiful of creatures and on man's side (when we're not killing them hauling up other fish).

ps how on earth can some tuna be dolphin-friendly?
All creatures, great and small, especially tigers!
Call me animal, that's my name, I'm not ashamed.


Also, albatross.
The best animal for me right now are dogs. I saw this boxer in my friends bro's place and he was so cute and had such a cute face. So I want dogs of my own. I never had pets and I want one now. I like those big dogs. Those dogs which grow big and when they stand up on two legs they should be taller than me.
I like the penguin too!

I must also add the iguana and seastar. As they are both beautiful creatures.

For my favourite plant...I will start a new topic!
j_f_k wrote:

ps how on earth can some tuna be dolphin-friendly?

A much reduced number of dolphins are killed while catching the tuna. (They often swim together.)
Though the propriety of eating tuna isn't much better. They are probably the smartest fish in existence, swimming in large, social schools and using cooperative hunting techniques to match the smarter of the mammals.

If there's anybody here who doesn't already know my favorite animal, you could guess it well enough from my avatar, two of my sigs, or my profile, but to save you the trouble: horses.

After that would be dolphins, and after that would be either foxes or wolves.
Penguins are pretty cool. I proposed to my wife while we were watching fairy penguins come in to the beach on sunset so they hold special relevance here. Smile
mathiaus wrote:
There is only one Animal!

lol, ty for appreciating the subtle shout out thread haha
As a pet I like cats the best. They are independent, you can leave them in your house if you're gone a whole day, and they're just nice.
I love penguins and almost any bird.
This is one of my favouritebirds

Just love them, they're called 'Teros'
What's with all the love of penguins? Sure they're cool but not everyone has to love them! Razz

I like poodles, well my poodle at least! He's the cutest little thing ever! He's a toy poodle so he's only 8 pounds. Prancer loves to cuddle and sleep in the mornings but at night all he wants to do is play fetch, which he's quite good at.
Horses and felines, both wild and domsetic. They are amazing creatures.
Well I'd have to say that my favourite wild animal is the african cheetah, because they can run faster than cars at 100 km/h, and my favourite domesticated animal is the cat. We have a really cute Devon Rex cat called Sachi.

I also like the really uncommon and practically unheard of animals that live in remote (and not so remote) parts of the world. Examples are Australian marsupials like numbats.
My favourite would have to be dogs, I love all breeds small and large. Penguins are cute though and I also like panda bears and kaola bears
I have a 5 months old local dog and a cat they are my new toy here in our house , i was surprice this kind of animal is easy to care and to feed . now i love playing those animal .
Cats, most definitely. They're intelligent.
I love cats Smile Nevermind that they're very egoistic - they are really clean, intellligent and beautiful Smile
My favourite animal is cat because they are independant and sweet

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Wolves are my favorite animal because they are mysterious, agile and hunt in a pack. I believe that they are smart and could be capable of a lot more then they are now. They are also becoming rare which i think is unfortunate since they are beautiful creatures. Plus, without wolves, we wouldnt have our domestic dog!! Cool Very Happy Twisted Evil
Sheeps are very intresting animals and they looks cute, so my favourite animals is sheeps. Very Happy
I like:

- Lions
- African Hunting Dogs
- Cougars
- Coyotes

In that order...
My favourite pet is, without a doubt, the dog. I have had two dogs so far and I agree with the saying that ?dogs are a man´s best friend?.

Dogs are common pets at homes, and people often keep them as a pet or to guard or hunt.
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Well... the wolf, the horse, the dog, the cat, etc.
For me, my favorite animal are cats. I love dogs too but I am scared of them when they bark. Penguins and dolphins are also lovely.
I love Piggs, cause they're the essence of every barbecue Laughing
Cow, chicken, pig, sheep, yellow tail, tuna, fat sheep and sausage dog.
I like squirrels and turtles. Just think how great it would be to have hundreds of squirrels and turtles fighting for dominance in your backyard.
I like pigs, I don't know why, but I find them cute. Actually real pigs aren't as cute as the cartoon versions but they are nice.
I also like goats, had one pet goat and know how loyal, fun and loving animal they are.

I like dragonflies and butterflies too, but they aren't animals Razz Dragonflies are my favourite insect since they are even more beautiful than a butterfly, sometimes, if you see the pretty one.
Mrs Lycos
Dont know i like too much them all!
I think cats and dogs Surprised
I had silk worms when I was a child. Any one else had something strange like this? Not sure I would like it now. They usually took a year to hatch from tiny little eggs. Then I would feed them mulberry leaves. Had to be these special leaves so I had to get these from neighbours. They start as tiny grey worms and then get quite large. There were white ones and then ones with black stripes and I called them zebras. They finally will start spinning silk. Sometimes I will get them to spin some shapes for me. All of it golden thread. If not they will spin themselves into cocoons. After a few weeks they will turn into moths, lay eggs that are yellow in colour. Eventually the eggs will turn grey, and it will take a year for them to hatch.
I like all animals but i think monkeys and apes are coolest, because they are more human like.
I like the fish in comment. Have you ever saw a movie about the deep sea fishes. They have the most extraordinary shapes. They have very long teeth and there is also a big serpent looking fish with a very small body and a head were you have nightmares of. Thats why i think fishes are the coolest beasts.
The fennec fox. Have you seen those ears?
elas são tão companheiras, falam, gritam...são carinhosas
i never really had any pets before, but now i have two lovely fighter fish. one is navy blue and the other is red with bluish tings in it. i love them to bits.
Ok, first of all I respect all animal, and that is huge reason for me to be a vegetarian. But my favorite animal is COW. Actually I am follower of Vaidic religion. And In Vedic religion we believe that Cow is pious animal. We think they are “pujya”. We usually don’t eat meat or use any kind of animal product, except milk from cow. That is reason we pray to cow. And that is reason cow is my favorite animal. They serve us many ways, by providing milk and also helping us in farm. Also it is believed that cow’s milk is best for human brain. So it is out of appreciation toward Cow I have.
I like cows, dogs, cats, fishes, wolfes and tigers. They are my favorite!
I had a huge passion about horses, I still think they are beautiful and interesting.
Lions, king of the jungles. I always wanted one as a pet, but I'm not so sure it's legal as a house pet. If I had a Lion, I'd train it to hunt anything on my command but me.
Cats are my favorite. I love curling up with my tabby and reading a good book. Of course kitty sometimes "helps" me read by poofing me with his tail but that's part of their charm.

I would love to be able to pet a big cat like a lion or tiger someday. They are so majestic!
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