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Crazy flight plan

Planned trip: Vancouver to Munich with a transfer in Heathrow, London. Total planned time: ~10 hrs
Actual trip: Vancouver to Winnipeg with a u-turn at Churchill, Manitoba. Drop off an ailing passenger in Winnipeg, then continue on to Toronto to switch out the flight crew. Wait 2 hrs in Toronto for flight crew to arrive, then leave to London. Arrive in London too late for any connection flights to Munich, so get a hotel room. Leave the next morning at 7AM for munich, to hopefully be in time for a 1PM wedding out of town. Board the plane, and... find out the flight has been delayed an hour due to bad weather conditions over Germany.

Total travel time: ~35hrs

Making the wedding with 10 minutes to spare: Priceless.

Leaving again for Croatia a couple days later: Annoying. Let's hope this trip goes better...
wow that was crazy! Did you manage to stay awake for the wedding?
wow sounds like a pretty fun flight. So did the trip to Croatia go any better?
That's epic. I've never done anything like that. Amazingly every flight I've been on has been exactly on time.
Yeah, managed to stay awake for both days of the wedding... Amazingly...

The open bar helped I guess. Smile

My photo duties probably also did.

Yeah, the Croatian flights went perfectly. Flight back to Vancouver in two days though... Please keep your fingers crossed and knock on some wood for me!
LoL, that's a funny trip (extremely inconvenient, but I couldn't help but laugh.) My dad once had a flight from L.A., in Souther California, U.S.A. to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a transfer in Paris, France. But that's not even as bad as what you said.
Our flight back to Vancouver went as it should have today, so that is good. But damn, I cannot stand the London Heathrow Airport. Our connection from Munich arrived in London Heathrow at 9:10AM, and we had to start boarding our Heathrow to Vancouver flight at 9:20AM. After running from our arrival terminal to the inter-terminal bus pickup area, waiting for the bus, taking the bus to a different terminal than we landed through the luggage catacombs of the London Heathrow Airport, then running up a few flights of stairs, standing in line at passport and luggage checkpoints, then running again down hallway after hallway and stairway after stairway before finally reaching our gate, we were quite bagged and incredibly sweaty.

Great conditions for a 10 hour flight!
Worst part of all: 3 of the 6 German beers I had packed were smashed to bits. A nice glassy beery welcome was not what I was hoping for when opening my luggage back at home.

Oh well, at least I got my luggage! The London Heathrow Airport seems to eat everyoneès luggage! I have heard of sooooo many luggage nightmares at that airport.

That could be a Frihost thread of its own. Hell, it probably already is!
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