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Tropical Fish

Does anybody keep tropical fish?
I have 2 Oscars, one of which is an albino.
I have 6 frontosas which are approaching adulhood now and I would like to them to breed soon.
I had tropical fish for years but never had Oscars or "Frontosas". I have never even heard of "Frontosas". I do know thay many tropical fish species are difficult to breed in captivity.
Tropical fish make great sushi. Very Happy
crdowner wrote:
I have never even heard of "Frontosas".

here's one....

I'd never heard of it either, but Google Images knows it well.
Odd. Looks like some type of cichlid.

I have a peaceful community tank. I had to downgrade from my 55g to a 10g and a 5g hex in my new apartment. I'm currently keeping flame von rios, serpae tetra, cherry barbs, harlequin raspboras, and a few peacock eels.

Fish are fun. Someday, I am going to get a huge tank and raise an arowana Very Happy
i have 12 oscars and 1 janitor in my mini pond, i think the janitor just died recently, dunno why, he lost his tail ang find lul XD
my problem, when I kept a few tropical fish in a 55ltr tank at home was that they're such fragile things, and susceptible to all sorts of things that were beyond my knowledge & capability...I only ever bought the cheaper fish as I knew I could never be sure how long they'd live.
I guess that comes with experience.
I've never had any! Are they hard to keep or manage, I've thought about getting some?
dbershevits wrote:
I've never had any! Are they hard to keep or manage, I've thought about getting some?

not too difficult, no.
You're better to start with cheaper, more basic fish & work up as your knowledge & experience develops. There's lots of information on the internet, plus loads of books too.
I found them pretty maintenence free but struggled a bit with cleaning the tank every so often as you just can't pick the tank up (for obvious reasons!) & tip it out.
Tropical fish aren't really difficult in terms of a pet. Yes you still have to do some work, but it's very rewarding. Right now I have a 3 guppies, (two waiting to give birth), 3 dwarf gouramis, 3 tetras, a pleco, and a frog.
i have a pond, with goldfishes in it and goldfish/carp hybrids shovonken *dont mind the spelling i dont know it really, XD, and in my aquarium, there's are 5 goldfish (3 of them lost an eye) 2 angel fish(meanies) and 2 freshwater hammerheads(eye eater *i hate these guys)
I kept (intermittently, on and off) guppies, macropods, gurami, minnow, mollies, swordfish, neon tetras, tetras, glass fish an last were hatchets. No luck (or knowledge) with discus.

What is interesting, for me marine fish and especially corals were much more easier, especially when keep bare bottom tank without sand or gravel. Inability to deal (despite of theoretical knowledge) with them was a major factor of my dirty and cloudy tanks.

Reading about cycling tank, denitrification, detritus accumulation and removal can help a lot for those, who want to start in this wonderful hobby. Somebody said, that aquariumistics is not about maintaining fish, but about maintaining bacterial population. Laughing

And another thing: be ready that what worked for others, may not work for you, equipment frequently works not as described. Rolling Eyes

Did I mention, that I hate carrying buckets with water and spilling water on hardwood floor?
Well I have a bunch of discus ( Powder Blue, Snake skin Blue, Pigeon Blood, Turquoise Blue). They are still small but I love them. Discus is one of the most enjoyable fish you can keep. But they need money and lot of attention ( just like girls .. lol ) I even started writing a blog about them My Discus Fish

Also I have some other types of chicilds such as blue acara , Golden surverum, Bunch of Albino and tiger Oscar etc. [/url]
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