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KDE 4.1 thoughts and experiences

Anybody else here who has been using KDE 4.1? For the others who want to try it out but are just afraid that stuff might get broken, here's my experience and thoughts about the 4.1.0 release.

First of all, some introductions. I've been using KDE since the KDE 3.4 days when I started using Linux on mid-2005 and my very first distro was Kubuntu 5.04, Hoary Hedgehog, or simply Hoary for short. My Ubuntu stint lasted for about a year until I tried and loved Arch Linux. So I'm basically an Archer now.

I've been using 4.1.0 since the 'pre-release' packages were sent out to the [testing] repository. I have to say that I'm still quited awed by the artwork and beauty of KDE 4. Wink My most important consideration was that everything, or most of it, should still work. Thankfully, the hard work of the KDE team paid off. I think that this first release intended for 'ordinary' users was a success. Kickoff is nice, Plasma is now usable, Dolphin is really usable, and the games and other apps are really awesome. Of course, the 4.1.0 release also has some rough edges, but generally, I would say that this is a solid release. Some of these quirks and caveats are related to performance. Since this is a 'point O' release, expect some performance issues and slowdowns.

* Some apps, especially Akregator, also crash more often than not. Also, my settings with the width of each column are not saved. Some window sizes are also not preserved. This is evident in Okular and Akregator.
* With the information panel enabled, Dolphin spawns pdftotext processes when showing the previews of PDF files, and leaves them consuming a lot of resources. Dolphin with Nepomuk is also kind of slow. I've actually disabled Nepomuk and the information panel for now, until all issues are resolved.
* Another problem I've encountered is that Kopete doesn't display the photos of my Yahoo! contacts.
* Kate and KWrite also feel a bit slower than before.
* Kate and Konqueror processes aren't killed when you exit them. This has been fixed in trunk though and a patch was backported to the 4.1 branch
* Some configuration present in KDE 3.5 are still MIA in 4.1, but hopefully, they would also get backported to the 4.1 branch just like the case with 4.0.
* Several of the apps I use only have development versions for KDE 4
* The KDE 4 ports of Amarok, K3b, Kaffeine, KDevelop (and Quanta), Konversation, and other notable KDE apps are still not complete, i.e., no stable version yet.
* Plasma doesn't have a [stable/usable] network monitor applet (just like KNemo)
Studio Madcrow
By and large I find KDE 4.1 to be rather nice. The only real problem I have is that it doesn't play well with some games and emulators, meaning that if I want to play, I need to bood into WindowMaker or something...
Hmmm. Why do you say so? I don't see any isolated (KDE 4-only) issues when running games or whatsoever. Maybe your problem is KWin-related?
I find KDE Decent my running system mostly used is Ubuntu of course you can go to kubuntu and it'll be based on KDE not GNOME just a lil different but more of a simple and faster process of doing things.. I believe
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