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I'm just wondering, for all you who use Google AdSense and run personal websites, assuming that your websites aren't massive online communities (and also assuming that a steady flow of visitors come, say, 100 visits/month), how much AdSense revenue can you expect it to generate?
I am also interested to know about this. But 100 visits per month is too less a number. per week is kinda ok I believe. Moreover I am not sure why google hasnt approved my adsense application. I had submitted it over a week back Sad
The average of clic/page view is about 3% to 4%.

Then let's say that you have 100 visitor / month. Each visitor will see an average of 2 pages. Then 200 page views will give you about 6 to 8 clics.

Now the price for every clic is very different. From 5 cents to like 50 cents.

Then your revenue will be somewhere between 30 cents and 4 dollars.

I hope that it's useful.
I've only made about 8 bucks, and I've had my site for a loooooooooong time. Don't expect too much cash.
I guess that makes sence, unless you have a very active website, most people don't click on the ads any more.
I haven't tried using adsense actually. But I get around 10k hits a day... used to be 30k but I have been having forum issues... and I've lost a lot of my audience.
Perhaps the Advertising forum would be best suited to this discussion. There are many "war stories" about adsense users, and a good few success stories too Wink

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