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how do i ask out my best friend

ok i have a very close friend...emily...who is my best friend...rose...niece........right now i live 250 miles a way but i am moving in with rose to save money while i am up in college and well i really like emily and i was going to wait until i moved up there to make a move but i am so inexperienced cus i am not very good with girls to begin with so r there any suggestion on how i should go about this
Well, for one, who is this Rose you keep mentioning? Because that's kinda weird to begin with.
Well, in olden days a typical propose was with a Act of giving a Rose to a girl friend. Then in between again some modern methods came.But again these days i see old method of giving rose is upcoming.
So i would suggest you to go with it.all d best.
Have you two ever tried to go out before? If not, I think just ask her if you could have lunch together or have dinner perhaps. I mean if you've been friends for quiet a while and you two know each other very well, then maybe it's alright to ask her out just the two of you. I once asked a girl to go out with me. She was a good friend of my sister. We were also good friends and it went well. I mean just be yourself on that moment when you're together. Just be the person that your best friend know and everything will be alright. I'm sure.

??? Are you moving in with your niese Rose? And want to get together with Emily? Or are Emily the same person as rose (a nickname, perhaps?).

A good date, could be a videonight at home with pizza and snacks. It's fit for friends, and can easily lead to more. Be sure to rent a romantic comedy, or a good horror movie (you should have seen it before, so you know its good and scary, and not full of gore, which is NOT romantic!)

Good luck! Both with the moving an your friend :)
if she is your best friend, cmon, experience is not needed to go out with her.. if you are best friend with her, you are capable of doing anything with her, cos she is your best friend.. if you get what i mean.. unless you are going out with a stranger, then that's is a different story..

but try not screw up ya.. cos if you do, you may lose your best friend as well.. once she feel uncomfortable with ur intention to go to the next level of friendship, step backwards and start to realise she just want to be a best friend to you..
I have had a similar experience. I was really good friends with this girl for about 3 years. Eventually i started liking her so i basically asked her out the the movies a couple of times, and we hung out just the two of us. Soon enough I found that she liked me too so I asked her out and that was that Smile Just dont push yourself and you should be fine. As stated already, just be yourself.
to begin with, stop beating around the bush...
go and talk with her straightforward and ask her out.
if she says no, Crying or Very sad
then keep trying Very Happy
or move on to another girl..

but just don't think around or wait for her to make a move..
Just ask her!

If you can't get up the guts to do it with words, accidentally place your hand on hers and see how she reacts. If she doesn't move it, hold onto it, look into her eyes, and she will be able to tell.

I've been going out with my best friend for more than a year. I love her so much. Very Happy
Yeah, just ask her. Don't be all weird about it. She might think you're really goofy if you do that.
Dont do it , its wrong !
How is it wrong?

You already know every aspect of the relationship you are trying to get involved in. You are familiar with the girl, and already that know her views and feelings on most of the important things in life match or are compatible with yours.

I think it is an ideal situation to find someone who can be a permanent companion...
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