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What is the worst thing that you saw/happened to you today?

Today, we went out of town and I saw a man running to catch a bus but gosh!!!! he was run by a speedy bus.....he fell off and blood came out on his head!!!

whew!!! I couldn't eat my lunch....I did pass my meal today...
Oh my God that's terrible :[ Once I saw a man get ran over in Chicago but I did not see any blood coming out. Freaky :/ I feel so sorry for you.
Crying or Very sad I'm sorry to hear that. it's really horrible. So everyone should take care yourself!!
worst thing today, nope..

good things happen today...!
for today only? then, went for lunch at 3pm, too bad everything's finish. i just ordered a glass of tea.

i haven't eat for 8 hours already....
I am the person who can sit through an eight hour FCCLA leadership acadamy and still not get a relationship. As a 17 year guy, and being in a conderence room full of "hot chicks" for 8 hours only to make 2 friends, i guess that is ok. Guy:girl ratio was close to 1:16. But how many guys get that kind of opportunity. Not many. Too bad it was only 8 hours... (this was on august 1st)
Probably the fact that i've spend all my money on gas Smile for my car.

Hm... if the name of the topic mentioned "week" instead of "day" ... i could probably write something serious here
Worst thing to happen to me today: Some users of my site couldn't get on it, because it uses Java.
No worst thing happen today , I'm happy today Very Happy
I woke up... was having a lovely dream Razz
nah seriously the poll should be worst thing this week hehe
My head is aching like shi*

I have to finish a n assignment which i have no clue Sad

My Frihost points were negative

I'm not well.

Exam is on this saturday.

What else can be more worse Very Happy
What else can be more worse

I got banned from my own site for the day.
not really that bad and not today but the bus story reminded my of one day i walking somewhere it was a 15 minute walk. on the way i saw someone waiting at the bus stop. I went where i was going, spend some time and walked back past the same bus stop - this must have been 40 minutes later at least. and saw the same man just leaving the bus stop after giving up waiting. he had to have been waiting for at least 40 minutes and had just seconds earlier left the bus stop.

sure enough, the bus he was waiting for had come in those seconds.

bad day for him not for me.
another time was walking by and saw a classic newly restored 70's rolls royce silver spur driving by. beatiful car - very big but beautiful. the car broke down right at the point where it was blocking traffic in both directions on a narrow road and couldn't start - the owner looking very frustrated.
I woke up, man. That wasn't really the best thing to happen to me.
Wow that man must have been quite unlucky today. I hope that the guy gets well soon.

Well the baddest thing which I experienced today was saying something to the girl in my class which I really shouldn't have told her and then almost everyone in my class started staring at me and telling me that I have done a really stupid thing. I got quite embarassed and that must be the baddest thing which happened to me today.
FriBogdan wrote:
Probably the fact that i've spend all my money on gas Smile for my car.

Hm... if the name of the topic mentioned "week" instead of "day" ... i could probably write something serious here

Yah same here. My day has been good so far.. My week...... err. haha not so much.

Pls forgive my english Smile
Lol wtf at the original post. Nasty stuff.
This happened yesterday. I was expecting a package that was sent overnight. It was really important I had it the next day. Since I work during the day, I was not there to answer, and all I got was one of those "Sorry we missed you..." slips. I was so angry. why couldn't they have just left it on the porch.
I picked it up today, I can't believe I paid overnight for that.
zellfaze wrote:
What else can be more worse

I got banned from my own site for the day.

thats unusual, I couldn't manage myself if I'm going to laugh or be sorry for you..(but Im sorry, I did laugh at first...and then felt sorry for you Crying or Very sad )
Nothing weird like that happened today for me, stayed home the whole day. Actually dont remmeber seeing anything bad/weird in quite some time now so thats always a good thing
my car broke down in the middle of a traffic road. i was alone. no one help me. i leave my car in the middle while waiting for my techician to fix it wasted my time for waiting about 2 hours. thats the worst thing that happened to me today.
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