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what is ur type of date

do you love black guys or white guys.
Do you like black girls or white girls
love white Girls with black hairs Very Happy
Lol, well thats a funny way to put it. I myself am attracted more to white girls. Especially with ones of a sparkling eyes and long blonde hair. =]
I don't mean to sound mean or discriminate, but I love and like White Girls.
I love white boys with dark hair and blue eyes... Smile
I prefer white and blond girls, like those of eastern Europe or scandinavia!
White, thight. What else? Hmmm... Just good looking Razz
I mostly like men by who they are (you don't believe me huh?) but I think black men are most beautiful, or half black, I'm white. but of course I find many guys not depended on their skin tone because they are good looking, and that can be anyone from anywhere.
Chucky wrote:
do you love black guys or white guys.
Do you like black girls or white girls

That's kind of weird how you only listed blacks and whites. What happened to the latinos and asians and pacific islanders and the middle easterns? They're not worth getting mentioned or something? ...But anyways, I don't prefer any race. I see all people the same, it's just some people are darker and some people have lighter skin.
I really don't think that this thread belongs in this forum, but oh well. I am not ethnicist in any way, however I only find white women attractive. My perfect view on looks begins with the hair. Hair is important to me, it doesn't matter what kind of hair it is but all it has to appear as is pretty. Simply put. A cute face and a hot body. But none of that matters if she has a bad personality, both the personality and the looks mean a lot to me and they are about equal. I have had many chances to date someone the last 6 months (looks wise) but none of the girls who liked me had a good personality. I have to be able to stand the girl for a while.
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the thread starter is really can she/he put this in this forum/section?
Chucky wrote:
do you love black guys or white guys.
Do you like black girls or white girls

I just like girls... black, white, oriental, native, latin... everyone.
The most important is that she likes me. Wink
I personally don't care. I mean, personality is all that matters.
I like Asian women. Oh, their personalities.
This is Hobbies and Animals forum, so I assume that dating is a hobby?
This is sort of a racist way to put it... but anyways, I'm usually attracted to Asian girls.
Afaceinthematrix wrote:
This is sort of a racist way to put it... but anyways, I'm usually attracted to Asian girls.

Nononono...we really have to get beyond this PC version of language. Political Correctness was a valid and useful movement to draw attention to insult and discrimination in everyday language and action. It can, however, be taken too far. There was a recent study by some psychology team in the UK that used a standard 'game' - identify the individual from a group. The game works by elimination - you ask questions such as 'male or female?', 'tall or short?' etc.
When white people were playing the game against other white people there was no problem in using the obvious question - 'black or white?', but when a white person was playing with a black person they were reluctant to use the question and resorted to other, much more useless discriminators.
I am pretty sure that most black or Asian people are not insulted by being described as 'Black' or 'Asian', and, to be quite frank, if they are then I believe THEY have a problem. I am certainly not insulted by being described as 'white' - though obviously I am not.
My preference varies, more on personality than anything, but I live in the Caribbean, and where I live its mostly dark skinned girls, alot of asians also. Much prefer the darker skinned ladies, chocolate is nice. i've dated asians though, black girls, brown girls and whites girls, all nice and have there different traits thats why i love them all
I love a beautiful woman regardless of superficial differences such as hair or skin colour. Wink
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