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Do you buy on the net ?

Have you ever bought something on internet ?
1-2 times
 12%  [ 12 ]
3-4 times
 10%  [ 10 ]
>10 times
 67%  [ 66 ]
 10%  [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 98

I'd like to know if a lot of people buy items on the net ?!
Ebay, Itunes, Amazon ?!

What do you buy the most ?

I'd like to be able to but on the net, but my parents doesn't think it's safe. And I'm too young to get a credit card !

So, Do you think it's safe ?
I have bought things on a Dutch website, you can compare that site with amazon. I bought a PSP and a game for the PSP there and a DVD. I haven't got a credit card either but I payed with a bank transfer thing. I think buying things on the internet is safe, but it depends on the site, and if you buy something at ebay there is a chance it's a scam.
Yes. I purchase a lot of my items online. You can get things much cheaper. Instead of paying $100 at a university for a text book, you can usually find it online for much cheaper.
I did 1 or two times because I have found something on the internet that I had to pay at the sellers house... so yes and no actually...


Twice Very Happy Brought a charger for my ipod and dvd player. ^_^
I've bought dozens of things online. Mostly I like to shop at Amazon. But I've also bought things from much smaller sites, and also from the auction sites like eBay and a few others. I also pay bills online, Internet, insurance, electric, phone, etc. Online shopping is, IMHO, almost as safe as say buying something by phone where you're giving your credit card, or echeck, information to some unknown person on the phone.

Heck, if you're going to be paranoid about it, even buying something with your charge card at a ''brick and mortar'' store can be risky. A dishonest clerk could copy down your CC number or snap a quick photo with a camera phone while you're not looking. And how many times have you given a CC to a waitress in a restaurant and she disappears with it to go pay the bill, bringing the card back in a few minutes. That card is out of your sight for that few minutes, giving someone plenty of time to copy your info!!

The most important thing is to keep an eye on your accounts! That's why I love online banking. Credit/debit card transactions show up on my account almost immediately so it's fast and easy to spot something that's not right. Not like waiting a month for your paper bank statement to arrive before you have a chance to double check things.

Just my 2 cents,
Wolf1918, very true.

I've bought everything for my computer online (, dell), a lot of my snowboard equipment, and quite a few other things. It's safe as long as you're careful.
I always buy things off of Amazon, Ebay and Newegg. Occasionally other things too. I think it's mostly safe. I've never really had a bad experience on any legitamate stores and once I had a seller on ebay who never sent me my item but the issue was resolved and I was returned the money through PayPal. That was only once, though, and I've bought from Ebay tons of times before (like more than 50 times at least, maybe even closer to like 75.)
Just iTunes. I live in a city, so I prefer just to walk to the store instead of paying the high shipping prices.
Ghost Rider103
I have sold a lot more things on the internet than I have bought. Especially graphic services.
I have bought domains and web hosting, does that count?

But I have bought computer parts (And soon to be buying even more). The town I am, actually the entire state I am in doesn't sell much of anything anywhere in this entire state. So I am stuck buying all my computer parts online. Which is ok with me, I get a lot more choices this way.
I live in a town in Alaska where the only way to get to it, is to fly or take a boat. There is no road access. So yes, me and everyone else in town shops on the internet. I use Amazon quite a bit. I also buy all my video gear at B&H. Everyone has an online store theses days it seems.
I bought a new videoboard, and a new HDD. These are the only two times when I bought something on the internet. I don't think that it isn't safe, but I prefer to go to the shop and see what I get.
I buy all of my camera gear online but only from trusted sites. Only if its a new product that i need a hands on feel would i definately wait to buy it at the store. Check out this website

search for the website you want to buy from and it will give you a ratings and reviews from other customers. Just so you can sort through the better trusted sites and the scam sites.
Buying online can be safe, if you trust the company. Always look at the bottom of your browser to see if you see a lock.

The lock shows that the connection is safe, and as Firefox classifies it as "to prevent eavesdropping." I have bought a lot of things online, and believe it or not they are a lot cheaper. Not just at eBay too. Online, I have saved about $150 from buying online. As long as you trust the source, you should be fine. My parents were also this way, until I told them the price difference, and showed them, then they were all over the internet. Make sure you print invoices, and clear your cookies right after you buy something online as your Credit Card Number can be received if you are infected with a virus. Make sure you are NOT infected, or else you may want to cancel your card quickly.

Also, well said Wolf.
I offten buy some virtual goods on net. some third party would be Middleman. so it's safe relatively I think. Smile
Wow a lot of good replies thanks !!
Wolf1918 wrote:
And how many times have you given a CC to a waitress in a restaurant and she disappears with it to go pay the bill, bringing the card back in a few minutes. That card is out of your sight for that few minutes, giving someone plenty of time to copy your info!!

Actually I agree, I like the comparison with the restaurant, it's the same thing as if you have a spyware in your computer.

phpc0d3r wrote:
instead of paying the high shipping prices.

This doesn't apply to everything on the net.
I bought 2 domain names, some stuff from ebay, and some books online. It always went perfect.

The only time it almost went wrong was with a macbook. We heard (from ebay) that the guy hacked someone else's account and tried to sell stuff from it. That's why the guy has a lot of good feedback, so we trusted him at first.

We didn't win the macbook, but he tried to sell it to us anyway. He wanted me to pay him with moneygram, and the mail was in english (instead of dutch). Those two things made me mail ebay, and they investigated the user. The auction was deleted, and I got a mail back from ebay the next day. The email was something like 'Thanks for reporting the user. The user hacked an account, and has been banend now.'.
Rarely. I think the only thing I ever bought (with my parent's permission, of course) was the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Adapter.
I sometimes buy stuff from eBay - usually second-hand books that I haven't seen anywhere else. I have been using eBay for the past year and have only ever once had a problem - a seller tried to rip me off and didn't send the item I had paid for. As I use PayPal, I was able to get my money back. Other than that, it has been clear sailing for my online purchases.
I buy everything tech/computer related on the internet... I think it's very pratical.
I've bought more than ten times, and have yet to see a fraud... Usually, I buy on Amazon.
I get all my stuff for computers from, and I get my misc junk for
We buy lots of things online here.
From services to iTunes to our new big ass full hd tv...

Insurance stuff, software, hardware,..

Something I've never done:
I buy computers and computer related items on the internet. But also anything that I cant get around my hometown... just like right now I'm trying to buy a hang glider.
just bought myself a CPU, Mobo, liquid cooling kit, HDD, case, GPU,RAM, memory cards and some other things im forgeting just last week. Hoorah for the new computer =]
Because of the sheer volume of choice, availability of low prices and lack of a need to travel (petrol is getting really expensive these days!), I do a large amount of my shopping online. Mainly, my purchases are for tech products, music, DVDs, and a very limited amount of clothes. There are, of course, things I wouldn't buy online - food, drink (beer Wink ), shoes etc but I really do anticipate my online spending to increase month-on-month.

I'll generally pay a (very) little more to buy from stores I trust, or those with a very good reputation (such as Amazon), but I'm not averse to buying from smaller companies online if the price is right.

I do, however, have a bit of a condition - I'll only ever shop online using a credit card. I've had fraudulent purchases put onto my account before and I've made one call to the credit card company and it was all dealt with with a minimum amount of fuss. I dread to think how much money I'd have lost if I used my debit card, and I'd probably still be waiting for the "resolution department" to get back to me if I'd used PayPal!
I have used Ebay,, Bestbuy and a few other places to purchase things i wanted and either didn't want to leave the house or couldn't find it in nay store near me. I used to sell things on Ebay a lot as well as having my own web-based paintball business for awhile. The business didn't do well so I quit that, but it was a fun experience. The web is an awesome marketplace in my opinion.
I don't really prefer to buy online. But it all depends. Because you can find really good price for whatever you are looking for, it is sometime good to buy through Internet. I usually buy from very secure sites like e-bay. Also buy online if there is not huge charges for handling and shipping. Sometime their prices are very low but they charge too much for shipping and handling, this could be disadvantage for buying online. Also you don't get exercise for walking in the mall.
I like to buy computer parts off of I think it is perfectly safe.
yeah, we bought stuff online...books, music, all the equipment we use in our screen printing shop, herbal meds from rain-tree...come to think of it, we've done quite a bit of online shopping.

we don't use a credit card tho, we use a debit card for that, seeing that the transaction cannot cross the available balance in the debit account. Smile
yep, computer parts, games, books etc i buy on the net Smile
I almost buy all my book and gadgets from online sellers like ebay, amazon and other links. I think they're all safe.
I already bought tons of music, clothes and gadgets. I never ahd any problems.
Most companies I dealed with were fair and professional.
One thing is i don't have enough money to spend in the net which is most of the time expencive than the store.
And I have real trust issues on e-shopping, after all those stories i've herd ..... Shocked
Rajiev wrote:
One thing is i don't have enough money to spend in the net which is most of the time expencive than the store.
And I have real trust issues on e-shopping, after all those stories i've herd ..... Shocked

Ha, please show me computer hardware that is cheaper in a store than newegg. If you can, well then you have a nice selection in your area.
almost all computer gear is cheapest on the internet nowadays.

PC world isn't cheap but you can order online and pick up in the store and its usually about £5 cheaper than buying directly. I don't like hte shop and its more expensive than most mail orders but the discount it has to be said is a good compromise because its as good as having something "right now" t- obviously the disadvantage of internet is the wait for a couple of days for the goods.

amazon and ebay are good as well.

the best mail order companies are the ones that use royal mail. they are quick and easy. courier companies suck - you stay at home the whole day and they never bother even ringing the doorbel because they are so lazy and you end up having to traipse 40 miles to the nearest depot right in the middle of the boondocks to collect your stuff!
those of who think its unsafe - just remember that as long the connection is secure one (Https) its going to be OK. if you go to some dodgy shop in the east end you;re probably more at risk because the shop keeper or some underapid staff can get access to your credit card details once you've paid. this kind of fruad is much more common than internet fraud
When it's more convienient.
I just have bought domains and webhosting on the internet but nothing more than that. I do not have a credit card and it's hard for me to get one so it's impossible for me to buy anything on the internet. I just like to view the prices of things on the internet and compare it to the real world before buying. The closest that I came to buying on the internet was when I had access to my brothers paypal and I was about to order this adidas shoe but then the shipping charges scared me and so I asked my brother for the money instead.
snowboardalliance wrote:
Wolf1918, very true.

I've bought everything for my computer online (, dell), a lot of my snowboard equipment, and quite a few other things. It's safe as long as you're careful.

Same here. My entire computer is from I also buy/sell on ebay which is safe within the limits of paypal imo.
yeah, shopping online is not as uncommon as you make it sound. I mostly shop computer parts and technology devices from sites like, I also buy almost all of my books online, mostly from amazon. I also sell my stuff online, and it's easy.

As long as you know who you are shopping from, it's usually safe to shop online.
Most of my computer stuff is also from newegg and some from frys also. But with frys i'd much rather to be in the store, nice to look around and feel the new hardware. For camera stuff also I find its much cheaper on the internet. I usually buy it from bhphotovideo and its way cheaper than buying the same camera or setup than best buy or most other camera stores.
I buy membership credit for my RuneScape account VIA PayPal, so Yeah Razz
Books, Games, Computer parts, a console, ipods... oh yeah! I love internet shopping! Anything you want within a few clicks! Just gotta watch hidden fees and such... they can get ya sneaky.
The only things I buy on the web are items that are hard to find in your corner store, or things that are alot cheaper on the web. I do more bill paying on the web then actual buying.
Do I feel safe and secure doing it? Not really, but it hasn't stopped me. I am just as careful as possible.
My parents thought it wasn't safe but I started working this year and got myself a debit card and all I do is buy stuff online. Its cheaper, and its easier to find stuff. Like, I just bought an Helio Ocean yesterday.
Besides food, and I guess clothing, I pretty much only purchase stuff from the internet. Computer parts and electronics: Newegg, TigerDirect, Zipzoomfly, and eBay. Books from Amazon, video games from eBay, clothes from various sites (usually from the manufacturer), and same goes for furniture. What do I not like about online shopping? Shipping, especially when it's not combined. But the thing is, retail stores are far more expensive than online, especially in computer parts...and their selection is mediocre, plus the lousy help you get. A benefit is just that you actually see the item in person before the purchase.

Safety and security? I feel safer buying online than letting a clerk see my information.
Rarely, only when I'm looking for specific books and things like that. Bought a poster from Japan once as well...

I really just wanna avoid the whole shipping and handling, but if I can't get an item otherwise (i.e., I'll have to go pretty far to find a seller), the net is probably the best and easiest method.
Domains, hosting, books.
Yes of course I buy on the net! I bought things from Amazon, Newegg, DealWoot, Handheld Items, and Gadget me its safe just look where your buying and see if its trusted.
I've never bought anything from the internet. Till now there was just no need for me. But generally i don't really trust such purchases...
I occasionally buy things online - usually something from However, I don't like doing that because I always get confused about how much shipping costs, and all sorts of little charges. It's a pain in the neck. When I go to the store, I always know how much I'm paying, BEFORE I pay it.

But I do like the convenience of buying things online.
I buy all the time. I'm careful to only purchase from reputable sites though.
Nver will! Most people get robbed threw internet.
I buy sometimes on Internet and I never had problems. I hope it will continue.
i don't buy anything from internet.May be i will some day.
I bought my entire present computer in parts from various online retailers. I've bought all the games and books I've acquired over the past five years online. I've had no real problems. Generally, as long as you stick to the more established companies and avoid making purchases that would be better done locally you should be fine.

If you do have any doubts about eBay retailers then check their feedback first. If they don't have much feedback then avoid making any big purchases from them. If you have any doubts about online stores that don't seem so established then check them out on a site like or first to see what other people think of them.
I mostly bought services and eBooks... but only a few times...
I hate people.

Well, not people, but crowded, busy places full of people.

It's not the people - it's the crowds. I know that sounds as silly as saying I hate forests - not because of the trees, but because of the forest. But I do get almost trembly and panicky in crowded places.

So for me, the idea of shopping online is fantastic. Amazon have made a fortune from me. I love the fact that I can sit here, browse the world's biggest bookshop, order what I want, and be reading them tomorrow morning.

I have bought books, software, licenses, equipment and DVDs online. I haven't ever bought clothes or groceries, but I very rarely buy clothes and I'd rather see my groceries first hand anyway.
Oh my goodness, I do ALOT of my shopping on the internet.

Some of the places I frequent a lot are:

When I was younger I used to go to

...then I got a debit/credit card and I've gone downhill from there haha!!!
i frequently use ebay to purchase items, both useful, and hobby related =P
I've bought some really collectable action figures, sonic adventure, grand theft auto three, and....


I need to use ebay more =S
I’ve bought several things on the net. I ordered something from local store because I couldn’t find free time to go there myself and I couldn’t wait… Rolling Eyes
Personally, I prefer to go to the shop and choose items I like but I also don’t mind buying on the net. There are some things that you can’t buy before you try them but… it is great to be able to browse items, compare features and prices, order the one you like the most and wait for it to be brought to your doors. Wink
I buy stuff online al the time, but only when the overall price with shipping is cheaper than if I bought it at a store or if I can't find that item at retail stores. I've purchased mostly electronics and some clothes. I've ordered from dell,,,, amazon, ebay, and a few other small online retailers. For those small retailers I just make sure I look them up and read store reviews and make sure they are legitimate before ordering from them.

I recently ordered a new Nintendo DS lite replacement housing and a replacement touch screen and a tri-tip screwdriver to fix my Nintendo DS. Over all the parts cost less than what it woud of been had I sent it to get repaired.
gadgets mostly i guess.

pll wrote:
I'd like to know if a lot of people buy items on the net ?!
Ebay, Itunes, Amazon ?!

What do you buy the most ?

I'd like to be able to but on the net, but my parents doesn't think it's safe. And I'm too young to get a credit card !

So, Do you think it's safe ?
As long as the site is well known and has a good returns policies and payment encryption - buying on the net is safe. I've bought on ebay, books from overseas shops, plus camera parts and other gadgets - household and otherwise from discount sites.

I don't really use credit cards and things of that nature, so I don't really buy stuff off the internet. I've had my parents buy stuff for me using their accounts, though. Sometimes gift cards can be used online, but I don't use that funtionality much. Also, redeeming codes from soda caps can get you music downloads and things like that, so I use them. But I'm not big on 'actual' purchases.
I like to buy stuff where I don't need a store - things I already know I want to have. DVDs, books (though I still visit bookstores), electronics - I like to buy it on amazon, or sometimes on ebay, often it's cheaper than in the store and on amazon, I don't have to pay the shipping.
You have to be careful, though, look on the ratings and so on. For example, I bought my cell phone "new" via amazon (not from amazon, just via the marketplace). When it arrived, there were fingerprints on it and the recharger was missing.
It took like 3 weeks to finally get the promised cell phone of this trader. It was via amazon, and as far as I know, you are quite safe on amazon. When I bought controllers for my Gamecube, for example, and it was a different model than I bought, amazon offered me to help me getting my money back.
Ebay can much more problematic, I heard. But I didn't make any bad experiences myself on ebay yet.

Edit: I don't have a credit card, when I buy something via ebay, I use the one of my mom. Amazon works with my usual bank account.
And I like to add that I don't buy files via the internet, I rather buy CDs / DVDs / Books - the files can be lost, they're already compressed and I just have the files, no beautiful extras and so on Very Happy
i only use ebay with paypal to buy goods over the net
yeah 10+ times
I have bought many items on the internet. The usual places amazom and ebay also ordered items from brick and mortar stores online for pickup at store.
Honestly, Ive never buy a single stuff on the net for one reason. I dont have a credit card. Poor me Crying or Very sad
yah I buy on the net. on trusted sites only. I used to be so scared of buying stuff online but after I tried it once and nothing happened, I figured it's fine as long as the site is good and the means are good.
I do shopping a lot times on the net, especially purchase the book.
The net is my first shopping option.

If it's not interesting on internet, then I go shop in stores.
Yes I do buy things online... Ebay, Amazon... but I take a good look on the user I'm buying from... I was buying from Ebay and Amazon when I was in the US.... In Bulgaria where I'm actually from Ebay and Amzon are not so popular... at least they were not till these days.... now I see offices of Ebay near the place I live.. so maybe I'll try buying something if it's good deal.
Away of that I am buying a lot of stuff from sites where you pay for the things when they are delivered to you. That way you see the product and give the cash to the delivery guy and everybody is happy. Smile
As for the buying with credit or debit card, I always make couple accounts, and transfer money from one to another, and in the one I am using for buying I don't keep a lot of money. And I always keep an eye on my accounts and the transactions.
Yep I've bought more than 10 things online as well. Mainly electronics or computer related objects from

I've been ripped off once by a nasty Asian seller who I bought an MP4 player off. The guy had been scamming hundreds of people, but he's been kicked off ebay, which is good.
Since I live in Boston for college with no mode of transportation other than walking, biking, or the T, buying things online makes my life a whooooole lot easier. A lot of times, I'd rather pay the extra bit for shipping than have to find a way of getting something to my room myself. But yeah, usually buy from ebay, amazon, and whatever I can find on, Razz. (Just bought a 22" Acer monitor off of tigerdirect for $200)
If I had money I would buy alot more. Unfortunately I'm broke. One place I've been tempted by lately is This site is worth checking once a day. they have some great deals on odds and ends. Wish I had thought of that Sad
Oh yes, all the time!

I've started with Amazon to get things I couldn't get in my country, and then I moved to Ebay recently.

Bought the 9 seasons of X-Files, Torchwood DVDs, Rammstein DVDs... I buy a lot of media from there.

I know many people who buy their 160$ school books on Ebay at 60$! But I prefer to buy new books though...

The only thing important is that you have to look at the comments of the seller, and that way, you have a pretty idea if he's great of not. And also, if something bad happens, and you get screwed, Ebay has policy to help you in such cases, and get refunded.

Long live internet ! Smile
i shop online but not internationally..i use local web sites...
I buy on the 'net. Like, I just bought a molecule modeling kit. Yay molecules! I love molecules. Especially modeling kits I bought on the internet. Yay internet!
several years ago I was worried about buying stuff on the internet, now I buy stuff all the time.
and (knock on wood) so far I have not had a problem with it.
I get stuff so cheap on ebay that I could not afford to buy in a real store.

anymore I always check on line and don't even think about it when I buy something.
ForceRun wrote:
I get all my stuff for computers from, and I get my misc junk for
Yeeaaah is definately amazing. You can get so many good deals there if you look around.
I've been shopping online since 1997 and haven't been ripped off yet.

I buy lots of stuff on the internet. If it's cheaper online, I buy it online. Sometimes I can even order stuff from a local store, have it paid for and waiting for me at the front desk when I go pick it up and get an internet-only discount for making the purchase online!

I also use the internet for buying things I just can't find anywhere else, like old or obscure books and movies.

I also have a horrible addiction to the overflowing cornucopia of one-of-a-kind handcrafted goodies of every description on Etsy.
Buying through the internet is like being smart, you get most of the things you want plus you get the opportunity to compare the price and its specs with ease. But there are several thing that should be kept in mind before buying stuffs online. Well first one is know your seller well, only buy if you trust the seller. Trust the big names like amazon, ebay, bestbuy etc.
it would be very good if you find a shop which has special agreement with your credit card bank. this point has been the biggest plus point, as i get discount and lots of other benefits
The only reason why i have never bought on the internet is because i am too young for a credit card and stuff and also my dad won't let me buy my own stuff =[
I purchase a lot of stuff online. The most important thing is, like anything, just to be careful. I generally find it cheaper, especially with things like Steam, Amazon and eBay, where the company doesn't need a store.
It can be dangerous, but it is nice if you do not want to drive to a store.
I bought a few paintings from E Bay.
I mostly buy books or software from the web like an anti-virus, EVE-online, Anarchy Online, etc etc

I try to buy physical objects from people close to home so I have some control if something goes wrong. (legal issues mostly)
I only buy things off sites I trust
I buy on Ebay, Kapaza,, Marktplaats...
Books, CDs, DVDs, birth cards (which I collect), games, sometimes clothes and make up...
I haven't got a credit card, but I only pay by bank transfer Smile
I never buy items on the internet . My country is not support any payment on the internet
yeah, i think i bought more than 50 times on the net.
Usually i download 320k tracks from different s\websites like beatport, traxsource and stompy for collecting the newest house/deephouse/jazz releases. tracks only cost a little money easy to purchase, and since i live in China now, it's easy to get/use too.
Also bought some clothes by internet, but i never do that again. took way too much time for them to deliver it.
Of course yes. I have bought lots of things through internet as it cheaper than in shops (usually). But sometimes it's more expensive to buy that thing in a shop, unbeliveable.
Yep. Some things aren't available in local stores (mostly music... well... only music).
I purchase a lot of stuff from Amazon; games, DVD, books. I also use eBay from time to time when I think of something I want to get that isn't all that common. I also buy from Best Buy and Futureshop online from time to time.
i've never bought anything online till now, even though there are a lot of online shopping here, never even was tempted.
only ebay ,
i'm buying stuff which i can't buy in store at my country.
I do regular business with for supplements etc. We do not have a wide variety available in the Middle East and I find little that can beat the good prices of iherb, as well as excellent service. I am quite careful with my transactions on the Internet, and have a second credit card with a lower limit specially for my Internet transactions. I tried e-bay out at one stage, but had a bad experience with PayPal along bureaucratic lines, and decided to let go after my one and only transaction with them turned into a nightmare. I purchased software and in the end had to courier cash to Los Angeles, and arrange for collection by courier at the same time. Total pain!
Yeah, Ebay quite a good way to buy stuff when your to lazy to get to the shops xD.

Selling is heaps good too, to get rid of old valuables and stuff.
Just once, yes. My custom gamer laptop - a Sager NP5793 (based on Clevo - the same ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) that Alienware once used). It's the only thing I've bought online, other than the external Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card for it. Smile

And here's my config Very Happy :

Sager NP5793 Custom Laptop (Built on Clevo M570RU-U / M571RU-U)
- 17" WUXGA "Glare Type" Super Clear Ultra Bright Glossy Screen (1920x1200)
- Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound
- Standard Dead Pixel Policy
- ~Intel® T9300 45nm "Penryn" Core™2 Duo 2.5GHz w/6MB L2 On-die cache - 800MHz FSB
- 512MB PCI-Express nVidia GeForce 8800GTX DX10 (User Upgradeable)
- ~ SPECIAL~ 4,096MB DDR2 667 PC2 5300 (2 SODIMMS) Dual Channel Memory (Requires Vista 64-Bit to recognize Full 4GB) $75 OFF When Purchased with 8800M GTX
- NP5792/5793 Orange Frame Trim Color
- ~Combo 8x8x6x4x Dual Layer DVD +/-R/RW 5x DVD-RAM 24x CD-R/RW Drive w/Softwares
- ~ 320GB 5400RPM (Serial-ATA 300) Hard Drive
- Internal 7-in-1 Card Reader (MS/MS Pro/MS Duo/MS Pro Duo/SD/Mini-SD/MMC/RS)
- Internal Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR
- Built-in Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965 802.11 a/g/n
- Built in 2.0 Megapixel Camera
- Sound Blaster Compatible 3D Audio - Included
- Integrated System Speakers - Included
- Smart Li-ion Battery (8-Cell)
- 110/220V 120W Auto Switching AC Adapter - Included
- Integrated Fingerprint Reader
- ~Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit Installed (64&32-Bit CD Included) w/ Drivers & Utilities CD's
- 3 Year Labor* 1 Year Parts Warranty Lifetime 24/7 DOMESTIC Toll Free Tech Support
(Extra 2 Year Labor Warranty through Xotic PC)

Got it from this awesome site btw -
They're really great! You can check them up on
I'm also a member of btw... great site if you're researching a laptop to buy!

Here is a review I wrote for it if anyone is interested :
Never had but i don't thing its smart but if u of to u just of to
I've mostly done it when the source has been verified by numerous previous buyers who could vouch for the quality and such... Furthermore it has mostly been books, as my monetary holdings are pretty bad as a student, and as books are pretty much all I need:)
Probably the best thing I get off the internet is computer parts. I can't think of anything for my computer I've been able to buy in the store that I couldn't find for a lot cheaper online. For everything else, depending on what it is, I'll look on ebay and if it isn't worth it, its just easier to get it at the store.
I purchase things on online all the time from computer parts to books to clothes. In general a lot of items are cheaper online even if you have to pay the shipping and handling charges. I have brought from the big boys, Amazon, Best Buy, etc as well as unknown obscure sites for certain items. As a lot of posters have said make sure the purchasing area of the site is secure.
I purchase things on online all the time from computer parts to books to clothes. In general a lot of items are cheaper online even if you have to pay the shipping and handling charges. I have brought from the big boys, Amazon, Best Buy, etc as well as unknown obscure sites for certain items. As a lot of posters have said make sure the purchasing area of the site is secure.
I don't live in the states so I don't use Ebay or Amazon, I don't trust their Europe deliverys. Also I hear people sell only useless things there. I did buy a long time ago some computer parts from an online store. Really fast service.
If I found something cool and can't find it in the stores. Mostly games, hardware, a cool book, ... I also did some selling/buying on ebay but I got credit card frauded one time and kinda scared me off a bit.

But I'm still buying online sometimes =)
Internet does not replace normal stores, but it's a very interesting and often cheaper solution.
On the Internet one can make purchases well and favourably. Complaints have clapped always well.
I think I buy more online than in the store. I love to do my research before I buy though. It just seems that you can get better deals online than in the store. The variety is endless too.

I always look online before I even think about going to the store. is my favourite...
I tend to try and find anything online that may be cheaper before buying in a local store. I have my own group of favorite sites that I tend to go back to often when buying certain things. When it comes to electronics I always go to and see what they have. Almost all the time I will find it the lowest price and normally will be able to include a discount code with it to make it even cheaper. Also I found that there customer service is amazing. I once ordered a new digital camera from them and it was shipped out. I followed the tracking number until it said that the package was delivered to the house. When I got home from work I couldnt find it anywhere and the next day I called there customer service and talked to some one that was actually from this country, huge plus, and told them my problem. They were very happy to help me and within 10 minutes they told me that they will be sending another camera, free of charge, to my house. They also said that they will find out what happened to the other camera with the shipping company. After about 5 days I had a new camera on my door step. I was very happy with how well they worked with me getting my product. Those type of things make me want to come back time after time to buy more things from someone.
i buy things off ebay - mainly diecast cars made by Biante and Trax. and mainly Australian cars specifically old holden monaros (HK,HT,HG) and bathurst/ATCC winning models. here is my collection to date:

65 ATCC Winning Norm Beechey Mustang
68 Bathurst winning HK Monaro
69 Bathurst winning HT Monaro
69 Bathurst 3rd place HT Monaro (Brocky)
70 Bathurst winning XW GTHO
71 Bathurst winning XY GTHO
73 Bathurst winning XA GT (all last 3 Allan Moffat)
79 Bathurst winning A9X (Brock)


#03 Biante Historic Touring HG Monaro
Trax 1:24 HK monaro's Blue and Red
Trax 1:24 HT monaro Verado Green

Hope u enjoyed this relatively useless information!!!

I buy almost everything online. It's just easier, I don't drive or anything, so getting things delivered to me is win. Usually you can get everything cheaper online too.
i prefer buy online cz thats fast, and can be around globe
The best you can on the Internet and all the electronics for the PC purchase. It is usually much cheaper than in a normal store. With cable you notice it particularly strong. But even radios and televisions are cheaper on the Internet.
Once in a while. I look around on ebay alot for stuff, sometimes I find something.
I prefer buying online to buying in shops. I hate shops, and I hate crowds. I usually buy all my Christmas and birthday gifts online, as well as music, software, books and household items. I bought my last car online too (Ebay).
Yes, books, pc parts, audio stuff, cosmetics, and many more... Sometimes it's cheaper when you buy on the net, and other time you just don't find the thing you're looking for in the store Wink
If the risk is not too big to buy a car with Ebay. I am afraid there of swindlers. To buy cheap things with Ebay is no problem. But thus expensive already.
Plenty of Ebay + Amazon, half the time are great finds, half the time items are so rubbish. Nevertheless its always the cheapest 2nd hand alternative.
Yes. The experience I have made. This is of course more reputable Internet stores. Since everything is good. Not only the half.
Jeah I use it many times. It is very handy becuase you don't have to drive to a shop. I also think it's safe because I ve never had any problem with my visa since I am buying on the internet. Things I buy are computer games or movies.
Yeah, i do.

i bought my domain name via net Very Happy
I ordered few times some computer parts to be delivered to my home address because I don’t have I way to pay for it online, unfortunately. But I often come across some interesting thing that I might buy, so I hope to change that soon! Very Happy
I use ebay often!

My entire collection of fire alarm devices has come from ebay. I also have bought accessories for my phone and some games.
I bought a couple of times from play-asia. I saw some bargain items which I really like so I bought them without hesitation.
Interesting topic!

I tend to buy handheld electronic devices (Internet Tablet: Nokia N810), cell phones, mp3 players... mainly because they are discounted on websites like Ebay, Amazon, etc. I dislike following the rigid and structured plans that cell phone providers make you subscribe to. I think that its bullcrap that you have to activate a data plan (an additional $30/month) when you buy a particular kind of phone, usually a smartphone. Therefore, I buy the cell phone separately, usually locked (because stupid people charge more for unlocking the device), unlock it myself, and use it. The only way to do that is to buy the phone from an online service, or know someone that can hook you up with a free phone.

However, I find that buying other things... furniture, computers, clothing... you're better off seeing exactly what you're getting. When I'm building a computer, arguably you could purchase the parts online. I prefer to go to a small local business that specializes in computer parts, and pick up what I need. In other words, judge by how much potential there is for you to be ripped off.
No I. dont , it's so dangerous.
never had bought anything
I buy games (subscriptions to online MMORPG, if that counts) and my computer parts on the net. Why? A great variety, they send it to your home, its cheap and the website is so structural with all the pricings listed and all the specs so greatly explained. I mean, ... If I would have to buy it in a store I would probably pay a lot more and get dissapointed that there was some other cool deal that I overlooked in the shop.
I buy lots of of stuff from ebay, Amazon, CD japan and yesasia. In conclusion yeah i buy lots of things. I'm on like a online buying spree at the moment. I just hate the waiting period and the shipping time because i always choose the cheapest option.
I like Amazon very much. Excellent Website for books. Now and then delivery may be slow, but usually they are quick to let you know what the status quo is. If EBay would take credit cards instead of PayPal, then I probably would have bought more on EBay. I had one experience and it turned out a bad one, so severed my relationship with PayPal, and said bye bye to EBay. I don't often purchase products on the Internet, and usually when I do, I investigate what I buy very carefully. I like to buy software and I also like for food supplements.
Now that's what I love to do. I.E. shop on the internet. Recently I was doing window shopping in my city and my eyes struck upon a portable sound system. It had sockets and converters to make it playable through computer, laptop, mobile, etc. I entered the shop and asked for the price, surprizingly the price seemed annoying for that little thing. It came out that the price was 950 rs. I came back home dejected and annoyed. It was a cool thing to have a definitely a drool item but the price at which it came was definitely not worth. The I thought for some time and decided to search for it on the internet.

I am still a rookie at internet shopping and it took a while to figure out the websites which were good with their shopping experience. After about 2 hours of extensive search I landed upon a product with remarkably similar feature which I had seen in the shop. When I looked at the price I was stunned, it was mere 550 rs or half the amount which the product was available at the shop. I decided to go ahead and purchase it. The shipping totalled it to 600rs.

It was delivered by courier and I loved that product.It had woofers built into its small body and sound quality is awesome, it was a good experiance overall!.
I'm buing less stuff on the net, but I used to buy almost everything on ebay and other sites.

However, with the postage fees, it's more interesting to go and shop in person.
i buy a lot of stuff off the internet. I dont know why a lot of my friends dont buy off the internet but i find it to be a very good deal. stuff like computers and cell phones are good. especially for electronics, i find that buying off the internet saves at least 50 percent off the cover price of the item. books again are a great buy off the internet because you are buying directly from the people who make teh books and are skipping the middlemen of the process (the bookstoers) who take in books from other places, jacks up teh price and sells it back to you for about 100% profit. THe last thing i like to buy off the internet are gifts for other people. i find that buying flowers or christmas presents that are mailed directly to a person may be a lot more of a surprise than if you handed it to them. it also shows that you put a lot of planning into the gift idea.
Well, I usually don't buy lot's of stuff on the Internet, even when I really want to.
But now it is starting to get closer and closer towards Christmas, so I have currently been spending a lot of time on, for instance, looking for Christmas presents Smile

Finally found some, or many to be more precice. My wallet hurts a bit now, but the most important thing is the spirit of Christmas, and to give because you want to and make the people you love happy Smile
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