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Using a different server to mail emails?

This is hard to explain, and I am not sure if it voiding the rules, but I was wondering if I could use frihost for mailing purposes. I am running my own server, for security reasons (don't really want bots and everything to be shared to everybody and I need root access) but I don't know how to set up a mail server. So I was wondering if I can use Frihost as a mail server and how would I come across doing it?

If this is not allowed on Frihost, I apologize, I'm just not sure about number 14 under C.

Starting your own free/paid webhost, image host or email host on our servers.

It's not going to be a email host, it's just going to be sending out emails to users registered on my server for private messaging and alerts. Nothing heavy or spamming will be used so I am not sure if this includes my question.

Thanks for your support.
that's allowed, but if you're using linux it's not too hard to make it possible to send mail from your server if you got a webserver working already. With windows I am not sure, but that's probably also not too much of a problem. You should try searching for sendmail or postfix. Or if you'd want the full setup with spam-filter/virus-filter/webmail/... this might help:

If you want to use frihost I think the best way would be to use a php script you put on the frihost servers (with some random key to authenticate). That would make you able to send mail with frihost, from other servers. But you would need to modify a lot if you want to use it for phpBB or some other big software thing, in that case it would be easier to set something up on your own server.
Nah I'm using Windows, and I can't figure it out. Chances are I will go with the Frihost option, I was wondering though if it was possible to do it without going to a frihost page. Something like using a .bat file but I can't figure it out.

Oh well, this option will work perfectly fine. Thank you for the confirmation rvec.

EDIT: After thinking about it, I am going to need a "cron job" to be able to send mail when there is a alert. Maybe it would be easier to set up the mail server myself, but I can't figure it out in both Mercury Mail and Server 2003's POP3!

Gah! >.< Any chance you would have any knowledge on Mercury Mail? Thanks!
try this:
Maybe that works.

I also found a paid version which should have more options, but I'd try this out first.
For Windows you may use hMailServer, I used it in the past and it's easy to setup and to work with it. It's free for 30 days, but you may find a way around this...
When I was exploring other mail servers I didn't find any for free, there was one (I don't remember the name) made in java that is free but it still being made, it was in beta stage and it had some problems, maybe now it's more usable.
Go to wikipedia and search for mail servers, you'll find what you need Wink
hMailServer is okay, although I don't understand how to set up my MX Records with it, nor do I know how to do it with
To setup your MX records you'll need to have static IP or else you'll have to use DynDNS or something similar so you can redirect your MX records to the domain DynDNS provide poiting to your PC.
I think this should work Wink
I do have a static IP, I just don't know how to forward my domains MX records to my Server.
You'll need to have DNS management at your domain registrar, if they don't provide this service you may use this for free --> EveryDNS
Then update MX record to your IP.
:O I have somewhat-success with this. I've gotten the Server to attempt to send mail outbound, but I get this error:

Line 60-72. I don't know how to get GMail or Hotmail to accept my email to their inboxes. Hotmail says that it doesn't accept dynamic IP's, although I don't have one. Also, I am not using my domain to get to my website, and I don't want to. Although, DynDns (the DNS I use) has a MX entry changer.
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