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Model photography - Stephanie

(13/01/09 Edited to include pics/story) of stephanie

(08/08/08 Edited to include pic of Dunhill X-Centric)

(05/08/08 Edited to include pic of Primavera Pizza)

(17/08/08 Edited to include pic of rusted lock)

(26/09/08 Edited to include pic of sunset)

(23/10/08 Edited to include a day at the park pic)

Hi folks,

The last 7 months or so I have been learning the art of photography and I've been loving every step of the way!!

In this thread I will post the best pics I have shot from various shoots I have done.

Please feel free to critique my work and provide tips if you have a better way of doing the same thing!

For those interested my gear is:

Canon 5D, 30D
24-70 USM 2.8L
Speedlite 580EXII (x2)
Elinchrom D-Lite 4.

Will kick this thread of with this pic of Milly from a shoot we did in my studio at home a couple of weeks ago.

I really love this pic and Milly does too!

And here is a food pic - this is a Primavera pizza from The Strand where i work as a pizza cook on weekends.

(mozarella cheese, nap base, artichokes, roasted capsicum garnished with basil pesto and shaved parmesan cheese)

Very nice work. Make the pizza look amazing, can I have a slice? Smile
thanks champ! virtual slice sent your way! lol!
Wow. your good. nice job. Great Art!
thanks very much! and i agree there is a art to making good pizza!
here's another style of photography i have been getting into lately:

the product shot!

and the excellent bokeh on the 24-70L USM gives dedicated macro lens a go for there money!

and of course, what photography site would be complete without the obligatory sunset pic?

You are really good, do you ever think of being a professional? I like you can do great things for magazines, and newspapers.
thanks mate, funny you should mention it - last weekend i did my first paid photography work for Rip It Up magazine, covering two different music festivals and a latin hip hop band at another venue later that night. was great to be paid for what i love doing!! will post some of the pics here soon...
you have some awesome work! the food looks yummy and i love the one with the door/rusty key lock. Congrats on your first paid work also, i know its great to get paid for what we love to do Wink look forward to your future pieces!
thanks mate! i will be sure to post some of the pics here for all to see Smile
Congratulation with being paid, not easy to make a living of something almost everyone can do these days. A lovely sample of things you have photographed, love the sunset, rusty door and the black/white portrait is stunning, great use of light
thanks champ, but i have to say i am not making a living off it yet! in fact it is my third paying job behind my 9-5er in design and my weekend gig as a pizza cook! would love it to be my main job but i doubt it could bring in as much cash as the other two.

thanks for the compliments too, got lots more coming to my site shortly, stay tuned! Smile
ok here is a pic from the first of the three paid gigs i had over the last weekend:

this gig was at the semaphore music festival, the second was "a day at the park" and the third was a latin hip hop/salsa 9 piece band called LABJACD at the gov. and all three gigs were very different!

the semaphore music festival is a free folk festival on the foreshore at semaphore beach. i was there from 12 to 3, possibly the worst time of the day for photography, but I managed to get something decent.

more to come...
From the Semaphore Music Festival I went directly to the A Day At The Park festival. Interesting crowd difference at this gig: younger, full of energy and full of happiness!

This pic is Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock plus a whole bunch of happy punters!

Great pics! Where is that place in the sunset picture?
thanks nathan,

that sunset was a place called mount gap (local name only) and it's on the mid coast south of adelaide, south australia.

i checked your portfolio mate, some amazing stuff in there - i really dig the clock one the most.

something i thought of to make your site better: remove the blurb about you "only being an amateur" and instead portray yourself higher! your photos certainly do not spell amateur to me!
For that product shot, what did you use for a background when taking the photo? I've always wanted to created photos like that.
hey champ,

i used a simple, home-made lightbox:

the styrofoam box was one that we get basil delivered in to the restaurant I work part time at, the lights were two halogen 500 watt work lamps and the background was either black or white cardboard (depending on the subject)
Fantastic. This is exactly what I need to make. And since it is cheap to do, I won't feel obligated to always have to use it Smile

hey, just a hint, try to get a deeper foam box than the one i have in that pic. i have found it a little limiting and am looking for a deeper one to get more separation from the background.
cool stuff, i'm always a fan of DIY products, much cheaper and controls the quality of light almost the same and if not better depends on how you make it. Want to head to the hardware store and make a DIY ringflash over the weekend, gonna ask my other photographer friend for some help on that.
Wow, those pictures were amazing. I especially liked the first one!

...and Canon 5D. I get water in my mouth. That's something!

Beautiful sunset too Smile
thanks mate Smile

5D is awesome, and with my new 70-200 f/2.8L IS lens it is ME who gets wet at the mouth!!
ive never owned a real nice camera but i want to buy one soon before winter hits and the snow is falling around here, what would you recommend starting out with for somebody who has never owned a digital slr but is good at taking photos and knows how to use one.
hey man, get a canon 30d with a kit lens, it's how i started and you won't regret it!
Great work. I'm particularly a fan of the rusted lock, and the product shot.

By the way, I've seen a few of your other threads around the place, that look similarly impressive - this seemed the most general one to comment on.
All excellent quality photos. Amazing how fast you learned in such a short period of time. You obviously have to be completely dedicated and talented! The Milly B/W pic is my favourite. Thanks for all the info about the equipment. I am always curious about that.
Steph came recommended by a good mate. She is hoping to get into modeling work and this was her first shoot. Since then she has gone on to do some amazing work with some amazing photographers and it would seem like the modeling world is a place she should feel comfortable in!

Thoughts on these?







I've been enjoying your photos silently for some time now. Great work!

Could you tell me how you lit the product shot? I'd like to take a photo of some clothing items this weekend and have never really done anything other than landscapes. I have my camera's built in flash, an accessory flash that can be remotely fired and a big window.

Holy smokes!

Her eyes and the white stripes really pop. I love that its not just ink black but a gradient of grays and blacks in the background.
Wow...Wow... Man great work..Really your work is great..Also i visited your website and i could see more pics too...They too are great..

Nice work and appreciate your work of photography..!! Best of luck and hope you click more great pics in the future too...!!
thanks for the replies folks!

nice to see my work is being appreciated Smile

davidfromoz, for the product shots (on my site) i used a home made lightbox, with 500watt halogen globes from mitre 10. here's on shot from my facebook:
nice work with this one, 1 and 6 are my favourites from this batch. Love the lighting though and she has a killer body as you can see in the last pic Very Happy
thanks champ. steph will argue she is hot, but dang we all know she is!!
You have some really great shots there! : ) Some of them, quite inspiring even... Makes me wanna dust off that old Olympus OM10 SLR, hand it in to the photo shop and let them have a go at cleaning it up for use and go out there and take some shots.. : )

Really like that first shot, how you worked with contrasts, it's just amazing.. : )
thanks man! wow! if my work as inspired someone to start shooting again then i am a happy man!! get out there and bust some shots and show us the results!! DO IT!! Smile
Great detail and quality in all photos!

The Pizza shot has great lighting and fine detail, which stood out!
thanks again buddy and welcome to frih! Smile
Just need to wait for the pay to roll into my account first, so I can pay for the repairs.. : ) I'll make sure to take some photos, scan them, and slap 'em onto frihost! : ) (Might convince me into writing that photo gallery for my blog software)
Wow, great stuff. You have a definite future in photography, keep up the excellent work. I like the Milly pict, strong composition. The choice of outfit was great, it adds a great dynamic in that you have strong shadows and some areas of highlight, and the pattern on her dress really makes a dynamic transition between the two.
thanks champ! i think milly and i are going to shoot again soon - this time on a white background... see how we go with that one...
great pics, thanks for the tips on the light box
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