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your first job?

what was your first job? paperboy ect..
I was a cashier in a department store. I started right before Christmas and dreamt about cashiering every night for the first two weeks!

Working in a bookstore. Was so much fun at the time, could not believe that I was paid for it as well!
i was a coffee maker!!!
a bad ass barista with a bad ass talent.
i loved it. i still do :]
me gusta javaaaaa
workin as Gas -Water Plumber and Welder , still workin 8 years same work Smile (but not same firm) switched alot Laughing
I tried many things trough school, working in kindergarten, food shop, reception at a hotel where I tried one day to be a cleaning lady, the reception of a government and hardware store. But the first job I got where I received money from was cleaning for a computer company and helping out in a flower store
my first and only paid job i worked at a mortgage as a receptionist
My first job was an instrumentation technician for pulp and paper industry.
I got experience about instrumentation equipment, control valve and etc at my first job
Ghost Rider103
My first job was a graphic design job. That was where I made my first money for doing real work on my own.

It can pay amazing sometimes (I have made almost* $1,000 USD over a 3 day period), and other times it is harder to find work.
My first job was a telephone operator in an exporting company way back 8 years ago. I was promoted to a payroll in charge then I was assigned also as a Marketing assistant as well. For years working and serving other companies to help them grow, I decided to have my own company. Now, I run my own exporting business and other family member or relatives to worked for me and help my company grow and not for my own benefit but for them others staffs as well.
My first job is in IT comany, but I study economics in my college life.
My first job was working in a small restaurant as a dishwasher. Started when i was 14 or so.
My very first real job I guess was a bag boy at a Lund's grocery store. However, I was working long before that. When I was 6 i started selling gift items door to door from a catalog for company that doesn't exist anymore. A few years later I sold Christmas wreaths on my own (not through Boy Scouts). Then around age 11 or 12 I started mowing lawns and doing general yard work for people in the neighborhood. Now I'm finishing up school for Computer Networking and starting an IT help desk position for Target in a month.

A little more then my first job, but now you know my whole boyhood work career. =)
My first job was cleaning up sticks and such at a winery down the street from my house, but I messed that up, so now I work at McDonald's and it as absolutely dreadful. Can't wait for college!
My first job I worked as waiter in small restaurant, I was 13 years. I won ten dollares for work one mouth. But I belive that all this serves as good experiences for lifetime.

Great this topic

My first job was fruit picking. I picked just about everything at one time or another. Watermelons, nectarines, pumpkins, grapes, tomatoes. The list goes on.

The worst I found was probably watermelons. It's hot, heavy work and very tiring. I didn't do that for very long.

Best was definitely grapes. We were all able to sit on barrels in the shade of the vines and snip away while listening to music (a clunky old walkman back in those days). Still, the pay was crap no matter what fruit was being picked, but I guess when you're a kid you're not choosy about things like that.
My first job was working for the Veterans Administration as a temporary secretary. It was only for the summer, but it seemed like forever. Smile

I think one of my favorite jobs was working as a cab driver. You would be amazed at the things people will say and do in front you, plus sometimes the tips were great. The only negative was that I got tired of driving all day long. Sad
My first job was working in a restaurant in my home town in England If I remember clearly I got paid One pound and hour,but the tips made me happy enough.
My first job was a dishwasher at a restaurant in north of Boston.

I still wash dishes (at home) and I'm darn good at it!
I delivered pizza. I got robbed once, bitten by 2 dogs, got my ass pinched once and got rained on all the time
house delivering ....
very hard Mad
my first job was of a Photographer...
Very Happy
was fun and paid out well enough..
My first job... I was a waiter in high school.
A was working in a warehouse of a large convienience store
Had lots of fun there though Smile
I was an arena attendant at a community centre. They had two outdoor ice surfaces. I worked a few evenings a week. I had to scrape the ice using a snow shovel during the evening. Usually anyone there playing shinny would help out. At the end of the night I had to hose-flood both arenas. I was fourteen.

Nine years later, while still in university, I got a job as an Arena attendant. At least there we used a Zamboni for floods.
I was a YMCA afterschool counselor. Could be amazingly fun, could also be incredibly frustrating. All depended on the ability of the site director to make sure that they were enforcing the rules.
Well my first job was working at an ice cream shop. I hated that. I've done a lot of things... some jobs are better than others. I have no idea where I'm headed now.
My first job I remember as a junior Instrument Mechanic.

I was in my teenage and i like that job, as it was an outside job.
it need travel from company to company.

Later many of my friends go abroad, but i can not make it.

So i shifted from that line and turn back to college for my M.Sc

I remeber those days of freedome...
My first job was at Internet Club where I worked as a consultant, helping clients when working with different applications, solving networking problems, changing hardware of computers, looking for the software, printing, scanning... and a lot of other stuff... during my study at University
Cashier in a retail clothing store. Although the pay was not as good but it made a starting point and a crack in the ice for my future jobs.

You first job does not have to be a top quality work atmosphere. Your goal is not to start at the top of the latter but to move up with time and experience.
My first job was at Post. I sort posts and i put post going on ahead. My wage was 6e/hour. And i remember when i get this my first wage i was so really happy! My first wage was like about ~700e. Very Happy
Thank you very much for a nice information

Best regards
My first job was a technical support agent for a call center. (I'm not from India, ok? No offense). It was a DSL account, and it was bloody. Can't blame the customers getting irate because of that company's service. LOL..
My first job was part-time when I was 15 helping to train rottweiller guard dogs.
It was good money but needed to be as it hurt a lot! The main role of it involved me wearing a full-body suit made of thick saddle-leather (including face/head guard) and I would randomly "attack" the trainer, or hide in factories etc attempting to make an escape when the dog's caught me!
It was important because the dogs needed to be taught to take a man down by his arms or legs and not to savage faces or kill someone, but oh my gosh did it hurt or what!!!
Although their teeth couldn't puncture the suit, it was like putting my arm in an industrial press or something and I was covered in bruises. For a 15 year old guy though, what an exciting good laugh to earn money Smile
i have worked on a dutch supermarket, not an hard job, but i liked it, i was dairy chef (you know chef about milk, butter etcetera.) by growth opportunities was many to do, so i followed many courses to grow further in the food industry. I received promotion, i was an buychef, important job,
to deliver enough products, not too less not too much! I worked there for ermmm... like 7 years and it was getting bored, so i took dismissal. It was an Moonlight job at all! I'am still studying
zyd666 wrote:
house delivering ....
very hard Mad

Seriously? You delivered houses? How did you pick them up all by yourself?
Laboratory assistant for the high school, that I just finished then. Good for temporary job.
My first job at 14 years of age was a paper route. Sometimes I'd deliver by bike, and other times I'd deliver by skateboard but it was great exercise and kept me in comic books and skateboards and NES games.... Yeah that was a while ago, wasn't it? Laughing
My first job was pizza driver.... what a wonderful job, isn't it ? Laughing
dishwasher in local hotel in my town =\
well my first job will be today!!
I was really lucky. When I was a junior in high school, I received a call from my brother asking me if I wanted to work. His friend whom he went to college with has an IT company, and he needed someone who provide technical support to his clients. I did a lot of network cabling, hardware/software troubleshooting, and just providing the clients with office suite support in general. It was an awesome job and I got paid under the table--cash and tax free! It's been 5 years since I started working there, and I still get to work there everytime I come home.
my 1st job was a web developer/designer job. I had to create a website for a client but since it was my first potentially public work I was scared to hell! I even told them that I couldn't do it for a whole bucnh of reasons, but they said..."With what we've seen, you're website can't be as bad as my last one.". And so I decided to go ahead and create the site. It took me about a month.
I'm currently a Student Assistant in my school. I did some art for my aunt and got paid for them when I was in High School, but being a Student Assistant is my first real job. I actually didn't tell my parents at first because they didn't want me to work while studying. But I told them a week after anyway, cause they couldn't do anything about it then. It's fun.
In your first jobs, you should just follow your interests and try to find something that is in line with your studies. Since your studies are more theoretical, you should first of all build up some experience amongst the things you have learned in university.
I had the luck I could work in a datamining company. I have studied a master in artificial intelligence, and I wanted to gain some real life experience in the field. The first 3 years of my carreer, I only followed my passion and interest in artificial intelligence.
My first was weekend casual at a music store. This is like 15 years ago!! great daze.

Still badly hung-over from previous night's club crawl. Playing music we wanted to hear & not the top 10 plastic parade. This was back in the days before music stores had streaming central radio.

Most of clientele was buds from club-daze. Most of earnings went back into purchases 4 music collection & partying. So no worries. The great debate between vinyl & cd was dangerous territory. Wonderfully wasted youth!!
I have worked as tution teacher. It was my first job.
just an update on the job stuff....I am now a Project Manager for a Web development company....sweet!
I remember those days...

I worked the 7pm to the 7 am shift at a Garage Shop. During the week it wasn all that bad. Tiring but not that bad. Friday and Saturday nights

Rough man. We were on the main road from the pary places. All sorts came in.

******, drunk women, drunk and hostile men...

arrg. never wish that on anyeone....


Im looking for a job in melbourne now.. lol preferably not the above...
My first job was Hermit Crab Wrangler at a kiosk at the mall. Strictly under-the-table, made less than minimum wage, but I liked it . Very Happy But then my boss decided to sell shitty video game systems instead and I got tired of the irate customers and quit.
My first job was as a teacher for mathematics and Science.
I just recently started working and it's more freelancing, because I still have school, so it's mostly on weekends or on school days-off.

My first job was stocktaking in a large supermarket, over night. It's been rough, but still, had lots of fun there, I went there with few of my friends.
used to help make sofas (settees)

knaff job

never again

I worked as a slave... but, how the friend above sayed, the start point is essential to the future jobs.
My first job was for my mom and dad's music conservatory. I had to do the invoices from age 10. then a bit later was given cash to divvy up for pocket money for myself and three younger siblings, as well as wages for the staff. I also had to do the banking, cash in a bag and on the bike to town at month end. When I think about it now, wow! Responsibility at quite an early age, including the usual chores looking after a vegetable garden, locking up the music conservatory every night, tending to a swimming pool, the dog and fantails (pigeons) the latter two were labour of love. My dad was good at motivating me and also helped with advice for saving my earnings and investing in shares. At age 14 I was able to go on my first overseas trip!
My first job is only a worker in a alumina factory
Computer Operator.
My first job ever was was with chick-fil-a. I was mostly a cashier, but I also had to do the other things you do at fast food restaurants.
My first job wasn't before I finished high-school in fact... It was as assistant for various job-functions on a museum, and through 4 months I was thrown around and gained a lot of experience I'd say.

habboonefm wrote:
what was your first job? paperboy ect..

Yes, my very first job was as the neighbourhood paperboy. I did that for 3-4 years.

After that I worked as a lifeguard and tobacco primer through college.

Then I started my career proper.

My years as paperboy were ok, especially at Christmas when they gave tips. Razz

Worst part, except boredom sometimes, was almost getting hit by car driven by some lady who wasn't paying attention. Swerved down ditch and ended up getting many cuts and bruises.
My first job was webdesigner... not so bad.. but before I tried be teacher.
My very first job was when I was 15 years old and I got a job at a local restaurant. It was a waffle house that served mainly breakfast items along with lunch. I started there as a dishwasher and after a while moved my way up to becoming a buser. I am not sure which I liked more because being in the back washing dishes had its perks. You didn't have to worry as much about customers always watching you and you aren't as nervous about messing up. Also you don't have to rush as much as if you are busing tables. When you get to bus tables however you get to talk with the customers and enjoy the company of them. Also you get to really see how people are enjoying the food and just the fact that they can come to the restaurant and meet with other people was a lot of fun. I always felt like it was a little bit of a race when someone would get up from there table to leave we would walk up to the table and clear it as fast as possible and clean it all so the next group of people could sit down. It always reminded me of when cars would go into the pit stop to get tires changed and refill gas in races. I always felt that I have a pretty good imagination.
I did very, VERY mundane computer work. Things scripts would more easily do. But it was a job!
habboonefm wrote:
what was your first job? paperboy ect..

My first job was mowing grass. What a job. The only stress associated with it was the occasional rush to get stuff done before an event; it was at a stadium. I miss it some these days, but my pay is better now Smile There's nothing quite like the time to think while mowing though.
Well, my parents were artisans and they sold their stuff at a fair, so when I was very young I used to pretend play I was doing the same thing and with other kids that had parents in the fair we would make ourselves a little booth and try to sell rocks or anything we found on the park...I was less than 10 year old though...

I think my first real job, where I got paid and it wasn't for my parents was as a computer tech, I had to take digital pictures of people (this was at a state fair) and then I would put the picture into a newspaper cover that would have different titles like won the oscar or peace novel prize, etc. It was only two weeks though because that was how long the state fair was open.
well, my first job was working at an 24 hour internet cafe. i took on afternoon shift after school which ran from 4-11. pay was really good, considering i was paid $9 an hour after a single shift of training.

job was really easy, considering all i had to do was sit at the cash, sell cards which are used to turn on computers, and loiter.

i honestly think that was one of the best jobs i have ever had.
I worked online for graphic design but i dont really count that. I really firstly worked at an apple product store.
I had a paper route when I was 14. When I turned 16, they moved me to the mail room. I liked that job... very simple, got to listen to whatever music I wanted just so long as all the mail got out during the day.
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