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Anyone as excited as me that the new football season (for both NCAA & NFL) is starting up again really soon. I just got back from vacation for 2 weeks (the hot days of summer here in Nebraska anyway), and now at the end of August, college football starts up again.

I'm anxious to see how everything pans out this year in college football - especially in the Big 12. Will Nebraska be considered competition again? I think so, and I feel that 8-4 is realistic for the Big Red this season. Will Kansas and Mizzou maintain their swagger in the North? Will Texas Tech finally be able to be "the team" in the South? Don't know...but I can't wait to find out.

Also, in NFL land what will happen? Will Favre be playing for another team? Can the Patriots have another huge run? Will New York still be in the mix after winning the SuperBowl?

Only time will tell...but I must say, I am very anxious.
i just started to like american football lately. wanna watch the incoming season, but i'm in england. and no tv... Crying or Very sad
I like american and brazilian football . I need watch the incoming season
roxys_art great it is for college football to be back on my TV. Screw December, it's the most wonderful time of the year right now!

Nebraska looked okay. I was disappointed by the running game, but Joe Ganz definitely solidified himself at the QB position. However, if the Huskers are going to be successful this year and beat some of these better teams in the Big 12, they are going to have to develop a successful running game and manage the clock.

All other teams take note: USC, Georgia, and Oklahoma are the three teams to beat. USC looked almost flawless. Granted it wasn't against a great team, but they dominated both sides of the ball. They will be a very tough team to beat this year. Georgia and Oklahoma are close. I think Oklahoma may have better lines on both sides of the ball than Georgia, plus Georgia has a very tough schedule this season.

It's early, but I see USC going to the championship game barring any injuries to key players.
Whoops. I forgot to mention the Husker D (don't know how I could forget)! I listened to it on radio, but from what I saw on the Nebraska Football Show, the scheme is definitely going to help the players be in the correct position to make plays.

Glenn's move to LB was a great idea! He was flying all over the field making plays. Broke up three passes, made 12 tackles, and forced a fumble. He did make some mistakes, but he's only going to get better. He will be a fun one to watch this season.

The d-line also stepped up. The middle of the line is strong, and Turner looks like he is back. The thing about Turner (he's an end) is that he's so versatile. I noticed in some formations he's actually not in a three point stance and is standing up like a LB. Should be interesting how Pelini uses this kid. Another positive thing: four sacks in this game. NU only had 11 for the whole season last year.

Lots of positives to take away from the game...but still alot to work on.
I have heard and seen lots of merical football but what is brazillian football. Is it also true that south africa is a rugby champian and there is not to defeat them. Some one told me so.
All I know is after one game, my Saints are looking like pretty good! The defense actually stepped up was effective against Tampa.
Hope they continue to play good next week against Washington.
My Vikes didn't win the first game of the season, which didn't really surprise me because of the sloppy preseason, but i have hope that we will make it to the playoffs.

after losing last mondays game Brad Childress' coaching record against the Packers is now 0-5 - ouch!

I've got to hand it to Aaron Rodgers though, he had a great game man.

Game 2 starts in about 2.5 hours, I'm excited Smile
Not many college fans eh? Too bad. There's just something about college football that makes it special. The atmosphere of a big game is just so much more least in my opinion.

It also helps that every game is important. If you lose one game, your championship chances have decreased. If you lose two games, you most likely will not be making the championship game. The NFL is different. You can lose games during the season and still make the playoffs and have a shot at the Super Bowl.

Now, I'm not saying I don't like the NFL. I am simply saying that I prefer NCAA football over NFL. Am I the only one?
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