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Microsoft Exchange Server and the iPhone

Hi everyone. I'm new to Microsoft Exchange. Here's the situation.

My company have Outlook Web Access enabled so people can access their email via the internet. However, it only works with standard http and not https. In other words works but doesn't work. This is preventing me from setting up people to use Outlook on their local machines at home. It is also a problem for me in setting up my chairman's new iPhone with his email. The only way I can get it to work at the moment is to re-direct all his exchange email through an imap or pop3 account , but this is no good as he needs his contacts and calendar etc.

Can anybody let me know how I can re-configure Exchange Server to use https instead of http for ActiveSync?

I will offer frihost$ to somebody who can help.
First I strongly recommend that you configure a front end server that is secured behind a firewall. Do not let users outside of your company access your back end Exchange servers directly.

I cannot give you the exact steps but I can provide some information that should help. Microsoft should have documentation on using HTTPS with Exchange Outlook Web Access.

You need an SSL certificate to use https. That certificate needs to be added to your front end Outlook Web Access server. I think you have to configure HTTPS through Internet Information Services rather than via Exchange System Manager.

Hopefully this will get you started.
I have this sorted now. Our SSL certificate had expired 3 years ago (before my time here). I now have owa working and have an user using Outlook with rpc over http. The reason the iPhone wasn't working is because our stupid O2 business account manager hadn't told her technical people to add the iPhone bolt on to enable iPhone services to run from the sim card. Hopefully the iPhone will sort itself out now.
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