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:( Can It Ever Work ? :(

My Dad His Girlfreind Are "Going Steady" As He Just Broke Up With My Mum. She Is Great And I Love Her To Bits, She Has A Daughter Whom Is 10 And A Son Who Is 15; This Is The Hard Bit It Is Also Going To Be Weird To Explain By Me.

We Recently All Went To A Massive Party Where Me And Craig (The Son) Got Seriously Drunk And We Kissed. I Have Allways Had A Masive Crush On Him (He Is 1 Year Older Than Me) And When I talked To Him About It He Said He Had Always Had A Big Crush On Me.

And Now Where Stuck And Dont Know What To Do

Please Help And i Will Answer Any Questions x
This kind of reminds me of Marmalade Boy.
Needless to say, this whole ordeal will cause lots and lots of drama.
So anyone can tell you that this could work, just to make you happy (technically, any kind of relationship can work.) But if anything bad happens between you two, his and your parents are going to die a little inside and feel like the worst parents ever.
Well atleast its not incest
If you're not fond of incest and you believe that your dad will marry his girlfriend, stop.

If they're not planning to get married, it shouldn't affect your choice in who you like/love. Do what your heart says, but be ready to pull away if you have to.
There's nothing wrong with it. If you like him, go with it, but it's the kind of thing you should talk about with your Dad and his girlfriend above all else. It may be awkward, but it's what you have to do if you plan on anything serious. If you don't, just forget it happened and move on.
To answer your question: Yes, it can work. I don't see why it can't as you aren't family (genetically) and you love each other.

You should keep in mind that this just might be a temporal love though, it could end some day and that could cause trouble.

I am not going to tell you whether or not you should do it, that is up to yourself. If you truely love each other then just follow your heart. I would also keep every other option in mind though.
I think there's nothing wrong with it. You're not brothers and sisters right? So it's okay. I mean it should be okay.

If it was me I would try and cut and run as soon as possible. If your Dad is serious with this woman then realistically there isn't a chance that this will work. I may be considered unromantic but I just consider myself a realist and I'm trying to think from your point of view and I know how it feels at that age to reallly like someone but if you try you can get over them.

When I was 15 I really liked my best mates gf and she said that she liked me as well (drunken at a party) but there was no way that it was going to work as there was no way I was going to betray my mate and she really cared about him as well. They're still together and we're 21, when I see them I still feel a bit wierd but you get over it.

Hope that this helps.
is there a shortage of guys in ur city??? Go find some1 else. and stop making things more complicated
i would say if you also love her, then just go for it...
don't think about incest and stuff..
Mrs Lycos
justtj wrote:
i would say if you also love her, then just go for it...
don't think about incest and stuff..

Yeah! this could not be easy but you have to be strong and follow the love!Smile Wink
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