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Justin - A Writer

Hello People,

My name is Justin, and I live in the UK. I used to be a school teacher, but after 12 years I gave that up, and am now happily working for myself at home as a freelance writer.

Most of the work I do involves writing anything from speeches to sales letters, articles to short stories, promotional or educational booklets to plays. I'm also writing a novel.

If you ever have any work - just ask! Special rate for Frihost members - 1p/word!

I used to have my websites (all 60 of them!) with 1&1 - AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! Absolutely hopeless.

So I have come to Frihosts. I will be cutting back my website businesses, but it seems as though I won't have to do too much of that.

So.. hello all!
holy cow, how did you manage 60 websites? were they all spam? j/k

anywho, welcome to the community. I'm new here too =)
Thanks for the welcome - and no, 60 websites weren't spam!

Each of the websites had a very defined purpose and content. For example, there was - one of the biggest online educational resources for ICT, and featured on television, then there was - my freelance writing side of theings, - my explorations into 3D art, - inspiring and amusing generators for writers, etc etc.

Yes, they all made me money through advertising, but I enjoyed sharing my own interests, hobbies and discoveries.

I'll be reducign the number of sites I host here, but I'd like to keeo a core of them active, having put so much time and effort in to them.
Wow, you sound like you know what you're doing. I'll keep an eye on you to see how big your site gets. too bad there isn't a buddy list feature Smile
What can I say - I'm a natural born geek!

Too much spare time spent sat in fron of a computer. Until last year I had never even really played computer games much, so most of my time was spent learning, playing with graphics, programming and so on.

Unfortunately my creativity stalled slightly when I discovered World of Warcraft - enough said.
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