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Anyone else here listen to Burzum? Smile

If not, I'll fill you in,

It's a 1 man Norwegian Black Metal band by Varg Vikernes, who is actually in prison right now for the stabbing of guitarist Řystein Aarseth of 'Mayhem' or "Euronymous", as his stage name was. His albums he released before he was sent to prison are black metal, however while in prison he's released 2 albums which are sort of dark ambient style. <-More info there. - Burzum - Dunkelheit <- One of my favorite Burzum songs <- Pictures/Stories/Other Content on Burzum

And something i got around to watching today, an interview on him. It pretty much tells most of the story.

Interview Part 1 -
Interview Part 2 -
Interview Part 3 -
Interview Part 4 -
Interview Part 5 -
Interview Part 6 -

Even though he's been convicted of murder and arson, I still love his music.
Actually Burzum is probably my second favorite black metal band, Satyricon being the first.
Nargaroth and Gorgoroth are good black metal bands as well.

Black metal isn't for everyone though Wink
Hi there,

Much can and has been saying about Varg Vikernes, and he is actually one of the old boys of Norwegian Black Metal and Satyr is a another who deserve huge respect. But you can't mention these without also mention Frost, also from Satyricon, and Fenriz from Blackthrone.

If you're more interested into Black Metal, please choose the topic Black Metal.

Have a nice warm summer!

he may be a dislikable sort of a person but his music stands on its own. i love filosofem, great tunes.

i thought that last mayhem album was excellent too - ordo ab chao. ab/ad?
I don't like how Varg is now rejecting black metal, because he doesn't want to be part of anything that has to do with the "new wave of black metal". He takes this black metal thing too seriously, Its just music and he should keep making it because that's what he likes doing not because he doesn't want to be associated in some image. Supposebly, He does what he wants, and he doesn't care what people will think about it, but he just contradicted himself, becuase he's worried about people associating him with something. Other than that, I like Burzum, one of the best black metal bands ever existed.
Due political reasons I avoid Burzum whenever I have the chance, but that does not mean I don't like their sound. Funny, uh?
It seems like you are not supposed to have a neutral attitude towards this band. Either you love the music and the persons behind it, or you just love the music. - and try not to think about the rest.
Or you just stay away from the whole thingy, hearing the name Varg Vikernes, and run away.

And speaking of it, I agree with weselldonkeys . And the black-metal scene has in general become rather interesting lately. With too much talk about what is "real and true" and what is not.
Let's just enjoy the music Smile
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