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How Communication Occurs

The internet works using the TCP/IP Protocol. (A protocol is simply a set of rules which govern how communication occurs over the network). To individually identify each computer on the internet, every connected machine is given a unique IP Address, which looks something like In order to communicate with another computer on the internet, you need to know its IP address.

When a computer wants to send some information to another, TCP breaks that information down into packets, or small chunks of data. IP then takes the IP address of the destination computer, and physically sends the data across the internet. Hardware/software devices called routers are used to determine the physical path of the data through all the interlinked networks, between the sending and the receiving computers. Once the destination computer has received the packets, TCP reassembles them into their original form, and checks for any transmission errors.

Because raw IP addresses are cryptic and difficult to remember, the Domain Name Service (DNS) allows you to use hostnames (e.g., which are translated into IP addresses by DNS servers. The allocation of domain names and IP addresses on the internet is handled by a North American company called InterNIC.
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