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Tupac or Eazy E?

Who do you think was the Best? I've always been a fan of Eazy E back when he was a member of N.W.A, But I've also liked Tupac.
I would have to vote for Tupac. Although Eazy E was quite entertaining back in the day, there is little substance to his rhymes - he's not what you would call a 'thinker'. Tupac on the other hand, despite being a 'gangsta rapper', was quite insightful and was a talented lyricist and poet - not to mention, he just flowed better.

I guess it boils down to if you like intelligent rhymes or just a catchy hook to repeat. Tupac provided substance as well as a range of content - Eazy E kinda only delivered a lot of the same, just to different tracks.

Just my opinion tho. I prefer intelligent rhyme to a catchy/edgy hook any day.
Nah I can't take Eazy very seriously but 2pac is properly deep most of the time. I guess that's what makes the difference. Anyway there were more significant members of NWA anyway.
2pac. To be honest, I haven't really heard of any track from Eazy E yet. Plus I like "Thugz Mansion" by Mr. Shakur. Smile
Neither one should be discredited, but I definitely choose Pac....over just about anybody.

Brenda's Got a Baby, Changes, Hail Mary, Dear Mama, Life Goes On, Keep Ya Head Up, My Block, Me Against the World, Starin at the World Through My Rear on and so forth. It really doesn't get better than that.
Tupac or Easy? in my personal experience, id have to say Tupac. Out of the two his music gives me more of an outlook, more of a perspective on life, and his music is just ballin haha, California Love, Hennesy, Out On Bail, Wicked
common! how can you compare anyone to tupac. his delivery is second to none. his lyrics had many poetic elements that just made his work amazing to listen to. Easy E was a clown compared to tupac. but then again i really haven't heard much of easy e's music.
I would also have to lean toward Pac because of his personality and endless talent. Good actor, great music artist, great poet, good heart, good person (in my opinion), stood up for what he believed in, etc. He wasn't your generic hip hop musician. The Tupac: Resurrection movie was great and put a great perspective on his life and what he went through. It kind of makes me angry that so many people generalize him and immediately think he was bad just because of the reputation the mainstream media gave him back in the day.
I think tupac was the best =] I really enjoyed his music! Razz So I vote for tupac Very Happy
I've only heard a few of Easy E's tracks and I much rather Tupac as an artist. He showed so much more in terms of diversatility in his flow/delivery and lyrical content. I couldnt even list all the songs I love on pacs in memory, there is just too much!
I prefer Eazy-E over Tupac. Eazy-E has humor, Tupac is wayyy too serious about his gangbanging, haha. Plus, how can I choose any other rap artist over Eazy-E my favorite rap song is "Real Muthaphukkin' G'z"
tupac easy Very Happy
tupac =D
Tupac idd i am a big fan of him and realy he is the best Poet rhymes that is his thing but bad that illuminati killed This legend R.i.P
Tupac ^__^
Easy E
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