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How did you find this Site?

A good friend of mine named Cephalic_Carnage told me about this site. He told me about how he "Constructed ISB". He invited me here since he knew about my other websites being Constantly deleted due to bad servers / Hosters. I plan to have a Great time here. So how did YOU find this site?
good old google!!!
Ahhh, Google. Google is a good source for information sharing and Exhibition, but I prefer Active Communitization. By referring to other people for information sources.
I actually found this website in early 2006 but registered waaay at the end of 2006 (end of December). I think it was Google, it was when I was searching for a free web-host.

I don't regret joining at all Very Happy
I don't really remember, but I think it was through a link somewhere in a forum.. I was looking for the best free hosts and found it, might have been good old google though.

Ah well, I too am glad I found it.
I found this site from here:

I read the reviews, which were very favourable. Although I don't have my own web space here, the idea sounds good, and so far it seems like a really good place.
I don't remember but I think it was google or some of free hosting providers' directories.
That was almost 2 years ago...
I found it through Flashback. Its listed as a free hosting site that supports php. Just what i needed. This place is great. The forums are really friendly and active as well.
Someone on another forum used this host and he told about, so I checked it out too.
Errm, i believe i found it on a site that had a bunch of free websites listed.
I found it through a site that ranked free web hosts.
That site likely doesn't even exist anymore; is was way back in '05, after all!
ocalhoun wrote:
I found it through a site that ranked free web hosts.
That site likely doesn't even exist anymore; is was way back in '05, after all!

Haha, maybe i found it on the same site as you, i joined back in '05 as well as you can see Razz
Very close dates, in fact...

Quite likely the same site!
I found this site through my best friend, the Google search engine. I was looking for PHP webhosting with no ads.
It seems that the majority of people here found this site by looking for a free host - but no one mentions that they found this site through the forum, or through infornmation on the forum.

But surely isn't that the point?
My friend nFuriate when we were both looking for hosting.
I'm pretty sure I was referred to Frihost by Rightclickscott, another user here.
Hmm...I think what happened was that I went to a site that was hosted on Frihost. I saw the address as, so I went ahead and entered into the address bar. Then I was redirected here. I was amazed by the storage, bandwidth, features, and realiability...and no ads! So, instantly I made an account.
I also found it on the free web host lists. It's like the best one, because it hasn't failed on me yet. Lots of others just randomly close down without telling you.
it's actually one of a few sites with a decent review on
Probably Google or a free host directory. I was looking for a free hosting site with php & mySQL. I was just starting to learn php & mySQL at the time & I wanted somewhere to practice and get feedback from others.

Not only has Frihost been a great host site, but some of the tips I've picked up in the forums have been invaluable. I have recommended Frihost to a few friends since I joined and would not hesitate to continue doing so.
Think i did a search for free web hosting, then stumbled across one of them free hosting listing sites. Was looking for some temporary hosting for a project i was doing.
jsarnold wrote:
I found this site from here:

I read the reviews, which were very favourable.

wow!! you have just stolen my words Razz
I was looking in google for good free hosts and bumped into that site given above, and then ditto ditto as what jsarnold has said!!
I think google... and im very grateful.

i've made about $300 in the good old days!! in a month!!! adsense owns!!
Well let's see, if I recall it was way back in the spring of '05. My previous free host got sold to another company, who decide free hosting was not worth their time. So they gave everyone like a month to get another paid account or leave. On our forum there, I think it was Bondings that posted that he started up a new free host that was ad free on the sites, and forum posting based. So I checked it out got my 5 posts, got my account, and moved in. I haven't looked back ever since. In the beginning I admit I was very wary that this forum post/Advertisement concept could make enough income for Bondings to pay the bills, but 3 years later here we all still are and Frihost is bigger than ever. I guess all we can do is hope for the best and keep on posting!

This place certainly wouldn't be what it is without all the hard work of the Mods, and other higher ups that put countless hours into it. I am (and everyone else) should be eternally grateful to them.
... in a galaxy far far away... I was googling "free web hosting" or words to that effect. Then before I could say, "What is happening to me?" I was taken to another space and time, well, website anyway. And here we are.
well i went on a crazy ass hunt for free web hosts haha. i created my first web site when i was 15 and i loved it.since then ive been producing websites but have been overlaying them over myspace and webs of that sort.
so im a newb so if anyones got any advice for me itd be mucho appreciated.thank you thank you thank you!!

Make Money Online
I found this website thanks of a friend Smile
Me too! searching for a free webhost that provide smtp. This hunt brought me here.
Google. Please note that this also works for many other things in life:

Where did you find your new cat? Google.

How did you locate your car keys? Google.

Who is secretly in charge of your brain? Google.

Ghost Rider103
MSN Search a long time ago.

I was looking for a free host to host my clans website on, and I came across this place, which led to me getting interested in many other things.

I'm glad I did find it though.
a friend of mine referred me when i was looking for good free hosting
PatTheGreat42 wrote:
Google. Please note that this also works for many other things in life:

Where did you find your new cat? Google.

How did you locate your car keys? Google.

Who is secretly in charge of your brain? Google.


yes! that's great
I found this site a few hours ago. Literally.
I went to Google. Keyword: Free Web Hosting, and did an unlikely thing: Clicked the ninth result down the page (having already been frustrated by freewebs (No forms!!!) and bravenet (No frameset!!!). The ninth search result just happened to be Frihost is currently listed third, and the first two (2xHost (Link Broken!!!) and 100Webspace (Ads!!!) Dont work for me.
This is my first post to the site, and I hope the service is as good as it sounds, because I have no problem posting on forum to run a website.

I believe I found a link to frihost in one of those free webhosting directories. I believe it is this one:
it's been a while but I believe I also found it from a listing of free hosting sites with pretty good ratings. I also tried the site listed above and still hold 2 accounts opened a year ago. On the other hand I also hold 5x more that is closed or useless.
I came to know about this site through the forums a long time back, around the initial stages of this community.
Then I became inactive for quite some time due to other commitments.

Recently, I returned here and found this place thriving and grown to a big community.
I was basicly doing a search on google for low cost and free php webhosting and this site . one of the first i stumbled across. It seems to have a good philosophy for rewarding members (kind of earn your webhosting by posting Razz ). I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it and I thought It was a great idea and possibly a good place to host a site. If the servers are as reliable as the people who run this place seem to be, then I look forward to using them.
the reliable google.
though its been much time since I did my hosting on this site so naturally I am doubtful of how I actually came to this site, but as much as I remember it was google result, i was searching for free hosting solution and I was pointed to this site in one of the search result, sinch then there was no looking back, frihost has stand up beside me strongly, and the mods are very supportive they reply to every query individually. few days ago I was needing JSP hosters, I hosted on godaddy but their services are very poor, I wish if frihost also provide JSP (java) hosting some day, mods are you listening?? Smile
jsarnold wrote:
I found this site from here:

I read the reviews, which were very favourable. Although I don't have my own web space here, the idea sounds good, and so far it seems like a really good place.

I also found the site through I got so sick of the ads that you have to deal with on so I think this will be a good alternative and the forums are pretty cool.

I found this website through
Looks cool though. =D
In a search to find a new webhost, I came across this website. At first I saw the page and I left immediately. I continued my search to see more reviews about Frihost, and I got dragged back. I checked in on the forums and noticed that this was a huge community. I registered, started posting, apply for a hosting account and here I am now, almost 3 years later.
Guess where! GOOGLE!!!

I accidentally bumped into FRIHOST back in college. One of my professors gave us a project to create a web site and publish it on the Internet. I was searching the net for a free web hosting account that time and I found FRIHOST. Just the first time I joined the forum, I really like the feel of this community. People are friendly and helpful (the bad guys were banned). I also did a research about the history of FRIHOST because it was also required on the same project to know the history/information about one who will host our site. So I created a thread, and Bondings himself replied on that thread and a couple of helpful members as well.

So that's how I learned about FRIHOST and eventually how I liked the site.

More power to FRIHOST! It's good to be back!

jsarnold wrote:
I found this site from here:

I read the reviews, which were very favourable. Although I don't have my own web space here, the idea sounds good, and so far it seems like a really good place.

I actually I think I also found Frihost on this site after a Google search. Looks very familiar.

I searched for free reliable hosting service with cpanel in google. After a long search i found this site.
a friend thru wow
I found this website at google, just as many others did.
One of my friends told me about. Then did research and looks like Frihost is a really good host. : ]
i found out by using google Smile

just the good old google.

does everything you ask of it.
Yeah... me either. I was googling for a reliable free web hoster. I guess i did find Smile
Well since I joined up around 2-3 years ago, I thought I had hit a gold mine when I found a site that offered 250 megs of free hosting, a lot of free support, and a 10 gig monthly bandwitdh!

It was basically from a comparison site of various web hosting sites. All the other sites paled in comparison to this one lol.
I searched free hosts through google Razz
Google: search free hosting.
Google baby!!
I find the site from google. Just write "ilmaista sivutilaa" and i get it. "ilmaista sivutilaa" = "free hosting"
I've read on a site (can't remember it's name... it was .net) that it's hosted at, so here I am Smile
Lol Google certainly seems to be the top choice here. As for me, I used.. Google.. and searched "Top Web Hosts". After a few pages of nothingness, I finally found one with Frihost near the top (I think it was second..), and it's probably the best one you're going to find anywhere. Well the best one that's free. Still amazing though.
I think i found this from a website that listed many free hosting services and this was the only website i found to have the best deal all the other sites had either forced adds or a crappy uploading system or had just a few megabytes space. so for just a little bit of time each week to post on these great forums to keep the hosted sounded great. and iv been doing so ever since.
I went to, and saw their features were great. But I had to fill out offers u_u

So I copied the text with their hosting features, googled it and this place came up n_n
I searched someone I knew's account in google and his profile came up here :p
I found it through, I believe. It was a long time ago, I'm not sure. It could be FWS too...
i actually used aol search... was lookin for a free website host. cause my dad is starting up a business and wants a website. so thats my job and how i get paid.. lol
He also has some rental property he wants me to put up online, but the place where we adv. doesn't allow alot of pix up so does anyone know if this would be a good site to do such a thing.
Create a web for his business. and/or create one for his rental property?
I was told by a good hacking member. Very Happy
by google Very Happy After looking for a good webhost, and going page through page, I finally strubled against tihs site. Lucky me Wink
I found this site quite by changce. I was looking for a space to host my website, but was in vain. By searching in google however, it so happened that i found it.
Laughing Google is so useful i can't stress it. When ever i have a problem, i Google it. It's amazing how the most simplist thing can be so helpful, useful and easy to use!
Friend of mine...
Was searching for a tutorial and this site came up in Google.

I googled "free webhosting" and after a bit of surfing i eventually arrived at this website. Im very happy with what i found!
Was looking around for free web hosting on Google and this was highly rated on one of the sites I looked at with free hosting reviews. I just had some bad experience with another free host -- their control panel was broken, and I couldn't make my databases work at all due to some bug in their phpmyadmin setup... so I moved on. Hopefully this will work for me. Smile
I was looking for "free php hosting".. I found FriHost and haven't changed since!

I've joined a couple of others to try new projects, but FriHost is the best really!!
Smile i find it with keywords of free,php,ftp by google
I needed at ftp host and did a search on Google. This was the best free host that I could find. I needed to be able to have a client download files that I had worked on.
I searched for 'free website hosting' on Google. I found a site which has referred me visit this. Smile
This is my life-story. Razz
i was looking for a good free webhost and found this site...

I just graduate college and need somewhere to post my portfoio and resume to start job hunting!! ah, the pressures of the real world!!!
I found this place on some site that listed web hosts after searching google for free hosting. I was tired of having a site at Geocities, with the long address and the huge ad on the right side screwing up my layout.
By checking free web hosts one by one, trying and leaving them after finding unadvertised features Laughing . This is the best from all I tried.
Google is how I found this site. I was looking for a web hoster and this was in the list.

I chose Firhost for the fact that there web hosting is free and it has many useful features.
Was led to this site by another friend who has been hosted here. Told me it was great, so I decided to try it out myself.
I was referred through a friend of mine. He has gone inactive on the site though...
I found this site at a free hosting directory. I was looking for hosts and this site was the highest rank.
I found frihost from this site HERE

but in all honesty I cant remember the exact site that led me here, I know i googled free hosting in google, which lead me to a site that listed many sites... frihost was in the top 10... tried out a bunch...and even with the post requirements, frihost was still the best out of them all.
I found this site using google. I was searching for free Mysql accounts.
yeah i found too site form web site listings. was pain to look all those sites, but im happy i found this one..hope to stay long here Smile
Friend. Clear Answer.

I can't find anything good by searching on Google or in any listing.
Well, I love the way this site provides free space for me.


Thank you Frihost! Smile Cool Cool Wink Idea Arrow Cool
I wanted a free hosting . so i searched by yahoo , then clicked some links, then found this site finally .
if it wasn't yahoo it was PURE luck
I'm rather sure it was google. Me and a friend of mine were looking for a place to move our site to that would give us a lot more flexability. After we read up on everything this seemed like the place. Smile
I found this wonderful website thanks to a friend of mine Wink
I was looking for a free webhost and I stumbled upon this link whilst using the Google search-engine.
I found this site via a friend of mine who is a member. Here he's called IceCreamTruck. I thank him every day for it because I love it here. What FriHost is doing here is nothing short of a miracle for some of us out here who want to learn, and have sites published, but don't have the money for traditional hosting. Thanks Frihost, Bondings you da man Cool
I ofund it on - huge forum, mostly with rapidshare files...
Somewhere there is a topic with a list of best servers and stuffs like that...
google Smile
apple wrote:
good old google!!!

yap yap
google the one and the only haha
hummer010 - It's listed as a free python host.
I found it on, and used it because it had a 10 rating.
i had this friend who used this and he suggestd that i use it too since it's quick and efficient. so im here and im enjoying the posts and having fun talking to everyone and managing my website all at the same time. it's great. and about google. i love it
awesome =D
I found out about Frihost using Yahoo! Search. First time I was confused about the community posting part and a week or two I didn't like the idea but then I realised how nice people here can be and how interesting topics are discussed. Smile

I found the site from : and searched for anything that did not show adverts from someone else!

This was first in the list - so I am here to try things out (I am not much of a blogger btw Very Happy )
didn't want to use because you get a piddling amount of space - they deface your pages with advertising s**t and you can't run anything server side - great for morons connected via AOL but not this black duck. googled newsgropups looking for hosting sites and found this one.

looks ok and availabilty is very good - and support people are very responsive so recommend highly.
I found your page on and I was inspired by the high rating and the lack of ads required for hosting. I decided it was worth the plunge. Good job.
I found it on one of those sites that list free web hosting services. I was a bit turned off by the posting requirement in the beginning, but it's not so bad. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by how long FriHost has survived since I first joined. I always thought it would go down like the numerous other free hosting services out there.
I wanted free webhosting, and stumbled on this site. I never got the hosting, but I stuck with the forums.
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