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Need Template, Will pay 900 Frih$

Okay, as capable as i am of doing this, i simply don't have the time to make the template since i'm working alot now, and my laptop adapter is fried at the moment, so it's harder for me to work on something when i'm not at home Wink

Anyways let's get to it.. Alot of sites you see these days can be very Glossy, or have 'Vista Look' i guess you could say. I'm looking for something like this.

If anyone has ever used 'VeohTV' this is something like i am looking for. I'll provide some images as an example.

The first image is just to give you an example of the 'look' that i want.. like the colors and whatnot, and the glossy effect as well.

The second image is just to show the rollover effect i want on buttons Wink I want rectangular buttons though, not circular ones hehe.

And finally the last image is the general layout i want, Sorry if its a bit confusing, i kind of just wrote down what i was thinking heh.

Anyways having said that, I will give the person who can do this, $900 Frih$, or if i really like it, and i have 1000 Frih$ by the time they finish this (which i probably will Razz) i will give them an additional 100 Frih$

Oh other details, uh.. I don't want the template to be .. too small, and i dont want it too large either.
I cant really say an exact size Razz but be creative!

Also, please use CSS, i really, really hate tables.

The general colors i want, are Black , Gray and A few shades of light blue (just follow the 2 images)
Maybe a bit of white if it looks good in certain places.

Anyone who can do this, I will be extremely Appreciative Smile

Thanks in Advance,

EDIT: Forgot to add something to the concept image, maybe for the page that you're on, add a color on that button.. Like a different shade of blue than the rollover effect. Just a thought, also IF you can use photoshop for the job and send me the PSD afterwards so i can change some things if i really want to, would be nice Razz

Well just to give you a more detailed idea of what i want.

I did that up in about 15 mins since i'm not working today, but i dont think it looks as well as it could, And i know theres probably people on this forum that can match this and do better Wink

But yeah, something like that.. maybe a bit bigger, and dont use so much blue rofl. i did that cuz i didnt feel like doing a good job of this, it was meant to be a rough idea.

from the first concept image i said i wanted a mac/vista wavy look, well i meant something like this

i only used a fractal brush for demonstrational purposes heh, and also i need a footer ^^

Edit: <- Have a look at the background , thats along the lines of what i want Wink
Ghost Rider103
Hey, as I said in the IRC, this wont get coded until sometime next week. That is also depending on if my partner and I aren't busy.

So I am going to just take my time on this design, since there is no need for me to rush.

I'll post back when I have the design finished.
haha yeah Smile thats fine take yer time. I'll be busy with work, and in my spare time i gotta spend some time with my gf, and ... be a mall rat with my cash rofl, so i'm in no hurry for it.

Oh, one other thing.. if possible, do you think you could add a nice login box, in the top right? Smile

Ghost Rider103
Not a problem.

Will get back to you when I have an update Smile
anything yet mate?
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