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When was the last time you saw a really good movie

Ok I feel that i am a huge movie critic, maybe i am over zealous and this is why i dont enjoy alot of movies or is it that most movies are in fact bad. Should it be the trailer makers who get all the money now?? As this is usually the main reason i go, and then to my horror find out all the best/funniest bits where in those 2 minutes!

Movies i more recently have been enjoying are low budget/kids films, and this is really to my surprise, films like Stardust, Ratatouille, and Across the Universe.

The last big budget movie i really remember really liking must have been "Saving Private Ryan", so that is going back a few years. Ok i dont always come out the cinema moaning i did enjoy Ironman the other day and i am really looking forward to Batman, but now most films blur into one as they are badly written/badly acted/just bad.
The only film recently that i have really enjoyed has to be Ironman. Coming out of the cinema, i normally start thinking about what was bad about the movie, how it could be improved etcetera, but coming out of Ironman i just thought about how good a movie it was, which all of my friends concured with.

I will agree that recently the state of movies has fallen, but at least there are still some good ones to keep it going.
I agree, there is a problem with movies - very few are really good. The might be epic, have a good plot, nice
characters/actors, good music, etc, but the whole concept, that's rare.
The one I come to think of that really got to me last is actually 'Magnolia'. Around the same time I saw i I
also watched 'Eyes wide shut', witch I find good aswell.
simonwest80 wrote:

The last big budget movie i really remember really liking must have been "Saving Private Ryan"

Same here Smile. And it's 10years old Very Happy

"Kung fu panda" was a nice family movie, for both children and parents.
prob the last good movie that i saw was iron man, it had a great story line and decent special effects. I loved the actors that got cast in it and it seems true to the original style of the cartoon series.
True, but the only problem with Marvel films is that having a huge comic/cartoon background makes a film = an episode. So you can make thousants of 'em.
The last time I saw a good movie would have to be about two days ago when I watched Chaos. Before that was the new Batman movie, which I highly recommend you see if you haven't.
It seems that the summer season is a good time for seeing good movies. Most people are on holiday and so have time to go to the cinema, which is why most film companies will wait to release their films in the summer (such as the new HP film). When we get to winter however, it will be a completely different story. They'll be hardly any good films out at all, which I find quite annoying. I only have a limited amount of money to spend during the summer, and I'd rather the good films were spread throughout the year than all in one season.

That however, will never happen Sad
Reservoir Dogs - two days ago. This movie is just awesome, just like the other ones made by Tarantino.
balend wrote:
The last time I saw a good movie would have to be about two days ago when I watched Chaos. Before that was the new Batman movie, which I highly recommend you see if you haven't.

Indeed. I'm not sure whether the new Batman will be known as a 'good movie' for years to come, but it certainly stood out among the last couple I saw at the cinema.
Last weekend. I watched a japanese movie called "A tale of Mari and the three puppies". It's based on real story about dogs who saved a child and old man while earthquake occurred. It's very touching, I even cried on some shots, LOL. It proved that you don't need super vfx and big budget to make an A+ movie.

Here's the poster / cover :

The last good film I've watched was an asian movie called "I not stupid 2"(I'm not stupid too!). It's about your typical family living their life in this hurried and hustled world. Father's busy. Mothers busy. Big brothers kick their younger brothers. Little brothers trying to understand the world of the adults. Really really heart warming. I highly recommend you watched it. It has comedic approach about a boy's perspective on the grown up world.

--This is before "Dark Knight" blew me off my seat--
The last time I watched a good show was when I saw Iron Man. As far as TV shows, the best I saw was 24: Season 1. I watched it in a boxed set about a year ago.
I really enjoyed Rec. It's a spanish zombie movie/reality show. If you like horror, then you'll love this. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Incidentally theres a remake of this show and it's called Quarantine. Go watch Rec before they release the remake.
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