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Need a Lot of People for Runescape Music Video

I don't want to see anything saying runescape is stupid. Only read this if you're actually interested in being in a Runescape Music Video (RSMV)

I need a large number of people, preferably in a number of 50+, for an RSMV of "Riot" by 3 Days Grace. There aren't any requirements (you don't even need to know the song) except 1. You must be a member (sorry, I would make the offer available to F2P, but I'll need the use of members only objects like emote enhancers), and 2. You have to be able to follow very simple instructions. It will be at Clan Wars world 64 at 2:00 USA Pacific time (4:00 Central and 5:00 Eastern, can't say about what time for any other place) on August 16th. It won't take very long, probably only 1-2 hours. I can't offer anything for you coming except your name in the credits, etc., but it's very important for the video that the scenes are shot. If you are interested, post here, and it would be helpful if you could ask your friends if they would like to be in it as well. Also, keeping this thread bumped would be appreciated. Also, please make yourself some sort of a reminder to come, as it's very annoying when a lot of people say they'll be somewhere, but never show up. Thanks

Important: If you can cast "vengance other" (93 magic), please come with a lunar spellbook and enough runes for several castings, as I need someone to cast it on me for something.
Why are you making this? Runescape is stupid.
Star Wars Fanatic
Wuppie wrote:
Why are you making this? Runescape is stupid.

Did you even read the post?

@ weableandbob: You won't get many people, if any at all, here, check out some Runescape fansites:
Star Wars Fanatic wrote:
Wuppie wrote:
Why are you making this? Runescape is stupid.

Did you even read the post?

Why do you think I said it?
ya, i know about those sites, and i have topics posted, it's just a bit hard to get 50+ people, so i thought I might as well post here too
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