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Comment/Rate my Site Desighn

I spent a lot of time coding and designing my site to what it is now. Please comment on my site:

On its design. Thanks.
your sire looks ok. tbh can;t view it properly as I am at work.

How did you make the search from as I would like one for my site.

Or if you made it how many Frih$ ?

Thanks, I used javascript


search engine builder proffesional
Hi, I have a few ideas for you.

First, I'd put more information on the homepage. Perhaps when the News System is in place, that will give the proper introduction to your website.

Another thing I'd change is the text under your headings (text under "sodaconstructor" and "sodatutorials"). It is a very light gray that makes it quite difficult to read. I'd try making them a bit darker.

Also, there are a number of typos and unclear writing throughout the website that could use to be cleaned up. Take this paragraph from the contact page for an example:
If you have YouTube or Xbox Live just send me a Friend Request saying you got my from my site. I may not reply immediatly because I am not on all day.

I am also on the sodaplay forum daily. You can look out for me there.

I think that this could be re-written to be more concise.

Other than this, it looks nice. It is very web 2.0 which I'm sure you were going for. Good luck with your website.
Ghost Rider103
It's ok.

I don't really like the left side navigation, it looks way too crowed.

Not bad though, pretty clean except for the nav on the left.
I agree that the layout is clean and the navigation is the weak point. Maybe you should make real buttons out of them just the way you made those bright things in the top on the right.
there's navigation everywhere and that's a bit too much,
i watched your site in safari and the body bg color does not equal the bg color from your corners.
I like the color scheme. I'm a fan of blue and orange combined. Anyways, there's so much going on the layout. You got 3 navigation/menus. Whoa! You already got one on top and on the left, why not remove the right one.

The links on the menu (on the left/right) look cluttered. Add a bit more padding on top/bottom of the links. Also, there's so much lines all over the links... why not just take 'em off and just put some CSS hover effects maybe?
I like the color scheme, but the design seems crowded.

There's too much navigation and a lot of redundancy; some links on the top nav are also on the left and right nav. I always like the header to link back to the homepage, and yours doesn't.

The main thing I would like to see you change is that none of the content stands out from the rest. If you put all the news items into one box with individual headers, I think the front page would seem less crowded.
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