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Maid Marian Entertainment (MME)

Well his games may not seem too professional, but Gene Endrody (founder/creator of MME) has made some great games. The main game that I'd like to point out, is Sherwood Dungeons (it was to be called 'The Dungeons of Nottingham'). This is an extremely interactive, multiplayer game where you can make clans, fight 1 on 1, have full-clan wars (limited, though), change your name, just about anything. The graphics are different then what you'd expect, but they're still better then average. This is also a chat-based game, which is what it's meant for as well.

So here's how it goes. You can either sign-in as a guest or register and login as a member. A guest has yellow text and a member has white text. I suggest registering so people cannot clone you. Just as a warning, captial i and lowercase L are the exact same, so refrain from using them. You can use alt codes (just search alt codes in Google if you don't know what they are) but you are limited to which alts you may use. Upon logging in, you must be 13 years or older. If you are younger then 13, you will be unable to chat, whereas being over 13 you can.

The point of the game, in Gene's eyes, is for you to go into the countless Dungeons, fight monsters, claim weapons, and gather up gold to buy weapons. By fighting monsters, you gain Experience points for leveling up. I believe that there are 1,000 total levels, but there are ways of reaching levels that Gene has not added. 8500, for example, even 62,000. But I don't think I should say how, unless I'm allowed.

There is a short tutorial as well that you can choose to do by talking to an NPC. There are several islands (teleports) for you to explore and fight monsters, depending on your level. The sixth island is an arena/colusseum, which is a great place for clan wars to take place. There are NPC's called merchants placed in each Island, including the main island where you can buy weapons, shields, or talismans that are used for spellcasting. You can also sell your equipment. The last NPC (so far; there may be more in the future) is used for quests. On the unlimited amount of quests you can accept, you will receive special awards which includes equipment, but not gold, and experience points. They are based on your level.

Last but not least, there are loads of glitches in the game, but that's what keeps many players from quitting. You might think glitches are bad, but in the case of the glitches in this game, they make it even more interactive.

There are several more games made by Gene, and Gene alone, that lalot of you might be interested in, including Tankball, which is a shooter based, multiplayer game with tanks.

I've typed alot.. but the game can get addictive ^^
Well said.
Is there a link for us?
Lol I can't believe I forgot the link xD. I guess I was too busy talking about the game >.< - For every game, including Sherwood. - Specifically for Sherwood Dungeons.

Sorry 'bout that ^^'
Maid Marian Entertainment? Sherwood Dungeons? Wow, I haven't played Sherwood for alot of time. It isn't anything too complex but atleast when you're bored it's nice Razz. I played it a long time ago and it didn't have all these dungeons, levels, etc. There were some temples, teams I believe and a castle and we were all fighting for the castle . It was fun for a while.
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