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My Frihost Market site

I was inspired with idea that somewho said in Suggestions forum a week ago.
So I made a site where I count all my plausible offers to frihosters, a pricelist included.
It's very suitable - do not watch for 4 or 5 topics in Marketplace forum, but create a single site with all offers you can bring.
Site is not completely finished yet (I want to sleep now), but most part of it is complete. Visit it and make your orders Smile
Link is .
Good lookin' website! when are you going to create your own website company in Ukraine? :p
What do you mean under website company? If you mean company that creates websites, there are a lot of such organizations, and they make it really professional and really good, better than me.
I like the clean layout and it loaded quickly and I like the idea behind the site.

I must say I'm very tempted to buy some advertising space.... lol
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