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I Need some good ideas for my home page.

I Need some good ideas for my home page, The rest of my site is comming along good but my home page (the text) just seems dry and unrefined. I'll give 10 fries to the person whose idea I used, Even if I modify it a little. The page is It would be nice If it was about twice as long, friendly, and to the point. Anyone up to the chalenge?
Well, I had a little flash of inspiration and it's looking a lot better! But I'm still open for better ideas, and the ten frihs will be out until I use one of your good ones!
I actually like your website. Its simple and very easy to navigate around. But my only concern is the color combination. Since your website is called "Lawrence's Wild Ideas", there's nothing really wild about how your website looks. Yes, I said that its simple and very easy to navigate but it lacks that "oomph" to emphasize what your site is all about, which is about your wild ideas or inventions. Smile Maybe you could add a little color to your website, maintain the navigation and change the title graphic. Make it look a little techie but don't overdo it.

Hope that helps! Smile

In short, I like the layout just add a little color and change the graphic title. Smile Make it eye catching! Smile
Hello sprinqles,
Actually, I don't know if I want to stick to "Lawrence's Wild Ideas", It was all I could think of at the time. But I don't really like it. I also don't really want a "wild" looking website. So many of the sites you see today are way to flashy, colorful, or overcrowded with images, and I don't want to get caught up in that. But I still agree that it could use just a little more of something! I'll have to experiment a little and see what I can do. I'm open to all the criticism and suggestions I can get. Thank you!
Defsanguje, It is 90% CSS and 100% dynamic PHP. And no, that does NOT change the look of a site at all. I could, and did, exacly the same thing with HTML and tables.

sprinqles, Do you have any ideas for the color and graphic title?

I am just trying to make my site exactly me. so someone could know me in a way through it. I am not wild, or colorful. I work hard (construction crew part time, diesel mechanics 4 to 5 days a week, and work around the farm the rest of the time. I'm 22 and still live at home. But most of all, I want it to be very thought provoking and informational to the tinkerer and mechanicly minded, energy consious, hard working, do it all yourself man. But maybe there are not very many of those left in this world, and especialy not on the internet.
Hmmm... make the graphic look like steel or metal? since its a bit related to your line of work... ?

something like this?
superb site dude! I wouldnt change anything if I were you
i think your site looks well thought out and looks very good. i can see that you want some opinions on what you can do to make it look better.

if you are to keep the graphic you have i would redo the background of it so it matches your menu column. the graphic has a blothcy background.

i think you should also put in an advert at the side of your content.
this will make it look a bit more flashy and generate you a small income from your visitors.

if you want a site that gives you adverts to put on your site i would try

good luck with the rest of your site
You have made good web site although it's simple. I like it.
why not have a shout box to your home page or somewhere else in your site so that your visitors can leave a comment evrytime they visit your site. Smile
'lawrence wild ideas' looks like a bad animated gif that doesnt animate. If you could fix that, it's a very good clean looking site, except that as the other people said, 'wild' is not emphasized.

It looks like you designed the site as you were developing the html/css. If you want a more visual appeal, you should do everything in photoshop then cut it up to fit the html/css. However, this depends on how much work you want to put on your site, as well as how much graphics.
Nice Site... but change the title graphic... Its really an eyesore....
U can use Xara 3D or somethin similar....
If u wanna change the complete layout to go with ur wild theme then try Xara webstyle for the graphics and site layout....
I like it a lot. Very organized content, precisely documented and described ... everything is up to the task when it come to navigation and content display. But I hate to say the choice of colors, the banner, the fonts and use of the side surfaces make it .. hasteful looking, and more of a nerd site than what it really is, i.e. an excellent technical site.

Try more lively colours like white, blue, black, orange, red ...

make a more energetic looking banner or get one on the net, you'll fnd any ones with High-tech products.

Hope it helps!
Mmmmm... so you dont want to be too wacky... You want to be solid, dependable, crisp, streamlined etc.

1. As has been mentioned before the title doesn't really work with the rest of the site. Honestly, you dont really need a flashy title on a website, You could probably create something that would suit simply in css.

2. You might also want to move the title out of the menu column and just leave the top left bit there as dead space. Instead, maybe embed the title (or overlay the title with a div) at the bottom right of the banner bar.

3. The banner bar seems to segment your page vertically, because of the way the images have been spliced. A good technique for linking images (if you want to combine several) is to start with a base image that looks good, and reaches all the way along the bar. Then, layer your other images over the top (in photoshop or something) and position, border, blur etc. until they look good. You should always be able to see that there is a single linking image in the background that ties the bannered area horizonally together (instead of interfearing with the text below it by creating subconcious lines... if you get my meaning?)

4. Colours are fine, font is fine, you might want to continue the orange along the top bit... and maybe stick a little functional bit of text up there (thats where I'd stick a login bar or quick link menu or something).

5. You should make the height of the news bit of the menu bar adaptive, and only have like... 5 news items in there at a time. Make the news bit smaller, let the dark grey bit have the dead space.

6. Not sure about the news items' font colour... *shrug* whatever works I guess... it isn't that big a thing.

7. You might also want to add a copyright of some sort in the bottom... footer type section. Something along the lines of "All content within this page is copyright 2005 <insert your name here> unless otherwise specified".

8. The only other thing is, you should get your site validated for XHTML, CSS and accessability and paste some neat validation links in the footer. It makes a site more... reliable... eases the mind as it were.


Hope this helps.

you defenitly need a new layout..
i suggest a nice simple layout..
not too much details, that would distract the visitors..
a site with many details is nice for an designing site,
but for your site.. u could use some glass buttons...
i suggest white and grey..
your website is quite good
but it is too simple
may be you can add some flash in your website
I like your website. My only concern is the colors you have used. 'Cause it should be a 'Wild' site but there is nothing wild on the colors yet. So i suggest a color change

Good luck man, you are doing wel !
Most comments are about colors. Guys, I think colors are OK. What I think is a problem is the themeless introduction.

The web-site starts with a rather general and fuzzy title - "L"s
wild ideas". It is too generic, subjective and does not mean anything to someone who does not know you, man. Then you list the projects. But these are not ideas at all! Moreover, the projects are just listed with no structure. This is a little confusing and also one has to read a lot to get to the point.

I would reorganize the entry, change the titles (stick to ideas, I like that) and maybe reduce on the grey color too a little. Add more red and white, make it a nice and happy place Smile And more graphics in communication of ideas.

Sorry for the stinginess, but it is nothing personal, only business.
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