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[Funny News] Nine year old girl mistakes love for fight

I saw this article from another forum and found it funny Very Happy
here it is

NEW CASTLE A report of a family fight Wednesday afternoon in New Castle didn't turn out to be what police expected.

nine-year-old girl called 911 after she awoke from a nap and heard her mother screaming. She went to her mother's bedroom and thought her mother was being attacked.

Turns out, her parents were just enjoying marital relations.

But the New Castle Police Department responded to the little girl's call, and even filed a report, noting "Mom and Daddy were involved in a romantic moment and daughter mistook them as fighting."


I guess the little girl was smart and called for help because she actually thought help was needed...
It must be very humiliating for the parents though.. Smile
Wow, thats really amusing in a sad kind of way! I can't even imagine what must have be going through that poor girls mind, especially to find out later they were doing it for fun, and the embarrassment of the parents must have been horrible.
Well, that was funny, but this shows love of that girl against her mom.She must have heard some noise and thought that something wrong is going on with her mother.Its very natural. Smile
Wow! I'm more interested in knowing what and how they told the little girl what was happening. Sometimes kids can be disturbed by these incidents if not properly handled. Anyway, good thing is she is a smart kid. When she heard mommy cry she did not try to investigate, but call for help, which helps especially in a real emergency situation.
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This is actually what cracked me up more!

Turns out, her parents were just enjoying marital relations.

Mom and Daddy were involved in a romantic moment....

You can't get more politically correct than that! Very Happy

good on the parents -

1) 9-year old daughter doesn't know about that sort of thing (green check - she's too young there's plenty of time)
2) mother not a dead fish in bed (green check - healthy relationship)

however how utterly embarrasing for them.
They should have explained her LONG ago how she was made, and then nothing would have happened. I don't mean stuff like actually showing her pr0n, but maybe something like "De donde venimos" (I don't recall the original english name) which is a series of videos that explains in full detail the whole mammal reproduction process, in animated drawings, and prepared so brats can fully comprehend how they ended up in mom's belly to begin with.
Loll, this is funny, but the little girl was cleaver enough to help her mother. However, she disturbed her parents.

I've seen such an incident before, though.
rofl That is one of the most hilarious news stories I've seen in a long time. And innocent to boot. So many things on the news are so creepy.

Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

Cute kid!

Reminds me of this one: A 5-year-old girl said on TV that if she had money, she would buy pajamas for her parents because they sleep without their clothes on.
Her mom must be pretty loud.
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