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the domain i want was Backordered! now what?


So there i was, waiting to register a domain which used to be mine. It was originally my domain, until the mate who i paid to renew it for me chose to rip me off, and the period to renew the domain expired.
I waited 30 days for the domain to expire. Waited a few weeks, then emailed godaddy and told them to cancel it. Waited 30 days for the redemption period to end. Great, now what? The domain enters pendingdelete status, meaning only five more days until the domain is finally deleted/dropped. After five days, i check the status but the domain is still in pendingdelete status. After a bit of googling, it turns out domains are deleted on the sixth day. Which makes me wonder why everyone was saying it's "five days" for pendingdelete status. So, today's the sixth day.

Am i the owner of the domain? Nope. Who would want my domain? It certainly wasn't very visited much, when it was mine. Is there another guy out there, who knows the domain name i want is good and wants it too? Nope.

Whois revealed it's been grabbed by a domain squatter. Backordered definitely, because i was waiting at 2pm EST (according to google searches, that's when domain names are revealed), and refreshing for the next 10 minutes, and it still wasn't available. During another five minutes it was immediately registered.

So who owns the domain? One of those companys that grabs domains that become available and turns it into one of those useless and annoying search engines. I don't want to post the domain i want, cos i don't want anyone to visit it and give it traffic, But if you want to know what it looks like now, check out this site: . It has the exact registrant personal details in the whois database.

whois wrote:

Registrant [749612]:
hostmaster, hostmaster
Domain Park Limited
Markgrafenstr. 56
Suite 131


So is there a point to this post, apart from ranting and raving? Yes.

What i've learnt

-PendingDelete takes 6 days NOT 5.
-life is

So now what? Let's say the domain gets no traffic or only a few hits in the next week? Would trellian cancel my domain, get its refund, and the domain goes back to pendingdelete status, and is available after 6 days? Or will it just keep my domain for the full year? If it is, is my domain doomed to yearly renews?

I better start thinking of a new name...that's the problem. when you've got a domain name, you think it's perfect.
Sorry for your loss. My experience with squatters is that they don't give up ever. Just stick a "the" in front of your name and call it a day. If in a year he doesn't renew, grab it and do a forced redirect.
brokenadvice wrote:
Sorry for your loss. My experience with squatters is that they don't give up ever. Just stick a "the" in front of your name and call it a day. If in a year he doesn't renew, grab it and do a forced redirect.

Oh thanks alot for your advice.
Hmmm, i'll starting thinking of a new name,

Well if you have this domain at Godaddy then you might have a chance. Usually they try to Auction their expired domains before give it to those who backordered. ( Never backorder a domain which held at Godaddy, pretty useless ) You can bin on it when they do this.
I've registed a new domain! Check out my new site at
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