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How do I install Ubuntu on windows vista?

I have recently bought a laptop with windows vista included. I know that it can be made rebootable to boot on windows or linux. I would like to have installed ubuntu installed on it. How do I have to proceed. Thanks for any help on that.
Here are some options available to you:

1. run ubuntu inside a virtual machine, i.e. install software like vmware workstation, or is one thats free. Then you can install ubuntu inside a virtual machine even when your vista session is running

2. Download the Ubuntu CD put it into to your cdrom , reboot your PC using the livecd feature of Ubuntu. Basically it runs everything in RAM and it allows you to try Ubuntu without installing it.

3. You can create a dual-boot configuration and install Ubuntu on a partition on your hard disk, you then choose at boot up which OS you want to run Vista or Ubuntu

4. Install Ubuntu over Vista, this will remove Vista altogether and will probably be the more drastic option if you´re just knew to linux and want to experience what Ubuntu is like.

I would suggest option 2 first, then maybe going with virtual machine or dual-boot option. This will give you a good idea if you want to switch over to linux or not and whether you can run all the application you would normally use in Vista on linux.
There's actually a fifth option to what teko suggested. Ubuntu now comes with the option to use the Wubi system. This basically adds a "file" to your hard disk that contains all of Ubuntu's data, and allows you to boot a full version of Ubuntu from your computer's BIOS startup menu - this gives far better performance than running from a Live CD. The "file" can be placed on the same hard disk as your Operating system (such as Vista or XP) and doesn't affect the original Operating System whatsoever. If you get sick of Ubuntu or have any problems, you can simply uninstall it like you would with any Windows program. It's a really good and "safe" way for you to test Linux without risking major problems that could be caused if you try to re-partition your hard disk to install a full version of Ubuntu.
thats very interesting, didn´t hear of wubi before.
teko wrote:
thats very interesting, didn´t hear of wubi before.

Yeah i've never heard of it either :O , oh well i know now Razz

But, i'd say go for option 3

I'd generally go for 3, and make another partition, as i need windows for my VisualStudio. I hate monodevelop rofl.. it's really bad, and i got Visual Studio 2008 Professional on windows.. so might as well keep it ^^
Linux works best on a ext file system, and the best way to use linux is to divide up the hard disk. Don't expect wubi to be fast as a normal bootable Ubuntu.
Wubi is a nice method for beginners - lets you get your feet wet and gives you more of a feel for what it will be like on your machine than running it virtually in VMWare will...

If you decide to really install Ubuntu to make the full use of your machine, Vista makes it easy to resize you existing partition... In the Control Panel, you have to go into the Administrative Tools and open up the Disk Management. Once in disk management, you can right-click the drive you wish to resize and select 'shrink' from the drop down menu... From here you can decrease the size of you current partition, which is likely taking up the whole drive (note: this only works if the partition has enough free space to perform the operation). Shrink it down to what ever you want to, but I would suggest making the free space at least 20-30 gigs - a fully loaded install of the filesystem and associated apps will take about 10gb or less and you will want some room to save your files and such (the other 10-20 gigs)...

There are some nice tutorials on the net about how to do this in detail - just hit google up for "Dual boot ubuntu vista" - here is a decent one to get you started - though I like to manually partition my free space to allow me to put my / and /home on different partitions...
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