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the best f1 driver of all times

Is michael Schumacher the best F1 driver of all times....
it's difficult to compare skills of people in different times because F1 has evolved quite much.
Michael Schumacher is definitely one of the most skilled but it's impossible to compare with other drivers who where 5 times world champion for instance.
fx-trading-education wrote:
it's difficult to compare skills of people in different times because F1 has evolved quite much.
Michael Schumacher is definitely one of the most skilled but it's impossible to compare with other drivers who where 5 times world champion for instance.

Quite... you'll always have favourites.... and I'd vote for Ayrton Senna... but whilst it always makes an interesting discussion the comparison is almost impossible...

Best Driver Ayrton Senna.

Best Race Ever Monaco, He kept Mansell behind him for the whole race

Awesome driving.

Legendary trademarks

Distinct red and white Mclaren, yellow helmet and also the black JPS car about the size of todays transit van

Fleetwood Mac Grand Prix tune wheel to wheel sparks

Good times
Ayrton Senna. Why? just look for some videos at youtube, youll see why...
Ayrton Senna. If he didn't die, Schumacher, Häkkinen, Villeneuve and Hill would have been in trouble. Also I have to say about Schumacher that he's the dirtiest driver I know. He won 1994 because he crashed in purpose to Hill's car, who would have won the championship by driving in to the goal. 1997 Schumacher did it again against Villeneuve who were able to continue the race, when Schumacher's car broke down. Schumacher lost all his points after the race, as he should have lost in 1994.
schumacher was the best driver i've ever seen in the wet. I don't think even senna can match him.
There is argument always amongst generations, however one fact remains very clear and is agreed by everyone even today as it was before his death. Ayrton was the most aggressive of all of them, I personally have not seen him racing live but looking at the videos he certainly looks like one of the best.

However the question was who is the best of all, it is difficult to answer. Because it was aggression that almost killed Ayrton on a number of occasions, however his death was clearly not his fault or was not due to pure aggression. Michael is very talented and very technically aware of his car, I saw him racing once in a solar power car, it was hardly doing 40m but he won the race with high margin. In the end they showed what he was doing in cockpit, he was asking what was his velocity before entering the corners since he did not had this information among others on dashboard unlike a formula 1 car. Clearly shows that he was applying rules of physics and how to get the best out of them. Modern day F1 is very technical and you can win based on pure talent, you need to have a very good car underneath you. We have seen this year alone that 4 drivers sharing the lead of championship amongst them, and same driver dominating in one race, while struggling in next.

So my definition of great F1 driver is who can work with team and get the best out of the tools given to them at the time and being on top of the podium on sunday. All of the drivers mentioned above along with lots of others have done that successfully. And as someone mentioned earlier, F1 is changing so much all the time that a driver in 80's might not be able to adopt to 90's and next decade and so on. However great driver are able to do that, that is why Ayrton was so successful because during his short career he adopted to very major technical changes to car and won a lot of times.
Michael Schumacher was the greatest formula 1 driver of his time, there is no doubt about that i think. But it is hard to say who is best of all time in my opinion.
what about Juan Manuel Fangio five times champ with 4 teams, before Fangio was an Italian named Tazzio Nuvolare, he was an amazing driver (i read about and hear about in aold tv broadcast) i was follow the F1 since 70´s when Fitipaldi, Lauda Reagazzoni (who never was champ due an accident and becuase Lauda was the favorite of ferrari) Andreti, shecter, and i remember how amazing was see Gilles Villeneve driving in the water, no one like him to drive with problems or against the factors (die young with out a champ, bad time in Ferrari), senna was amazing, like Shumacher.

i think if is for pure driving i am with Villeneve, senna and shuchaer in that order

Prost, lauda (second era), Hakkinen Piquet with the brain.

yes i am excluding Alonso, that is a amazing driver some times with the guts and sometimes with the brain, but i dont like him, but i admire him anyway
JUAN MANUEL FANGIO. I f you dont know who is he... he was the fest driver... argentinian for sure! just reaserch him.
Well, it would have to be Schumi. He's the most popular Sports icon where racing is concerned.
I think Senna is. Schummi is a good second.
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