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Fable III

Just saw the gameplay and trailer from E3. This game is going to be soooooo good. It will own my life for a few months. When the original came out for the old Xbox, I played it every night. I beat the whole game twice; once as a good guy and once as a bad guy, just to see how things would be different. it's definitely much harder to play through a game like that and be good. The temptations of being bad are so hard to ward off and when you can't steal or kill it makes achieving things that much more difficult. Anyway, I can't wait for the new one. It will have online multiplayer too which is awesome.
l still haven't played Fable2... but it would be great if fable3 comes out in a few months!
I thought Fable TWO was the new game, coming out?
Anyways, I never played the first one, but I'm sure this one's a blast!
I thought Fable 2 was the mnew game coming out aswell. Anyways, I want to get Fable 1 and play it. It sounds interresting with all the character evolution when you do things. Hope it's fun. Smile
I don't think Fable 2 has been released yet we are talking about Fable III already. I havent played the first game , only watched my brother playing it.
Eh there's Fable 2? Omg Surprised Must try! Is it on PC?
Yeah, I think the original poster meant Fable 2. The game looks awesome and I hope it lives up to all the hype around it. I've read that the main mission only around 12 hours long, but there are so many other things to do to keep you busy for a long time.
Of course he meant Fable2...Fable2 is coming out in a few months.
Wow... Just.. Wow...
I played Fable 1 on my PC... It's epic... BUT.. Foolish me, now I looked at previews of Fable 2, and I can't wait for one more second... I love Fable! Great game.
Fable was a good game and it's inevitable that Fable II will also be good. Its arcade structure should stay, i think. Fighting was great fun in Fable, easy and entertaining.

I heard that rifles are going to be added and the magic types are going to change a lot.
Yea, Fable II is looking like its gonna turn out quite nice. There are several features in it that I can't wait to try out.
I don't have an XBOX 360, but I will still want to play Fable II so badly. I have Fable: The Lost Chapters for XBOX and it's amazing. I played it so much when it came out.
Does anybody know if Fable II will be released to XBox before PC?
Hmm... I can't say I was too impressed with Fable I, to be honest. The fighting was just getting too repetitive quickly. I'll be looking forward to the sequel though.

Have to admit my first thought about this topic was: Did I completely miss the release of II or what?
Have to admit my first thought about this topic was: Did I completely miss the release of II or what?
lol... really thought the same
fable 2 is going to be one of the best games 2008, hope there won't be so many bugs

i need to buy new hardware to be able to play the game at an acceptable framerate Sad
uno de losmejores juegos RPG que han existido, claro seria mejor que el xbox 360 comprara y produciera Zelda
Yeah, 2 is coming out in october. Probably just a typo.
yep, October 21st
maybe he just finished reading about FALLOUT 3 and then read FABLE 2....who knows lol
Bring it on. Looks way better than the first.
I pre-ordered fable 2 and when you pre-order it you get a code to download some gambling games where you can earn gold and other items if you win contests. What is cool is that you can transfer the gold and items you win to your game when Fable 2 comes out.
I started on Fable for the PC but never finished it. I think I quit around the beginning. I think I waited too long to play it, so maybe Fable 3 will be more fun. I just hope you don't need to finish the first two in order to know whats going on in the third one.
I never really got into Fable. i started on Fable: The Lost Chapters after hearing so much about the game but it didnt suite me, but after hearing about Fable 2 im gonna be sure to check it out.

and maybe some people count Fable Lost Chapters as 2? so thats why theyre saying Fable 3? Laughing
I played fable on my friends xbox 360, and got hooked. I soon later upgraded my computer and bought fable (not in that order sadly enough XD) and got hooked!. It's a bit of a linear game although still incredibly awesome. If Fable 2 builds on the first fables faults and then just makes the game a million times better, its gonna be a hit for sure! Very Happy Can't wait!
Wow, with just two more weeks 'til the release, I can't wait anymore!!!! Sad
I finished Fable 1 on PC, and now on the Lost Chapters part. I'll play that soon.
here it comes! i hope i wont be disappointed on this one, but the trailers are looking pretty sweet! Very Happy
I never got to play the first one but i've always heard good things about it and also the gameplay/story seems interesting. I would probably have been a bad guy in it lol. Will definately try out first hand though Fable 2 when it comes out this time around.
Yeh i had fable one, fable two wasn't as good if i remember right.
Up for buying fable 3 though, after the new gears of war Smile
i have hear that it will be GOTY ( Game of the Year )... i just can't wait... Very Happy
dubstar wrote:
Yeh i had fable one, fable two wasn't as good if i remember right.
Up for buying fable 3 though, after the new gears of war Smile

Either you have a very short memory, or you really just dont remember right haha, considering it wasnt released until yesterday. I really want to play, it seems very interesting.
hrmm.. i just played fable 2 @ my sisters and damn, its much better than i thought it would be. I might have to look into getting this game or holding out for the next one. it was very entertaining.
I got the game the day it came out and although I haven't played that much yet becuase of school and playing Crysis, so far it's very fun. The story sucks ass though, its pretty much the same story as the frist fable but with diffrent characters and diffrent details, lol!
Yay me, I got my Limited Collector's on launch day! =D
A lot of people here, seems to have played fable 2 ( although it was just recently released.) One thing I hope though is that they release it for the PC too. I remember the first Fable when ported to PC has more content and improved over the console version. so I hope they do that too.
I've found it to be quite disappointing with all the glitches and co-op not being what I thought it would be. Still a fantastic game though.

And to the dude who saw the Fable 3 trailer can you please post a link. Thanks Smile
YAY fable 3!! I remember playing fable 1 on my XBOX and it was a hectic game. I agree, it is difficult to not kill innocent people because it's so tempting to use your magic. I just like collecting experience and playing around with the magic on guards. I can't wait for Fable 3 to come out! well, i guess im gonna have to wait until i get an XBOX 360 which will probably be in a LOOOOONNGG..time! =[
pretty solid game! I beat it twice, I don't really play my 360 but I killed a day straight of fable 3 just because Fable 2 was so great!
I just finished playing The Lost Chapters on my PC. Great game. I was addicted to it from the get go and am now interested in seeing if they release Fable 2 for the PC. That would be awesome.
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