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I'm going to the Caribbean

On February 1st of 2009 I am going to the U.S. Virgin Islands to get married. We are going on a Cruise through 5 islands... St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados and are getting married on St. Thomas. I can't wait to go, but neither of us have ever been to the Caribbean or on a cruise for that matter. Does anyone have any suggestions of good places to go, or good things to see on these islands? We are up for pretty much anything and we just really want to unwind and let go and have fun. Thanks
Wow. Nice ive always wanted to go there
Wow thats nice .. I heard its a really lovely place with some great beaches ....

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i got back from cuba last month in the caribean, and best place i have been so far , the ocean is warm and its pure white sand , with palm trees , paradise
wow that is nice must be a dream wedding for lots of people Smile. Wish i can do that Sad. Hope you enjoy it there sir Smile
Wow! So nice you trip is! I wish you will have a good time there.sir Smile !
I went to St. Thomas last Spring, and visited St. John while I was there. I went strictly for the beach--all I wanted to do was swim, snorkel, and sleep in.

I recommend you find a good place to go snorkeling... find a coral reef with turtles and fish. The sea turtle I happened upon was one of the coolest things I saw while I was there.
I've been on several cruises and I think one of them had the same itinerary as yours. First tip do not agree to anyone trying to give you anything for a few moments of your time. They are trying to sell you a timeshare. They will take hours of your time. This happened to me in St. Thomas. Our day was cut short after and we really did not get to see much of the island.

Cruising is a very fast paced vacation. use your time wisely... You only have so much time on each island. You don't always have to buy the excursions that the ship offers either. If you do your homework before hand you can book your own for a lot less. Just beware of scammers.

Have fun and Congratulations!!!
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