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Building Muscle

Any suggestions on what the best supplements are to build muscle?
Eat more foods that contain plenty protain, like beans and dairy. Exercise more and continuous. Very Happy
takashiro wrote:
Eat more foods that contain plenty protain, like beans and dairy. Exercise more and continuous. Very Happy

Thanks. I've been trying to eat as much protein as possible lately.
Any suggestions on what the best supplements are to build muscle?

I presume this means that you are doing the obvious too, i.e. working out in a gymnasium? If yes, this is probably a good place to make this enquiry as if it is a good gymnasium, they may be able to give you the right advice. An obvious choice could be a very good quality high protein shake taken after work-outs. The rest I would be careful about. And only take advice from experts.
Other than eating lots of protein, also eating low to moderate "good fats" like omega-3 fatty acids from fish and avocados will help. The fats will help in the production of hormones that are used in building muscle.

Of course you need a solid workout routine as well.

I've been working out on and off for three years now and I'm very happy with the results. I look and feel great and I have a lot more strength the thing is I haven't gained very much weight. I'd like to add a couple of pounds of muscle and still be lean. I think my limiting factor is my diet. I don't' eat enough I'm just not getting enough calories.

So I suggest if you want to build muscle and fast, you need to eat A LOT!
If you really want to add some pounds, you should do what I started out with. Take a weight gainer twice a day (ex = GNC Mass XXX) and add in some creatine when you work out. I used Cell-Tech along with the weight gainer and lifted religiously for 2 months and gained 20 pounds. Now I don't really want to gain more weight as much as I want to build more muscle. So I'm slowing down on the weight gainer and moving to Whey protein and I stopped with the Cell-Tech (it too has a lot of calories) and am now taking something in pill form called "Morph". It seems to work pretty well, but I think after my big initial gain, it will be harder to grow muscle without lifting way more than I do.
gaining muscle is simple
but you have to remember these things
#1 You have to go to the gym 3-5 days a week, and be willing to work very hard
#2 You have to eat A LOT! that is more important than ANY supplement
#3 You should supplement at least protein, at least once a day

remember gaining muscle is 70%eating 20%lifting and 10%supplements

for begginers, i would recommend protein twice a day (a sustained release protein in the morning, and isolate protein for after workout) and also 4-5 grams of creatine (monohydrate to start off)
loading stages of creatine are stupid.
let me know if you need anything else
Gaining muscle and increasing strength does have to do a lot with what you do in the gym but you are not going to get anywhere unless you manage your diet correctly.

You can take protein supplements that can help but their purpose is to SUPPLEMENT your diet! So make sure in general you eat alot of protein and a decent amount of carbs as well. Your diet is key to making any gains in the weight room I've learned that over the years of lifting. I eat alot of chicken and rice, steak, low fat hamburgers (90/10 or lower fat percentage), mix in other things like fish (tuna, salmon), oh and eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. Brown rice is better for you than white rice but that is a preference thing really.

On top of a balanced diet i take Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Supplement about two servings a day with milk. I try to work out 2 days and one day off as a cycle. Also i do back one day with a little biceps, chest/triceps one day, legs, then biceps and shoulders and start again.

Hope it helps Smile
odonnellb wrote:

remember gaining muscle is 70%eating 20%lifting and 10%supplements

I'm going to have to disagree. Even though those statistics look to be made up it's relatively close to what I would probably have stated. One thing I would have added is resting. Gaining muscle consists of you resting. You build muscle when you are resting. When your body rests, it is repairing the damage caused by lifting to create stronger muscle fibers.

Eating is up there, but also depends on what type of build you are going for. If you are bulking up, eating is fairly important. However if you trying to get cut and defined, eating well and having good proportions is more important then eating a lot.

Supplements are not necessary. However a lot of people do take them mainly because of our busy and active lifestyles and try to help supplement their diet. Like the previous poster stated, they are suppose to help, not take over your diet.
Have some carbs before hitting the gym.
Post workout, have your protein supplement within half an hour (Do not take more than the recommended scoops, excess of anything will convert to fat if you don't burn that extra bit)

Break your diet into 5-6 small meals a day rather than fitting in 2/3 big meals.

If you take creatine intake, remember to drink water regularly throughout the day. (increase water intake by at least 5-6 glasses).

Your muscle develops when you sleep (a lot of processes go on in the body when u r asleep, which u may not be aware of.....and a lot of glycogen is burnt through the night).
So supplement it with a good breakfast diet (carb sources - cornflakes, banana etc.)

Lack of sleep or less sleep will take its toll on your health.

Protein alone cannot build muscle.........your body needs some fuel to burn in the gym. That is provided by carb foods.
eat lots of carbs before hitting the gym. That is the key, you don't want to burn out while you're working out. Keep in mind that you need to keep your caloric intake down for the rest of the day if you want to lose fat and build muscle. You also need to take in a good amount of protein. I suggest eggs because they're tasty, easy to prepare, and cheap.

When you lift weights, don't lift little itty bitty ones. Lift the weights that you can only do 4-5 reps of. this will give you the quickest results. This method is much easier if you have someone to spot you or you're on a machine.
Good supplements are proteins and gainers,plus its good to take creatine.
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