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What is your favorite card´s game?

I dont know exactly where should this topic being... Anyway, card´s game isnt an sport, so it may be a hobbie...
In my case I play poker, a little....
i play bleach trading card game, maplestory trading card game, pokemon cards (though i stoppped a long time agao...), yu-gi-oh cards (yes i stopped a long time ago too...) also, i play bridge, blackjack and solitaire.
I really like the UNO game.
I love mostly played card games on Philippine streets like "Chiki CHa" or "Tong its"... Most popular among kids and teenagers is "ungoy ungoy".
Here in my area all like a very different card game called "Coat" its a type of Gambling, so it is game that all like, I don't play it,but like to watch.Other Games tht i like are Free cell, scotch-it and magic with cards.
Definitely gotta say my favorite card game that i play the most is Texas Hold Em.
Nice. It depends. When playing with friends for fun, I prefer to play poker with the set of rules of 'Chicago'.
Watching, or playing with money at stake, the favourite is 'Texas hold'em'.

When children are involved it's a game we call 'go fish in the lake', collecting four a like.

I used to be heavily into 'magic cards' -- though haven't been doing that at all lately. I like playing texas hold'em poker. And I enjoy playing a Russian card game that I cannot remember the name of, that my fiancé introduced me too... it is quite fun. Smile
45's it's a local game. Originated in Merimack Valley.
Texas Hold 'em is my favourite card game but I really like Gin Rummy too.
Black Jack!!
My VERY favorite card game is Blackjack. I play it all the time with friends and what not. I love going to the casino and playing at a High stakes Blackjack table. Me and my wife went to Las Vegas a few months ago, and she would have to drag me off the Blackjack table. I would like to learn how to count cards, it's not necessarily cheating, but it would be awesome to know that you have the possibility of winning almost every time. I also like Rummy, it's a fun game to play when you have friends over, or even family.
I really love blackjack and solitaire... Further I also play TCGs (online trtading card games) I joined a lot of them lately. It so fun to play them and trade with people all over the world...
Lately I began to love blackjack. apart from that, i've always like what is known in french as "taunkin", "romi", "president". There's also UNO, solitaire that I play
My friends and I pass time playing hold 'em. None of my friends like blackjack, or seven card stud.
I like poker, i never actually win a game, buts its still tons of fun!
I play cards a lot when I'm visiting my grandparents' house. Right now the best game we play is this complicated-yet-addicting one called "May I". The rules are hard to explain, so I won't go into it, but it consists of five rounds, and the total time is usually over an hour. Lowest score wins, and we've had scores ranging from zero to over six hundred.

The other games I like to play are Crazy 8s and solitaire.
I like alot of card games but the ones I play the most are Calooki, Black Jack, Poker and this chinese game called Oh Hell.
Ligretto Very Happy
Not because it's not complex, I also like Canasta, for example - but Ligretto is damn fun without having rules that need more than a minute to explain.
Yes, i also like yugioh.
I was thinking this page would be more about card games played with an average 52-card A-King kind of card deck.

And for that I'd have the say Hearts...

But as for other card games, i've played some and none are quite as good as the original Razz.
This is going to sound lame.... but UNO baby!!!
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