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A Little Night Music (a poem by me)

The night air flapping in the breeze,
The stars a quilt upon the sky
The jazz that flips and flows with ease
Your words, like careless sparrows, fly

You toss them lightly, one by one:
A glowing light, a shining sun
A ladybug, a butterfly
A symphony, a lullaby.

But I’m attentive and alert,
And much more kind than you deserve
Your glance alone is worth the hurt;
I’m here to listen and to serve.

Your music takes my breath away
And brings me close to you at last
But now night flees to welcome day;
My love is fading, fading fast.

The music sings on broken strings;
A trumpet’s voice cries to the skies
The final note is struck and rings,
And wavers gently as it dies.
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