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Dark Knight

This is a great movie.. the director Christopher Nolan has done a great job, and he's done it with such flair that the audience is left begging for more. And the most talked about character... Heath Ledger as the Joker has done an excellent job.. He is the greatest villain of all time in the Batman series... Also BATMAN Christian Bale is in great form...

This 152-minute film should have been longer.... Its a great watch. This movie has already broken some box office records .....

Aussie Aussie Aussie in it!
I will go see the movie this week. I'm so excited. I have high expectations for this film.
I thought this movie was a fantastic film in its own right, not just the finest and most well considered plot in the franchise.

Mr Bale's Batman portrayal is this most advanced to date. Fight sequences were precise but not eclipsing the story at all, a romance story where he loses out, a touch of technical fine tuning of Lucius's equipment (not a euphemism), some forensic investigation and political understanding bring him out from the hardest man takes all hero of old and gives him a new facade of a learned law enforcer.

Ledger's portrayal of the Joker is the role that will sit beside him in the actor's hall of fame because it is fantastic. An unhinged, agitated psychopath who is not interested in money or fame and not even in the destruction of batman but more in the joy of seeing everything around him turn to anarchy.

The other characters are not just filler either, all make fine appearances. The film twists just when you think things are about to get wrapped up, the plot is taken a different direction, adding momentum to the suspense, which takes the film to a level of quality which sets the benchmark for all 'superhero' comic book adaptations to come.
I haven't seen the film yet.. just learned about it today. can't wait to see it..
Saw it, loved it. I haven't met anyone yet who had anything bad to say about it.

<3 It got me and my friends seriously pumped up, watching it.
Im seeing it tomorrow, I can't wait!
Just getting round to dragging the Mrs - Hopefully today!!

I loved the 1st film, and can not wait to see this (i have been waiting 2 years) it is good sometimes that directors/script writers follow direction from the books/comics rather than the portrayal of Hollywood or the TV series. Good job guys and reading what everyone has said i can't wait!
The Dark Knight smashed a lot of box office records, what with an earning of 155.3 million dollars in its opening weekend. The movie's performance on Friday also set new records as Hollywood's biggest-ever opening day and biggest-ever single day
I thought it was a very good movie, Heath Ledger really did make the movie rise above your standard action fare. If you can I highly recommend seeing it in an IMAX theater (this is from friends reports, I was unable to do so myself).


The only part of the movie I disliked were the scenes with the "batpod" which were completely unbelievable, and unnecessary to the plot, it was just an awkward scene in the movie. My favorite scene by far was the joker in the nurses outfit trying to get the rest of the hospital to blow up.

On a side note, the skyline is recognizably Chicago (I live nearby), and the license plates are all Illinois plates. Although in the closeup shots the director changed the stylized "ILLINOIS" on the plates to "GOTHAM" which I thought was a nice touch and an easy way to solve the problem of seeing the state plates on other cars throughout the movie.
Definitely a good movie.
Gonna see it tomorrow. Hope it's awesome.
ahhhhhh... Heath Ledger!!!! what a man, what an actor, what a joker!!! When i first read the reviews online and on newspapers about Dark Night and about Heath Ledger's amazing acting, I thought its all hyped up due to his death. Still, I went ahead and watched this movie. Wow!! Heath Ledger steals the show. He is the real hero of the movie.
I must say this ought to be the most amazing and the best joker character enacted ever. Its so unforunate that Heath Ledger is no more Sad May his soul RIP Embarassed
I never really liked superhero movies, but Batman Begins was really great, it had a great style. The cliffhanger in the end was nice, when Batman finds a joker card. I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet but I'm sure I'm gonna like it. I have seen trailers and that BatBike is a bit weird...I don't like batman on a bike Razz
first off.... HEATH LEDGER totally totally brought the movie to life with that character!!! The Joker can NEVER be the same again! (rip Heath)

I did not like Batman's voice, I found that it was not clear enough and I had to pay extra attention to make sure I heard what was being said.

all in all tho....I'd give it a 9/10

I am definitely gonna be having this one in my personal movie collection
I liked the movie alot, its sad that Heath Ledger died. But, thats life. I liked the special effects the most. Its a great movie and i recomend it to you all.
I loved the Dark Knight! It was awesome! An amazing movie!

Heath Ledger was outstanding! This is one of the best movies that I have ever seen!!
I haven't watched the movie but i read on the internet that the dark knight is too dark for children. There are quite a few movie critics (well known ones) who are deeming it too much to handle for children 12 and below as it portray a world without hope, had lots of violent contents etc etc. So has anyone actually brought their kid to go watch it?
Yes. It is too dark for children. The Joker isn't the funny guy we all perceive him to be ... in fact, kids below the age of 12 shall find him scary ... it's quite gruesome as well ... with him cutting people's mouths ... eww! Even Two Face seems pretty dark. The movie overall should have a PG 13 rating.
A very good movie as a whole. Good storyline but it was the late Heath Ledger that stole the whole movie. His Joker was the best so far....what a lost........

Watch it... less action but good story with appropriate action and fighting sequence. The only lowdown is Rachel Dawes.... should have keep Katie Holmes as Rachel or at least some other actress that at least look young or with youthful energy....
I'm going to see the dark knight today and I hope you've right about that =]
I just saw the Dark Knight for the third time (second time in IMAX), and it's still making me gleeful with joy.

I'm just wondering, for my fellow multiple time viewers-- have you noticed any real difference in the shots, IMAX vs regular? IE, can you see anything SIGNIFICANT in IMAX that you can't see in a regular viewing? I haven't noticed anything different, but a friend of mine commented on seeing the Joker in the scene with the Mayor/funeral, and I'm wondering if that could have anything to do with it.

Zaini711 wrote:

Watch it... less action but good story with appropriate action and fighting sequence. The only lowdown is Rachel Dawes.... should have keep Katie Holmes as Rachel or at least some other actress that at least look young or with youthful energy....

I don't actually think that it was Maggie Gyllenhal who made the roll lacking in energy. Katie Holmes was a yawn, so was she, because the roll is just... thankless.

I was just happy not to have Mrs Scientology out of it, myself.
I think Katie Holmes turned down the offer because she wanted more money or it was a conflict in schedule, don't remember quite fully the information that I saw online about that. Movie was great though, long but in a good way because I didnt want it to end. Gonna watch it again for a second time tomorrow.
I never watched a movie that really fascinates me months after watching it. Then came "Dark Knight". Everything that a Batman movie should be. Exciting. Breath taking. Beautiful. One word "perfect". Hats off to the director Christopher Nolan for presenting the cape-crusader as humanly as possible.
The second movie is always the hardest to make when the first was so good. I think Christopher Nolan made the right choice by not trying to copy the first film. He made up a new way of portraying Batman, had a kickass villain in Heath Ledger (RIP), and produced an awesome movie. That is why it is so highly rated on IMDB, and has set almost every box office record for a movie of it's style.
This was a great movie! They did a fantastic job creating the Joker's persona, they couldn't had done better if they had tried! I just hope the next installment is as good as this one was, you know alot of the times they try and go overboard with the second film and mess it up. *here's hoping it's as good as this one*
the movie is very dark screen .. now my eyes hurts..
OMG! i so wanna watch this. imma watch it soon coz i hear that its REALLY GOOD! can't wait to see the joker!
A bit to dark and violent for my taste. But afterwards, I like it better and better. Normally I like movies with a little "charm" in it.
The Dark Knight is seemed to be a great movie with even greater flattering about it . :p

It started with a 9.7/10 on IMDB and now it has fallen to 9.1/10, even at this point is a great score. ( It is the top 3 movie in all time acording to IMDB... Wow

Unfortunatly i Couldn't find neither time to go to the Cinema or a Good Copy to Download Very Happy still no DVDrips Sad

It smashed allmost all the Box office records, and NO DVD sales helped it too (i think)

I hope it is a great movie but wont worry toomuch if I wont really love it as nothing is loved by everyone Razz
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