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rich dad poor dad

how many of you have read it.. if not grab a copy now.. its really motivating and a great learning experience
I read it 5 years ago. Yeah, at first it seems to be an eye-opener. But his words should be taken carefully. My impression that he's suggesting us not to take academic education to seriously. What he's implying is "school is useless. don't go for it. Just learn how to invest, and you'll retire young retire rich". But if all people are following this route, we will not see any great innovation like internet etc (or even no innovation at all), since we're just busy thinking about making quick money.
A good read overall, but shouldn't be regarded as the ultimate solution for being success Very Happy
i have a copy of this, an audio file. this is really motivating and a great learning experience.
The whole idea of... "Don't make money, make money work for you" really hit me when I read that book. It's something I guess I've always known, but reading that book really highlighted my thoughts on my financials.

I think this is one of those books that everyone must read at least once in their lifetime.
Our accounting professor had us read it a year ago. I was a real skeptic at first since I never thought a book could teach you about how to make money. It's really nice.
I also have a copy of the book and enjoyed reading it. I also like the way the book is written and enriched with nice stories.

In my opinion it is a good point to start a financially successfull life. However, on the other side the practical side is a little bit missing. All the topics are mentioned but not further explained, for example how it practically works to found a business. For that you will have to read other books. (Do you have any good reading you can recommend? Very Happy ) Which is totally fine, but makes the book as I already mentioned earlier only a starting point.

Did anyone of you really tried to implement all, or at least most of the ideas mentioned? I really would like to know if it is that easy as it sounds in the book.

What do you think about the other books of Kiyosaki?
yes, very true...this book is really motivationg us to make money.
osuchin wrote:
i have a copy of this, an audio file. this is really motivating and a great learning experience.

I read it when i was 12/13. Really enjoyed it even then. Now got it as an audio file along with other motivational stuff. Zig Zigler, Les Brown, Jim Rohn..these guys are just great!

Oh and my favourite is Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. Ever read that? if not...PLEASE GET IT
I have copies of a few of his books. Well-written and entertaining. Does make me feel guilty though that I am working for a salary and not for myself.
I think that his books are very good and really worth to read.
But it is important to note as somebody said that some people may misunterpret it and think that education is not useful and just try to focus on making money quickly.
And that I think is not at all what is said in the book. Education is extremly important, and education should be diversified. The "official" education may not be enough and should be completed by more financial education.
If you just focus on money without education you may fall into crime /maffia business as I think that making money honestly requires more education than making money based on crime.
Reading Robert Kyosaki's book 2 years ago opened my eyes to entrepreneurship and financial literacy. He showed me, that you didnt need to have am privileged birth to make it. He shown us that anyone can do it, as long as your ready to learn. robert kiyosaki teaches me on financial literacy. i like most his board game cashflow 202. it simulates our behavior towards money in our daily life. how to manage and invest it well and to build wealth from scratch. his my inspiration...
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