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What is eating my memory???

Ghost Rider103
I recently had a message pop up on my computer, which I have NEVER recieved before. The message said I was using too much memory, and windows recommended that I close a program. The program it suggested to close, was Adobe Photoshop, which I guess it must have been using up the most memory at the time.

I have ran Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4d, mIRC, MSN, and Three+ Firefox windows all at the same time, probably more, and yet I have still never seen this message. When I got this message today, all I was only running one FF window, Adobe Photoshop, mIRC, and MSN. That is it.

So I took a look at my Task Manager, and with nothing at all open on my computer, except for the task manager, I was aroud 962MB I thought that was way too much for only having a task manager open.

I took a screen shot of my task manager while the "proceses" tab was open, that way you guys could tell me if maybe one of the processes running was running and it shouldn't be.

I did do some updates to my computer the other night, which I am thinking had something to do with it. I am running windows Vista, and up until now I have never had one problem. Funny thing, up until yesterday, I NEVER did one windows updates. Yesterday, I took a look, and I was 33 updates behind, so I installed 20 of the Recommended ones, and the remaining were optional, so I left them out.

Please help.
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
So I took a look at my Task Manager, and with nothing at all open on my computer, except for the task manager, I was aroud 962MB I thought that was way too much for only having a task manager open.

The default memory usage displayed in Task manager is not very helpful.

Configure your task manager to display these additional columns - "Memory - Commit Size" & "Memory - Working Set" ("View" -> "Select columns" in task manager). Optionally you can also set it to display "Memory - Peak Working Set", if you're interested in historical maximum memory usage per application.
Also, your task manager is not displaying processes that are running under system or other accounts. ("Show processes from all users" in task manager)

By the way, if you run out of memory with no really heavy application running, it has got to be a memory leak someplace. Task manager could help you in identifying where.
Ghost Rider103
When I click on "view" in my Task Manager, I do not see the option "select colums." I only have "refresh now", "Update Speed", "CPU History", "Show Kernel Times".

I am able to view my memory and all that good stuff, it's just under the "performance" tab. You were only viewing the "Processes" tab in the picture I provided.

I think you are correct, there has to be some sort of memory leak somewhere. The only question is where? How can I identify this leak? My Virus program (AntiVir, and HiJack This) doesn't detect any infections at all.

I did a system scan last night, and it did come up with 3 warnings, and 1 detection. The program could not delete the infected file. However, I went into safe mode, found the file, deleted it, and deleted it from the recycle bin all while in safe mode.

If there is any way I can help you help me find out what is going on here, please tell me. I sort of need a lot of programs open at once, which require a pretty decent ammount of memory to run. I can barely run just photoshop and my web browser.

I checked on it one more time about 20min ago, and now I am idling at almost 1GB of memory....

While I was browsing earlier, my computer actually entered safe mode for a couple seconds, then jumped back out into normal mode. I have no idea how that happened, I didn't even know that was possible. I was watching my memory and CPU usage, and my CPU Usage just hit the roof and maxed out at 100%. It did that a couple times, and that's when I went into safe mode.

EDIT: I was just looking through all of the processes, and noticed there was a large ammount of files named "svchost.exe" There was one that reall caught my eye, because it was using 100,000k of memory Shocked

There was also multiple ones that were running about 30,000k+ and some lower ones were in the 10,000k - 20,000k range.

I ended all the ones that were really using a lot of memory, and I went from using 1.5GB down to 800MB, which is still alot considering I only had a web browser up, and am running a full system scan through my computer using AntiVir. There was deffiniately more of those I could end, but before I went any further, I noticed that the ones I ended, were beginning to start popping back up. I am unsure if I should delete these files, because I am not sure if they are needed to run my computer or not?
Ghost Rider103
Isn't there anyone out there that can help me solve this problem?

Maybe some type of Memory manager software that can help me out?

I have been at this for 23 hours stright, and I am getting nowhere.
GhostRider, maybe I can help.

There is a normal system file called svchost.exe and so there are several viruses that use the ame or similar names.

The real svchost.exe is in C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe

Viruses I know include C:\Windows\system32\svchost .exe
(note the svchost[space].exe)


If its the heap41a\svchost.exe virus

Have you worked with regedit.exe (the registry editor ?)

Just type regedit after pressing the start button and press Enter.

The Registry Editor should open.

Browse to H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run
and see (and show me a screenshot) of what's in it.

Also of HEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run

Also of HEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\exlporer\mountpoints2

And H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windowsNT\currentversion\winlogon

And H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\explorer\advanced\folder\hidden\showall

Most viruses put their settings here.

Also, if you use any USB drive or iPod or mp3 player or digital camera or USB mobile phone or USB card reader on your computer, it may be infected.

Try these links for removing svchost.exe viruses

Read this too Svchost.exe turns mad after windows update

All the best Idea
Ghost Rider103
Thank you for your reply, you have been very helpful.

Your right about the svchost, there is a lot of them. Unfortunately, I found nothing out of the ordinary with any of the svchost. They were all written correctly, and none of them had the spzce between svchost and .exe. One of the svchost.exe, however, sometimes run up to 100,000k which I am not sure if that is normal or not, but it was just something that really caught my eye.

I looked in Windows\system32 hor sscvihost.exe, and for ssvichosst.exe and couldn't find either one of them. Also looked in the system folder for svchost.exe, and didn't find anything in there either.

Here are all the images you requested, and they are in order in which you requested them in:

On the other link you gave me, about svchost going mad after windows update, this could definitely have something to do with it. The other night (before I KNEW of the problem), I was clearing out my computer, and then came across that I was 33 windows updates behind Embarassed

I then downloaded, and installed all of them. After I did that, a couple hours later, maybe even a day later, I got an error message that said memory low, please close some programs down. Which I have NEVER had before. I think I only had maybe three web browsers up, MSN Messenger, with 2 IM's, mIRC, Photoshop, and Limewire. I do this all the time, and most of the time even more programs open than that, because I sort of need to, being a graphic designer. But that is what I had at the time.
you mentioned you had that message just recently. hm. maybe a simple system restore will help.. Just a suggestion.. it might solve your problem real quick Smile
Ghost Rider103
I have quite a lot of files that are needed on my computer, and I cannot really afford to loose any of them.

I would want to back up everything onto some DVD's, just in case I lost something. I will wait for FunDa's reply, and maybe he can come up with another option.

But I just might have to do a system restore, if I can't find any other solution.
Some servers is runing in your pc,but you donn't know
Ghost Rider103
What do you mean by that?
vvforgs wrote:
Some servers is runing in your pc,but you donn't know

maybe he's talking about server bots. or spywares.. too complicated to discuss.. anyway, good luck for your system restore..
Ghost Rider103
Well if he thinks he sees some type of another spybot or something that is using my memory, I need to hear about it. A system restore is not an option I want to consider.
Ghost Rider103
This is still a big problem for me, does anyone else have any advice?
can anybody suggest this guy to post a hijack this log?
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
I have quite a lot of files that are needed on my computer, and I cannot really afford to loose any of them.

I would want to back up everything onto some DVD's, just in case I lost something. I will wait for FunDa's reply, and maybe he can come up with another option.

But I just might have to do a system restore, if I can't find any other solution.

Sorry for the delay - had a bunch of tests this week. (And I'm busy with night duty next week)

I went through your screen shots and I can't find anything abnormal in them. They look perfect except for the chinese characters in one of them. But that's not linked to any program so that can't be a problem either.

Did you try killing the svchost.exe that's taking up lots of RAM ? Sometimes it might restart your computer if its an important svchost.exe.

You could also post a HijackThis log on this thread.

It will show details of all running processes so everyone can check for suspicious files.

You might also want to try Process Explorer

This is basically a more advanced Task Manager and might help you isolate the exact dll or file handle which is causing problems in one particluar instance of the svchost.exe

Enable the column for Command Line. This shows the stealth viruses which come up as the actual program name (svchost.exe) followed by a space and then the file running on top of it. (example Command Line"svchost.exe regsvr.exe")

I might not be able to log in any time soon. Good luck with fixing the problem.

Hope this helps.

FunDa Smile

P.S. It could be due to the updates like I mentioned earlier. Can you roll back the updates and try it out ?
i iz in ur computerz eatin ur memoriez

haha no i'm jk...

i would recommend installing GameXP (google it) it speeds up alot... and disable start up entries you don't need (run>msconfig>start up tab>untick)

if that doesn't solve it to a reformat.. its beneficial to reformat every few months/weeks
Without a detailed screenshot or list of processes it is hard to say.

Before you do a reformat of the computer, try installing Process Tamer (google!)

The program will find the process that eats up your memory and lower the process priority accordingly. It also keeps track of which processes (on average) take up your memory. Also, you never mentioned any computer specs (which can be helpful). What type of processor do you have?

Neways, good luck mate.

I dont know if it works or not in Vista but it works in XP, just a few simple tricks to boost your memory just follow the link below
Something lowers my memory non stop! Both on C:/ and D:/
Even if i am deleting something, the next moment, instead of increasing memory it appears to be less. So there is no end of this.

I did some of the mentioned above actions and i have questions.
"svchost" thing is not with icon here with me and it's not written with ".exe" behind, nor with space nor without. So is it working? Sorry i am extremely not familiar with those things, but something is going on and i need help.
I have Windows Professional Service Pack 3
Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU
T4200 @ 2.00GHz
2.00 GHz, 2,93 od RAM
I snapshot what FunDa recommended to Ghost Rider and i see some difference between his and mine results. Sometimes on "Default" says "(value not set)".
It doesn't allow me to access skype to ask people there.
I've had the problem with skype not long ago and with help i installed TuneUp Utilities 2012, we've cleaned a bit and it worked out. But it happens again. I am not losing too much memory like GBs, but it's not stopping. I forgot to mention sometimes the memory it's returning by itself.

I know this is old topic, but if someone see it, let him help me please!
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