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How to set up wifi network?

Me and some friends of mine are thinking of setting up a wifi network in our appartment. Since we live on different floors (covering 5 floors) which would be the best router? What else would we need? Also how much would the price come to?
Also since there would be 10-12 computers connected at a time how much bandwidth each user will probobly get with a 2 Mbps connection assuming the received connection speed is actually 2 Mbps?And if the connection speed was 256 kbps then how much speed can we expect?
Well being that you are on 5 different floors, and I assume that the floors are quite thick, you will likely need more then just a router. You will be looking at getting a router and likely 1 access point (might be technically called something else). What the Access point (?) does is accept the connection and relay it further; it's like setting up a second router that accepts its incoming connection from the wifi already set up.

Now, the tricky part of this is seting these things up, depending on how thick the floors are and the layout of whats in the rooms the wifi will pass through you may need a second access point, but to begin you should set the original router on probably the 4th story. This is because wifi waves extend 360 degrees, but just like cold air, they fall and do not rise. So the waves should reach up to the 5th easily, and also down as far as the second where you will place the first access point. That point will strengthen the signal for the second floor and relay it to the first. Be advised, trying to pass these waves through concrete wont get you very far, and its very likely that your floors may be too thick to do it like this depending on your complex.

With such a low broadband, all 5 of you connecting to the signal would produce significant lag. Very likely the person on the 4th floor will be on a LAN based connection through the router (smart) so they will be fine to do most things with efficient speed on any connection speed you mentioned, but the wireless guys will already be suffering with the 2Mbps. Though if this is for the sole purpose of using the internet via a browser and no one plans on using voice/video or gaming or doing something similar that will send large amounts of traffic through, then it should be sufficient even at 256.
KHO, thanks for replying!

We're planning to set up the router on the 9th floor. And the connection speed would be 512 Kbps. So assuming we got around 6-7 people connecting at the same time, how much expected speed lag would be there?
I kinda assumed that the LAN cable would come into a modem which would be connected to the router and all the computers thereafter would connect wirelessly. I was assuming none of the computers would need to be connected by LAN. Now plz tell me, if a computer needs to be connected to the LAN cable which is in turn connected to the router?
I think the connection speed would be pretty slow. Wireless isn't that fast anyways, especially if you have more than one person sharing a connection.

In a house, you can generally get away with one router for two floors, with an access point if the house is large. But, in apartments like yours, you will need an access point for every floor. At that point, it just makes more sense to have a hardwired connection to each computer (through a wired router) for much higher connection speeds... You will have to run the same amount of wires, but it will go faster that way.

Most wireless routers come built-in with wired routing as well. If you wanted to connect a computer through the wired, you would just plug your modem into the WAN port as usual, set up the wireless as usual, and then plug the computer into a port (generally labelled 1-4 on the router) to connect to the internet. Maybe you can clairify your last question... I don't entirely understand what you were asking.
Thanks for replying. My question was if we'd need to keep a computer connected to the LAN cable and switch on all the time for the other computers to connect to the router.
Or will the LAN cable be connected to modem which would be connected to a router for the computers to go online.
once the router is set up, you can always access the internet once you switch on the router. There is no need for a computer to be connected through LAN for the router to transmit but obviously you'll get a better and stable bandwidth if you do (for the computer connected via LAN only). I would think that to have signal in an apartment block, you'll probably need to have an access point on each floor. THere is just too many concrete walls and obstacles for the signal transmit across without them. THe wireless N routers all boast of extended range capabilities so you can probably try checking that out.

As for the minimum bandwidth required, i would suggest 1mbps and above. My office is running on 1mbps with around 10-15 concurrent people accessing the net. Most are just for accessing email. But even with that, there is still room for web browsing, downloading of files and chat/video apps running simultaneously. We had some lag issues when running on 512kbps but the current bandwidth is acceptable. THen again, you'll probably have to run through a list on what you all will be using the net for? How often each person is online etc to work out the minimum bandwidth required.
if you want to control the network or internet service, then you might use proxy, using your computer as the server to monitor all activities on the network. then through another network card, send to signal through access point as wireless network. in this case, you need to on your computer so that others can access into to internet.

but if you don't want to have this kind of complicated work, then you just simply buy a wireless router, which you can setup the username and password. once you on the router, then the everyone can access internet through the router.
ainieas wrote:
Thanks for replying. My question was if we'd need to keep a computer connected to the LAN cable and switch on all the time for the other computers to connect to the router.
Or will the LAN cable be connected to modem which would be connected to a router for the computers to go online.

You don't need the computer connected all the time.

The WAN port on the router connects directly to the modem. The ports from the router will go to the computers. You do not need any specific computer on and / or connected for the network to be up and running.

Ignore cvkien's proxy idea. It will just complicate things... It is something you may want to do in a corporate environment, but at home, it would be excessive and invasive of your friends' privacy.
If you guys are going to be there longer then a year, or have high date needs like gamin, I would take the time just to wire the place. Much more secure, faster, easier computer side setup (not that wireless is really that hard), and much more stable. But also remember if you do have a bunch of walls in the way of a wireless you will need the repeater or access point to boost the signal.
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